By David Howell - June 10th, 2015

YouTubers love product reviews. Marketers still struggling with social ROI and why Meerkat and Periscope need further development.

Social E-commerce Referrals Increase by 200%

According to a new report from BI Intelligence, referrals from social networks to commercial site have increased massively over the last year. Social media networks such, as Pinterest and Instagram are clearly the prime movers here. And news this week that Apple Pay will be coming to Pinterest will further enhance the e-commerce nature of social media over the next few years.


Meerkat and Periscope Need Further Development

Recently the Meerkat and Periscope initiatives have been grabbing the social media headlines, but research from eMarketer suggests that they have some way to go yet before we can call them a resounding success. The poll in April by Horizon Media concluded that just 21% of respondents had used these networks, with half in the Millennial age group (18-34) and 16% for 50-64 year-olds. Clearly there is momentum here, but adoption is going to be an evolution and not a revolution.


Marketers Still Struggle to Measure Social ROI

A new survey conducted by TrustRadius on behalf of SimplyMeasured looked at the business practices of 600 marketers. It seems that measuring social ROI still provides major issues for more than 60% of respondents. One respondent said: “Even with sophisticated programs and services like Eloqua, DemandGen, SFDC [], etc. there is still the difficulty understanding what works and what does not. At the end of the day social media is just one part of a greater whole that a customer is exposed to.”


European Teens Use Snapchat the Most

The latest piece of research from GlobalWebIndex indicates that Europe and North America are by far the best regions for Snapchat usage – with Ireland, Belgium and Sweden representing the top individual markets. This is in line with Snapchat consistently enjoying its best engagement levels in mature Internet countries.


YouTube Most Trusted for Product Reviews

The results from the latest survey from the Online Video Barometer conclude: “Our Online Video Barometer, conducted independently by OnePoll, and they show a staggering consumer affiliation to YouTubers with nearly half of all respondents citing an online video review as the most trusted source of information over any other medium. Its closest rival was a magazine review at 23%, with TV garnering just 14% and radio 2% of the votes. It has also been revealed that nearly half of all respondents turn to online video to find out how to do something in their daily lives.



In Brief…

[1] The Value of Real Time Marketing

The study from Wayin finds that the best brand marketers are no longer relying on planned campaigns only, but instead are looking to social media to monitor real-time moments to power agile campaigns. And this strategy is paying off.

[2] How CFOs Are Using Twitter

If you are a CFO and always wondered how your colleagues were using Twitter, wonder no longer. A new infographic from Leadtail analysed the Twitter activity of more than 500 CFOs to gain an insight into their networks.

[3] Facebook Audience in Latin America

Brands seeking to connect with Millennials in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina should be as “mobile-first” as the Millennials they are trying to reach. Brands need to put mobile at the centre of their business strategy.

[4] Social Customer Service Still Poor

According to the latest research from The Northridge Group, 26% of people turn to social media for customer service queries when they’re unable to reach a representative through other channels – however, when they actually did get a response, 30% of those responses didn’t meet their expectations.


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