By JBarrett - May 7th, 2020

Detroit, May: Reuters Events will be hosting an exclusive two month long ‘celebrating women in automotive series’ which features exclusive live interviews with leaders from Hyundai, Lexus, Cadillac, Aston Martin Americas and Mitsubishi.

Women account for only 27% of the US auto manufacturing workforce as compared to about 47 % of the overall labor force. The automotive sector (Deloitte) could benefit greatly from an increase in women un automotive, to help move the industry forward.

Reuters Events Automotive will be hosting exclusive live discussions with leading women, to promote women in automotive and help drive a future of inclusivity.

Join the women in automotive series here

The live discussion will feature:

  • Live Discussion with Kimberley Gardiner, Vice President and CMO, Mitsubishi Motors North America (May 19th)
  • Live with Angela Zepeda, Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai Motor America (May 26th)
  • Live with Lisa Materazzo, Vice President, Marketing, Lexus (June 2nd)
  • Live with Laura Schwab, President, Aston Martin The Americas (June 16th)
  • Live with Melissa Grady, Chief Marketing Officer, Cadillac USA (June 23rd)


This discussion will tackle:

  • The challenges, accomplishments, and advice for women within and breaking into the automotive industry   
  • How to promote, encourage and support the future of inclusivity within the workplace
  • How automakers can adjust their thinking to create inclusive strategies across products, marketing, and service
  • USA statistics indicate there are more women with driving licences than men, we delve into how vehicle and dealership experience could be improved to appeal to all drivers


Join the women in automotive series here


Hayley Dunn

Head of Automotive | Reuters Events  

Tel: +44 (0) 207 375 7236

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