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What do you want to learn when you attend?

By Tripp Braden, October 20, 2020.

Want to know why I’m attending Reuter’s Strategic Marketing USA virtual event on November 5th & 6th online? Because research from the Edelman Trust Barometers found 54% of employees globally believe that CEOs should speak publicly on controversial political and social issues they care about.

Similarly, 53% of consumers agree that every brand has a responsibility to get involved in at least one social issue that does not directly impact its business.What role does the CMO and their teams have in developing the messages and brands that represent their organization’s mission, vision, and values for our world?

The relationship we have with customers is changing and evolving! How do you find new ideas to build an extraordinary brand experience for your customers? 2020 has been a transformational year for many leading brands. Many have stepped up to play a pivotal role in both our in our lives and our society. What can marketers learn from their successes and failures?   

Consumers have shifted their buying behavior to reflect more of their beliefs and values. They recognize the tremendous power of aligning with brands to transform their communities. This alignment between passion and inspiration creates a major shift in how we identify with the important brands in our lives.

Markets are changing as millennials call for values-driven companies, but they're not the only ones interested.

What is the future of strategic marketing?

How are these trends continuing to evolve? What is the future of marketing? How does purpose blend with a brand’s core mission and values? I’m attending Strategy Marketing USA in November. I hope to learn some new ideas to add to my marketing team’s capabilities in 2021.

Learn more about this event at Reuters Events Launches Strategic Marketing USA – Setting the Future of Marketing.

This year transformed our lives. It brought many opportunities as well as challenges. 2020 has changed the definition of strategic marketing forever.  

Many discussions center on diversity. But what is diversity? When you think of Inclusive diversity - what does it mean? Why does it matter?How do you define inclusive diversity?

What roles should our brand play in our world?

What role do brands play in how we see the world? Brands influence every part of our lives. They have the potential to change the world. What’s the best way to begin doing this? How Can Brands Follow Through on the Values They’re Selling? We are not just serving people, we are transforming their lives.

How do we leverage different technologies to create better customer engagement? Has market research changed how we create new markets for our products and services?

How do we expand into new emerging markets?

How do we provide our customers with new solutions to grow their businesses? How do we provide a wide range of turnkey marketing and technology solutions?

Is creative changing when partnered with data? Have analytics changed the direction of our brands?

How do creativity and analytics work together?

Many marketers are concerned about how knowing the numbers might impact their creative processes. What happens when we can measure ROI for our campaigns immediately?

What are the key metrics and strategies for measuring your marketing messages’ effectiveness? How do these different mindsets merge to create stories and customer journeys?

This sets up the second part of this discussion which could be a blog in itself. We are only at the start of the discussion of how data is being used in organizations. It could be great discussion question at the conference. Many of our answers are evolving at accelerated rates. The real question is Can Data Privacy and Data-Driven Marketing Coexist?

How will 5G transform customer expectations?

Steve Jobs once said, ”You’ve got to start with customer experience and work toward the technology.” This business  philosophy  is his lasting leadership legacy at Apple. 5G transforms the speed of your business. You have to decide in what ways. How does high speed connection shape experience, engagement, and activation? How do you respond to these new marketing capabilities? 

How do you share your brands’ values with your markets? What role does mission, vision, and values play in your brand’s message?   What will 5G do for businesses and our lives? What you need to know!

The Leadership Journey from CMO to CEO

Finally, what role does the CMO play in the succession planning process for CEO?  Many successful CMOs are looking for their next career move, not a lateral move but becoming the organization’s CEO.

Over the next several years, hundreds if not thousands of boomer CEOs are retiring. How does the CMO move into this role? What moves should you be making now to prepare for this new career opportunity?

Now you know why I’m attending the Reuter’s Strategic Marketing USA event. What do you want to learn when you attend? Let me know? I’ll make sure I get you the information you need to take you to your next level!

About Tripp Braden:  Tripp Braden is a global brand journalist specializing in the convergence of marketing and technology. He is recognized as a top 25 global tech influencer in fields as diverse as digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and internet of things.  With over 30 years marketing experience with many leading brands in financial services and emerging technologies, Tripp partners with brands to develop compelling and influential stories. These stories are balanced, well-investigated, fact-based, relevant to the reader's world and simplify complicated matters.

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