By adaptive - December 4th, 2015

Timothy Morey and Sara Watson discuss the trade of information between consumers and producers. What is a fair exchange between the people making these products and services, and the consumers who are using them?

Why Should Customers Share Their Data? Personal information increasingly comes with the expectations of better value or personalization - make sure you can offer it, or you'll lose customer trust. Get Better Data Through a Mutually Beneficial Relationship: Build deep engagement with data-literate consumers by collecting information with their consent. Educate Internally About the Data You Collect: Build an analytics and data-focused mindset beyond the IT department - and encourage a deeper understanding of your customers across your organization. The Economist (Former), Ian Greenleigh, Author, ‘The Social Media Side Door' Timothy Morey, Vice-President, Global Innovation Strategy Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia University, Sara M. Watson, Research Fellow

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