By Cara Cummings - November 20th, 2015

Cara Cummings from Fizzl Media shares her top pieces of wisdom from this year's event

This post originally appeared on Fizzl Media

Couldn’t make last week’s Incite Summit NYC? Fret not, Fizzl fans – here’s our rundown of the top 10(+1) solid gold insights from the brightest minds in marketing:

  1. “When you’re stuck in the middle, you mean nothing to no-one. Marketing is the art of positioning.” Doug Zarkin, Pearle Vision
  2. “Our branded content boosted internal pride – that sense of, ‘we’re here to stay’ – and increased ROI by 108%.” Hunter Hoffman, Hiscox USA
  3. “We can’t have a monologue at the consumer like we used to. We have to have a two-way, genuine dialogue. If you can engage your customers emotionally as an audience, that’s the most powerful position you can be in.” Donna Peeples, Motivated
  4. “Videos on landing pages increase conversion by 86. You've got to be compelling - if you can keep someone's attention for 30 seconds, you can do business.” Jerry Wager, IBM
  5. “'I woke up one day and realised: marketing would become about content creation and distribution, rather than impressions.” Bruce Rogers, Forbes
  6. “When something happens on our rail network, often we’ll now see it first on social media.” – Alicia Lee, Amtrak
  7. “Selling things on eBay is the new paper route for Generation Z.” Patti Giradi, Compass Group
  8. "B2B might not be as 'sexy' as B2C, but we still want to give customers the best experience. We do that with content." Justin Rachine, Geriatric Medical
  9. “Health and wellness will be key for us in engaging with millennials. It's their largest food interest.” John Lippolis, Mondelez International
  10. “Radical transparency is what we're seeing consumers increasingly asking of brands. Content really helps.” Lisa Johnson, Fresh Direct

…and one more as a bonus!

  • “55% of millennials and 35% of boomers shop online every day. It's become a type of media behaviour.” Christian Kugel, AOL
The Incite Marketing Summit: West 2016

May 2016, San Francisco

The Incite Summit: West is the USA's best brand-focused marketing conference. Taking place in San Francisco on 18th and 19th of May, we will bring together Chief Marketing Officers from major brands to debate one key issue. How you can get a more granular picture of your customer and then engage in "one-to-one marketing". We'll focus on perception, precision and personalization.

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