By nickjohnson - January 29th, 2014

INCITE_Summit_West_ad4_ 300X25089% of brand marketers say that their department is facing significant pressure to evolve. The rules of the game are changing. Consumers have more power than ever, meaning you have less.

It's increasingly critical to not only deliver messages of real value and relevance, but to do so over an ever-changing roster of channels and platforms.

And new technologies and expectations mean you need to do your job at a pace we've never seen before.

But alongside these challenges comes real opportunity. 

Big data and social data allow you to get closer to your customer than ever before. That plethora of new channels give you many more tools to engage your customers at a time, and in a place, that's right for them.

Never before have you had the ability to deliver marketing of such relevance, such precision - and such value.

The marketer that negotiates the turbulent times ahead, and can wield these new tools with proficiency, will be more successful than they've ever been.

The Incite Summit is designed to help you do just that.

The purpose of the Incite Summit is to bring together Chief Marketing Officers and SVPs to discuss the tough questions every brand marketer faces.

So far, so normal, right?


The Incite Summit is not like other conferences. It's far more useful. Why?

JRobinson_130919_M7A5528_1 Jen Dominiquini, CMO of Sears; Dan Lewis, CCO at Molson Coors, and Robin Rotenberg, CCO at BASF onstage at the Incite Summit
  • We bring together the sharpest minds from the biggest brands: We believe the best people to answer your questions are your peers. Other brand marketers. Not the consultants and agencies who populate other conference agendas. At the Incite Summit, you learn from the people with real world, proven marketing experience. The people getting real results in real businesses. Not the consultancy trying to recruit you as a client, or the agency looking to sell you something. At the Incite Summit, peers work together under the leadership of Chief Marketing Officers to map the future of marketing.
  • An unrivaled collection of Chief Marketing Officers will lead the debate: We'll say it - you won't find a better collection of experts to learn from than at the Incite Summit. There are no other conferences where you can hear:
    • Ivan Wicksteed, Chief Marketing Officer at Old Navy on making a true multi-channel approach work in the real world
    • Bob Stohrer, SVP of brand at Yahoo, and Alexandra Morehouse, Chief Marketing Officer at Kaiser Permanente on using proximity to the customer to deliver more effective marketing
    • Justin Cooke, the former Chief Marketing Officer at TopShop discuss how to build unique and engaging customer experiences
    • Ben Huh, Founder and CEO of the Cheezburger Network debate brands as publishers with Jeff Greenler, VP of Global Brand Marketing at Monster
    • John Dragoon, CMO at Hoghton Mifflin Harcourt discuss brand storytelling with Michael Lacorazza, SVP of Brand and Advertising at Wells Fargo
    • Daryl Evans, VP of Consumer Advertising and Marketing on real-time insights and responsive marketing
      Ray Elias, Chief Marketing Officer at StubHub Ray Elias, Chief Marketing Officer at StubHuband many, many more. You can see the current agenda over at


    • and many, many more. You can see the current agenda over at
  • The agenda is forward-looking, completely relevant, and entirely yours: Most conferences are based on shallow research. And they're run by companies trying to sell you something. The Incite Summit is completely independent. We stand or fall on the quality of our agenda. More than that, we give you the controls. Thousands of your corporate peers have already contributed to our conference agenda, and they'll continue to collaborate with us right up to the day of the conference. You can do so too - at That means that not only is our agenda of unrivaled relevance for the brand marketing community (they built it!), but it stays cutting edge, right up to May 13. For the full agenda, featuring insight on customer-centricity, big data, brands as publishers, and how to build unique customer experiences, head here.
  • No death by PowerPoint - challenging, robust discussion: We believe that a conference should be a place for senior execs to come together to overcome tough challenges and map the future of their industry. So we don't force 90% of those executives to sit and mutely listen to vague, irrelevant and self-aggrandizing PowerPoint presentations. Every one of our sessions is a discussion, where senior marketing executives are asked tough questions by their peers.
    Robust discussion and debate at the Incite Summit Robust discussion and debate at the Incite Summit

    Where do those questions come from? You. You get to submit, vote on, and then ask the core questions you need to answer.

You'll leave the Incite Summit with genuine insights, based on the real-life experiences of leading marketing peers - and a contact book packed with executives who can help you in the year ahead.

If you would like a sample of the discussion at the Incite Summit, why not have a look at this video of Marc Speichert, Global CMO at L'Oreal, onstage at our last event in NYC? Or you could read this recent profile we did on Ben Huh, one of this year's keynotes, on virality and the new rules of brand management.

And remember to download your conference brochure for the full story here.





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