By Liam Dowd - June 11th, 2015

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We’ve just launched our new website. It’s designed to help you get the insight and analysis you need to do your job better. Read on to find out more about our new tools and features!

Over the last five months, we have been working hard to redesign our website.

The aim has been to make it easier for you to get to the analysis and insight that you need to do your job.

We thought you would appreciate a quick tour of the new features that the site now offers.

New look, new feel, new functionality

We've spent a lot of time working on the look and feel of the website. The main rationale is to improve your experience on the site and make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. 

There are a few major changes to highlight:

  • Responsive Website Design: We know you like to access our content when you’re on the go, whether on your tablet or mobile, so we’ve made sure our site is as clear and easy to navigate on your mobile as it is on your desktop

  • Analysis and Intelligence Grouped by Theme: Just as your role is changing so is our primary navigation changing to reflect that. Our primary navigation is based on four key themes; External Marketing, Brand Management, Data Technology, Internal Organization. These four themed sections are always accessible via the Channel drop down in the top navigation too.

  • Content Tailored to Your Role: With the wealth of information at your fingertips we understand it might be difficult to locate areas of analysis specific to your role. For that very reason we’ve created the section Content tailored to you role’. This sits in both the top navigation under Topics and it also sits at the top right hand side of the homepage. Content is categorised based on the following roles; Marketing, Communications, Advertising, Customer Service and Social Media

  • Image and Text Lead the Way: A picture is worth a thousand words… Maybe that isn’t completely true, we do agree that images help you locate features and articles of interest. For that reason we’ve made our homepage and channel sections driven via a mix of images, tiles and text. We hope you’ll agree this will make for an easier and more enjoyable experience on the site.

  • A Full Subscriber Experience: We’re investing a lot of time and money into providing first class content for you to help you in your role. We also want to ensure when we send you updates, their relevant to you. For these reasons we’re adding a Freemium and Premium option to our website. For the next month all analysis is free-to-access for Freemium users, so please do take time to join for free and enjoy unlimited access to our analysis, audio and videos.

  • Video and Audio Integration: As part of our new strategy, we’re integrating ALL of our conference audio and video recordings into the website. We’re still working through all the recordings and they should all be live in the coming days. When they are we’ll let you know!

  • Fully Searchable Site: Our site can now search and find what you’re looking for not only in our articles but also briefings, videos and audios.On top of that, when you’re listening to one of our recordings you can search within it to find the exact point that something is mentioned. No wasting time listening through the whole thing – we’ve implemented this new search functionality to make your life easier and importantly save you time

These are what we consider the big updates to the site and how it serves you better. If you can’t wait any longer then please do dive right in and start experiencing the new site. Just as importantly please do let us know your thoughts on the site, and ways it could be improved.
Now to some of the smaller updates: 

Get to the most useful analysis first

We highlight our 'featured' articles in our new 'Headline Carousel’ so you'll never miss the best and most insightful articles. We’ve also added an area to find analysis based on your role.

The top trending articles

We know you’ll like to stay abreast with what’s trending on our site. For that reason we’ve put it centre-stage on the homepage, making it easier for you to see what’s not to be missed. Once you dive into a channel or article, you'll see a new section on the right-hand side, highlighting the most popular articles within that area. At the moment, this is just based on views that month, but we'll be integrating social media mentions and buzz shortly.

Make the use of your IG profile

You’ll see we’ve added a login option within the top navigation of the site. And we’ve kept this bar ‘sticky’ so it’s easily accessible as your scroll down the site. Both Premium and Freemium users will be allocated a profile. As you’ll see when you visit the site logged in it will welcome you to the site to which we’ve added the option to view your profile.

Here you’ll be able to edit your contact information and passwords. We’ve also added the ability to access any pages that you’ve bookmarked or visited on previous visits – hopefully this will help you save and revisit pieces of analysis most useful to you and your organisation. Head here to find out what type of access each option receives.

Deep-dive into topics that matter to you

Not only can you now view our articles by area, but we have started to highlight next reads at the bottom of articles ‘Next Reads’ are articles that have similar content tags to the current article you’re reading. This way, you can do further reading around whatever issue you're looking into, and ensure you get all the insight we have available on the topics that matter to you and your job.

And find targeted content on specific issues

The whole site is now searchable, so you can find insight on any topic we've ever investigated and published on the site. And the search functionality isn’t restricted to our articles. Our search results will be based on the most relevant content – whether it’s an article, audio, video or briefing. And better yet you can search within each recording to locate exactly where your search criterion is mentioned. As mentioned we’re still developing this functionality but feel it’s worth mentioning twice as we feel it’ll be such an important update and function within the site.

A big push to Disqus

We've added Disqus commenting to the new site. This way, you can keep your Disqus profile from social interactions around the web, and use it when getting involved in the Ethical Corp conversations.

Fully archived post event content

Over the course of a year we produce over 50 hours’ worth of in-depth case studies and best practice for businesses looking to improve their customers’ experience. Our conferences have C-Suite and senior execs from the world’s leading brands outlining their ideas, strategies and ways to ensure their company is at the forefront of the industry. Our new site lists all this content in one easily accessible place.

On top of the video and audio recordings we’ll soon be adding the post event reports that summarise the key trends and ideas highlighted at each of our conferences. As already mentioned this analysis will also be fully searchable. All of this analysis will sit behind our Subscriber-only firewall. However, for the next month you can access all of this analysis totally free of charge as a Freemium Subscriber. We’re confident this addition to the site will further help our Subscribers get the answers they’re looking for to improve their customers’ experience.

Make your own voice heard

You don't need to stick to the Incite Group site, either.

With our new sharing functionality from ShareThis, you can post articles and comments to whatever social profile you like. As soon as you see an article you think might be of interest to your community share away!

If you want to engage and/or follow us over social media, you'll see all our social profiles collected at the top right-hand side of the website.

Get a more tailored, relevant and useful experience from Incite Group

As a Freemium you will be able to tell us what areas of business you’re interested in. This will help ensure you only get the most relevant data, analysis and information from us.

You’ll receive regular updates from us with the latest news, case studies and briefings on topics of interest to you.

Of course, if your priorities change, please do let us know and we’ll update your preferences

Incite on Demand

As already mentioned we will be hosting video from our conference sessions on the website. We’ve now added our video player to the right-hand side of the website. The homepage displays the most recently added video. When in a particular channel, the player will display the most recently added in that channel. We already have a host of videos from our recent events so please dive into our Demand player and start experiencing the great insight they have to offer. Over the coming weeks we’ll be uploading the video footage from our recent CSMNY event. We’ll keep you posted when these videos are online and ready to be accessed.

A new tool for you to find all the answers you need to improve your customer' experience

Our aim at the Incite Group is to help you navigate a rapidly changing environment, and make the best business decisions - based on insight and experience from your peers - the practitioners working on these issues at some of the biggest and most forward-looking companies in the world.

Our new site is another way we're trying to do that. We hope you like it. We'd love your feedback. You can use the comments on this article to share your views, or via our social channels on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, or email our Marketing Manager directly at

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