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Shyp Shape: App Dials Up Package Delivery Service

adaptive, (Oct 26, 2015)

Packing and preparing boxes and large envelopes have long presented a tricky proposition for many people, whether it’s logistics or materials. That’s what the folks at Shyp have seized upon as their business opportunity.

Tinsel Targets Female Fashionistas with Stylish Wearables

adaptive, (Oct 22, 2015)

Tech startup Tinsel looks to shine by creating wearables that marry function with fashion-forward form. Founder/CEO Aniyia Williams, who’s just entering her third decade, discusses the challenges of bootstrapping her business and tells OMM’s Robert Gray how she is utilizing her female fashion sense and tech skills to create personal tech products that won’t crimp a woman’s style.

An XPRIZE for Bringing Mobile Education to Underserved Children

adaptive, (Oct 12, 2015)

Basic education for children is still an elusive goal for many developing nations, but as Siegfried Mortkowitz reports, XPRIZE has enticed a number of entries to find a mobile solution to help share knowledge and bridge this learning gap.

Sprig’s Wise Dishes on Quality Food Service

adaptive, (Oct 12, 2015)

Sprig promises to deliver delicious meals and an experience that not only creates repeat customers, but also generates new ones through word of mouth.

Hello Sunshine: App Aims to Shine with Better Weather Reports

adaptive, (Oct 12, 2015)

Everyone talks about the weather and now someone is trying to make more accurate, personalized weather forecasts. The Sunshine app recently launched in the US and crowdsources weather data to offer localized, “smart” predictions. Co-founder/CEO Katerina Stroponiati discussed the company’s outlook with OMM’s Robert Gray.

Mobile Digest: Twitter reinvents itself with new Moments feature

adaptive, (Oct 12, 2015)

AT&T and Apple finally roll out Wi-Fi calling, as Twitter debuts a new curation tool aimed at drawing casual or new users to its social media platform. Andrew Tolve reports.

Wearables Watch: Wear Business Is Going

adaptive, (Sep 28, 2015)

The wearables market has been growing steadily for a few years now, but after Apple entered the fray with Watch, mobile businesses have been wrestling with whether it’s the right time to jump onto a new platform. And as Robert Gray writes, most mobile businesses see a need to be on the devices but the functionality for wearables is a work in progress.

Wearable Payments: Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

adaptive, (Sep 28, 2015)

Wearables are going mainstream and many industry observers say they're the future of contactless payments. But as Brendan McNally reports, there's a holdup at the register.

Mobile Digest: Oculus and Samsung push VR devices into primetime

adaptive, (Sep 27, 2015)

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus hit stores, BlackBerry hits another low point on the earnings front, while Oculus and Samsung launch virtual reality headsets for the mainstream. Andrew Tolve reports.

Deep Linking: Time to Dive In?

adaptive, (Sep 15, 2015)

Companies have long partnered with complementary businesses, and mobile B2C firms are seeking to ease user friction, and find customers, on smart devices by using deep linking. That is, they seek to let users quickly access information and share it with friends or complete related tasks by using other apps, all without exiting the original app they opened or being forced to open a browser.

Mobile Digest: Apple reimagines iPad for the mobile enterprise

adaptive, (Sep 14, 2015)

Google takes Android Pay live, as Apple debuts the new iPhone 6S and a retooled iPad Pro. Andrew Tolve reports.

LinkedIn's Prasad on Multi-App, Mobile-First Strategies

adaptive, (Sep 13, 2015)

Kiran Prasad, senior director of engineering mobile for LinkedIn, discusses the challenges and rewards of transitioning to mobile first and the company's experiences as it moves towards the mobile moment. He also talks about LinkedIn's multi-app, multi-platform strategy.

MasterCard Charging into New Payments Era

adaptive, (Sep 1, 2015)

Technology is changing the way consumers pay for goods and services, while offering them more choices and convenience than ever before. That has created a challenging and competitive environment for incumbent payment systems; they must adapt and change technologically or risk becoming obsolete.

Hackers: The Mobile Threat to Back-to-School Shopping

adaptive, (Sep 1, 2015)

Large-scale security breaches and theft of customer data from retailers continues unabated, while consumer fears continue – understandably – to increase. As mobile becomes the dominant online access channel, Susan Kuchinskas examines how merchants will meet the challenge during the back-to-school shopping season.

Mobile Digest: Amazon concedes mobile bust with Fire Phone

adaptive, (Aug 31, 2015)

Facebook hits 1 billion users in a single day, as Amazon abruptly fires engineers in its Lab126. Andrew Tolve reports.

MSTY Mountain Hop: Music Messaging App with a Soundtrack

adaptive, (Aug 17, 2015)

London-based MSTY is trying to strike a chord with people, touting a first of its kind music messaging service. MSTY claims to have agreements with the major music labels and has launched its free app on iOS and Android mobile devices in 127 countries.

Driver's Seat? CarSpring Innovating On Road to Mobile-first Used-car Marketplace

adaptive, (Aug 17, 2015)

A UK start-up hopes to drive away with a growing share of used car sales. Ella Williamson has a closer look at the upstart’s plans and challenges on the road ahead…

Mobile Digest: Apple aims to revive iPad with enterprise focus

adaptive, (Aug 17, 2015)

Hackers make everyone from carmakers to Google look silly at Def Con and Black Hat USA, as Apple quietly courts enterprise app makers for the iPad. Andrew Tolve reports.

XPRIZE for Mobile Apps to Boost Adult Literacy

adaptive, (Aug 3, 2015)

Mobile devices are changing communication in ever greater ways. And as Siegfried Mortkowitz reports, smart devices may soon help illiterate adults read texts and more.

Mobile Digest: Google Glass makes quiet return with enterprise focus

adaptive, (Aug 3, 2015)

Samsung suffers another brutal earnings report, as Google starts floating Google Glass with the developer community. Andrew Tolve reports.