By adaptive - November 14th, 2012

In the first of our campaign reviews, we look in detail at Coke Zero's recent social media Skyfall tie-up. Viral video and global brand links, but where is the social component? ...

Viral video and global brand links, but where is the social component?

Coke Zero SkyfalLinking their brand to the latest outing for the world’s most popular secret agent was the approach that Coke Zero took with its latest video based campaign. Kicking off with a short viral ad using the Bond theme, the campaign then moved to more video-based content.

As part of the ‘unlock the 007 in you’ campaign developed by Duval Guillaume Modem, anyone buying a Coke Zero at Antwerp station was challenged to a 70 second dash to another platform in order to claim their free tickets to see the film. Obstacles were placed in their way, as was a running countdown of their allotted time.

Coke has used their vending machines before in viral campaigns including one from last year where a machine opened to reveal what Coke described as a ‘wonderland’.

The 007 link clearly had an effect with over three million views of the video. However, the high number of views actually generated relatively few tweets or post on Facebook. This is odd considering that the Coke Zero Facebook page alone has 2.4 m followers. The Social Partners breaks down the response as:

James Bond Skyfall campaign mentionsSome commentators have also questioned whether the video was actually staged with actors instead of real consumers. The agency that mounted the video short insists that the video used genuine members of the public of which 70 made the dash for free tickets.

What is interesting is that the campaign seems to have used only one social media channel. Video is of course a powerful marketing tool and Coke used the initial Bond theme video as a viral teaser for the main video event, but it seems that the millions of views that the video received didn’t move these people to jump onto their social networks and shout about this.

Brand engagement should have been high with the production values that Coke used in both of these campaigns. However, between the main social media networks, the Coke Zero campaign seemed to fade in as many seconds as its stars had to run for their free tickets.

Coke Zero Skyfall Facebook PageClearly, simply releasing a viral video campaign even with the backing of James Bond himself doesn’t automatically mean a huge uptick in engagement. For many, the initial ground work wasn’t done to prime Coke Zero’s followers and the 53 million followers that Coca Cola current have on their Facebook page about the forthcoming ‘event’ at a vending machine near them. Coke Zero is sugar free. It's a shame that in an age of social brands, this campaign seems to be social free as well.

Agency: Duval Guillaume Modem
Creative Directors: Geoffrey Hantson, Katrien Bottez
Creation: Jonas Caluwe, Ralf De Houwer, Dries De Wilde
TV producer: Marc Van Buggenhout
Production company: Monodot
Director: Cecilia Verheyden
Producers: Tatiana Pierre, Bo De Group
Music: A Sound

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