By Conference Recording - November 25th, 2015

Customers are rapidly turning to Twitter to resolve their issues with brands. Brands who excel at helping their customers over Twitter are seeing immense benefit such as cost savings, increased satisfaction, and increased sales.

Customer service on Twitter offers brands the opportunity to transform their customer experience and their business. But companies need the right solutions and the right data to take advantage of this opportunity. In this session, hear about new developments at Twitter which will enable brands to: Drive new experiences, in-store or on-line:Fully understand what your customer is telling you and feed this insight back into your wider service provision, effectively and efficiently. Get context-rich information about customers:Customer service agents will be able to provide better service through contextual insights about a customer. Create moments of delight:Move beyond resolving customer requests for service to identifying users who are publicly sharing moments and creating a delightful experience for them. Understand customer needs:Deepen understanding of customers’ needs by enabling analysis of Tweets along with internal company data. Measure impact more accurately:By seeing metrics for impressions and engagements, brands can measure their audience, get insights from their interactions and prioritize conversations that need attention.

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