By Conference Recording - November 27th, 2015

In the age of the empowered customer, contextualized support is vital to ensure the customer's seamless transition across channels and departments.

- Moreover, as brand loyalty continues to decrease, ensure your company truly understands your customer, so that you can consistently deliver personalized support throughout their journey: - The Right Infrastructure for Seamless Support: Tying together web, chat, call, portal and social is easier said than done. Break down internal silos, heighten collaboration, and bridge multi-channel performance gaps. - A 360-degree View of Your Customer: A seamless customer experience begins with a coordinated identity foundation. Collate sets of information existing in disparate systems, in order to a) truly understand your customer, and b) achieve smoother, more contextualized customer support. - A ONE-to-ONE Relationship: Bridge the gap between different departments and touch-points, allowing you to consistently deliver personable, yet scalable, omni-channel support.

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