By adaptive - December 4th, 2015

Jennifer Swartley and Maia McCann explain the necessity of hiring and training like a digital-first publisher. Constantly working towards amping up a brand's presence is key.

Build Your Editorial Dream Team: Hire and train like a digital-first publisher. Staff your organization with the ‘technocreative’ talent it needs. People and Process: Beyond having great writers, developers, and designers, you need the workflows in place to maximize and amplify their skills as they work together. Align Responsibilities and Strategies: Make sure that both your content and marketing campaigns are working towards amping up your brand’s presence. Nourish Snacks, Jennifer Swartley, Vice-President, Marketing, Maia McCann, Director of Content Moderator: The Economist (Former), Ian Greenleigh, Author, ‘The Social Media Side Door'

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