By Brynn Smith-Raska - April 8th, 2015

Everywhere we look, there it is: bold pronouncements that programmatic is completely upending the world of advertising. It's changing how we view ads as consumers and how we buy and sell inventory as advertisers. It's morphing the relationship between agencies and brands and forcing rapid acquisition of new tech capabilities. In a nutshell, it's a game changer.


Here are the top 10 reasons the Programmatic is Changing Advertising.

  10. Let's start with the basics. Programmatic:  adjective pro·gram·mat·ic : Of or relating to the use of software in buying and selling of media (traditionally digital, though that's changing quickly). In layman's terms, turning Don Draper into a robot. don-draper             9. Smarter buying means smarter targeting = the ads on your newsfeed becomes a lot more relevant (no more ads for snow boots in the middle of July) Boots             8. Programmatic technology lets advertisers coordinate campaigns across screens.  Cross Device isn't a pie in the sky dream anymore... pie in the sky           7. Untapped audiences.  You can find audiences for your content, without so much guesswork... They're out there.  Like the Truth.  And now you can find them. xfiles             6. It grants ease-of-access to quality and high-value inventory.  Take out the trash and avoid wasting your media spend by getting the impressions that matter on the channels you care about. throw-out-the-trash             5. Let's face it... there's a lot of weird terminology surrounding programmatic... which means you get to feel like a part of a secret society when you finally learn all the acronyms (DMP, DSP, SSP, RTB, ATD...) secret society               4. The support and solutions available make it all pretty manageable... plus, puns seem to be completely encouraged when naming AdTech platforms puns                 3. We're just starting to realize its full potential, which means there's still a lot to figure out... at the Incite Programmatic Summit you'll get a complete picture of the current ecosystem and answers to the most pressing questions from your peers at Stoli, AmEx, Cadreon, Vivaki, USA Today and Conde Nast high_revolution_locale           2. It offers possible solutions to audience tracking in a world after cookies... cookie monster             1.  Programmatic is one of the only ways to keep up with shifting tides of media consumption.  As TV ad spending grows, and as the places where customers view programming changes, programmatic will be a huge win for advertisers and publishers. tv           All of these topics (definitions, targeting, segmentation, high-value inventory, cross-device tracking, post-cookie analytics, and programmatic TV) will be covered in-depth at the upcoming Incite Programmatic Summit.  Senior Execs from Wells Fargo, Dell, Activision, Stoli, USA Today, Conde Nast, The Weather Channel, DirecTV, IPG, Young & Rubicam, Razorfish, and VivaKi will be sharing their expertise and insights to help you prepare for the future of programmatic. The future of advertising starts today - are you ready?  Join us and take the first steps towards success. 

The Incite Programmatic Summit 2015

May 2015, New York

The Programmatic Summit looks directly at the advertising space and the challenges and opportunities available to marketers, publishers and creatives trying to get a foothold in an ever-changing digital and mobile landscape

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