By Conference Recording - June 16th, 2014

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Social in Context: Weave social into the fabric of your company

70% of C-suite executives say social represents an opportunity to fundamentally transform their business for the better. But it’s a long, and challenging, journey. In this session, learn from CEOs and CMOs about how you can forge the right path - to embrace social at all levels of your business - and reap the rewards: Develop a holistic social strategy: Embed social into your core business processes to understand your customer better, and facilitate deeper engagement Drive business outcomes through enhanced flexibility, agility and innovation: Remove internal barriers and streamline communications to allow the sharing of resources, skills and knowledge You in 2015: Understand how your role will evolve as social becomes a core component of your company’s wider business strategy Speakers include: Don Montanaro , CEO , TradeKing Bev Thorne , CMO , Century 21 Jeff Feldman , Head of Adobe Social Strategy , Adobe
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