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How do you get the most of your investment of time and money at Strategic Marketing USA?

By Tripp Braden, November 3 2020.

Congratulations, you’ve signed up for the Strategic Marketing USA conference! There so much to do with over 40 speakers, 25 live sessions and 15 on-demand sessions over two days. Do I sound like the web site? This is an amazing event. How do you get the most of your  investment of time and money?

Virtual conferences are different in a good way. Ever since the lockdown, I’ve been on the virtual road for my clients and partners, over 20 events. Let me share what I’ve seen work for the people who seem to get the most out of these events.

Join me for questions and answer sessions

I’m also moderating a two  panels and sharing content throughout the two day event.  Let’s connect while you are at the event. Reach out with your questions for different speakers.  I’m doing a series of blogs about what we learn together. If you want to learn more about what I hope to learn, check out my last blog; Why I’m attending Reuter’s Strategic Marketing USA in November.

The best thing about a virtual conference is the access you get to many different leaders in marketing and brands at one event. These are my tips to help you make it a great event.

Take time before and plan ahead

Review the agenda and choose which events you want to see and participate in. Pick the events that you must see first. Know what your first choices are. Get there a few minutes early to make sure you have a good seat. You can even do some 1 to 1 digital networking and messaging using Reuter’s tools. I’ve reconnected with clients and started new relationships leveraging these capabilities.

I’ve taken several clients to events and it was a transformational experience for both of us. I must admit instant messaging can make the event even more fun. It’s amazing how a shared event can change your relationship with another person. On more than one occasion, my dogs have also introduced themselves to clients. These opportunities provide a new level of relationship with clients and team members. Take a look at the Strategic Marketing USA  agenda to help you get started.

Ask Questions

Every session has a question and answer session after the presentation. Before I go, I come up with one or two questions I want to get answers from the speakers based on the program description. I put them on 3X5 cards with the title of the presentation, so I can quickly organize my thinking around the topic.

I always submit my questions at the beginning of the presentation. Over 80% of the time I get my question answered. Also put the topic at the front of your question so it’s easy to find in the chat section of the event site.

This strategy gives me a great introduction after the event. I remind them of my question when I ask them to become part of my network. Over 90% my invites get accepted. It doesn’t always work but what do you have to lose? You have everything to gain.   

Advance Your Career

This event provides you an opportunity to learn new things and find out more to add to our brand experience in 2021. Many CMOs come home with a single new idea that transforms their marketing strategy for the coming years.

Looking to advance your career out of an event like this? Offer to put together a presentation for your team when you get back from the conference. It has two immediate benefits to your career. First, your presentation gives you an opportunity to share what you’ve learned at the event. This locks it in your long term memory and makes the topic more easily accessible when you need it.

Second, you can share your presentation with the speaker when it’s done. Use LinkedIn to send an invitation to the speakers that you really liked. You can also find groups they belong to that you want to consider joining.  Read Connected and Productive with Virtual Events by Reem Abeidoh to see how others are using virtual events.

Build and share your expertise

To be seen as an expert in an emerging field, create a SlideShare presentation to share your thoughts on the topic. Then send them a note sharing how they inspired you with their presentation.

Using YouTube is a great way of sharing what you’ve learned with a wider audience. Here’s a funny story of what happened to several people I shared this idea. They got promoted to oversee this new aspect of marketing for their company. Several were found by a recruiters who saw their presentation on SlideShare.  

Share at #ReuterEvents on Twitter

This brings me to another thing to consider when attending a presentation. If something gets your attention, share at the hashtag #ReutersEvents. Take a quick image of the slide and add your comments on your tweet. We will be retweeting many tweets over the two days.

Follow the speakers you like on Twitter. You can search for speakers using the search box in the upper right hand corner to get started! It’s a great resource for networking and marketing expertise for you over your career. If you’re interested in marketing or emerging technologies, you might follow me here. I’ll follow you back. I’d love to learn more about what you are doing and what you find interesting.

I’ve found some amazing free resources by following great marketing people on social media. I have also found great new friends and professional relationships. Social media activation is such a huge part of today’s brand experience. When you’re at the event, take advantage of the opportunity to expand your network in exciting new directions.

Set your office up for comfort

Finally, there are many different ways to enjoy your event when you’re working out of your home.  These events are designed to give you great information quickly. To gain the most from the event, consider setting up your office for your comfort. I make sure I have snacks and beverages on hand that I like to keep me listening and interacting with other people.

I also do my desk yoga during the day to keep moving throughout the day. I’ve been doing these exercises for the past six months. You can’t believe how much more energy you have at the end of a day of Zooming!

I picked up a great tip from David Meerman Scott.  Think of virtual events more like television than theatre, it will be a much more enjoyable event.  Many speakers are struggling to translate their message to the small screen.  This is new for many speakers and leaders.

Network with your peers at Strategic Marketing USA

Be willing to support the different speakers throughout the day. There is nothing worse than doing your best and receiving limited feedback during the event. These virtual events are giving access to people who would not  normally would appear on a platform. Because they can do it from where they are, you’re getting a backstage pass to some of the most brilliant marketers on the planet.

Consider following them or sending them an invite on LinkedIn. Do it with everyone but pick the people you really want to get to know and start building a relationship with them. You are the CEO of your career. I can tell you both personally and professionally your net worth is your network. Want to know more about what to expect at the event? You can find more information here.

See you at the event!

About Tripp Braden:  Tripp Braden is a global brand journalist with Market Leadership Journal, specializing in the convergence of marketing and technology. He is recognized as a top 25 global tech influencer in fields as diverse as digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and internet of things.  With over 30 years marketing experience with many leading brands in financial services and emerging technologies, Tripp partners with brands to develop compelling and influential stories. These stories are balanced, well-investigated, fact-based, relevant to the reader's world and simplify complicated matters.

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