By nickjohnson - October 16th, 2013

Social CRM is dead. Long live CRM.

An interesting piece on how CRM systems and focuses will change over 2014. Best quote: "What we now know as CRM, we did know as social CRM".

It taps into a broader theme - that social media as a distinct area of operations is dying, and being replaced by 'socially-aware' responsibilities within pre-existing or new job functions.

See the full article here.


10 digital marketing campaigns from Diageo

Having recently heard Michelle Klein, VP of Smirnoff's global marketing at Incite East, we've been particularly interested in parent company Diageo's marketing approach. So when Econsultancy released this list of "10 innovative digital marketing campaigns from Diageo brands" we took a look. And were happy to see 3 of them came directly from Smirnoff..


Real-time marketing: Does it work?

Marketing is given to hyperbole and fads. 'Real time marketing' is a buzzword at the moment (and was discussed at length by Michael Zuna, CMO of Aflac at Incite East), so we were interested to see AdWeek's new infographic on the topic. Thrillingly, it doesn't rely solely on Oreo's Superbowl campaign.

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