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Developing a Digital IQ

Anonymous, (Mar 5, 2012)

[T]he use of IT has been transformed by disruptive technologies including the cloud and mobile communications devices. And with the rise of social media, corporations should be developing a digital...

How many members of staff work exclusively on social media for your company?

Nick Johnson, (Feb 29, 2012)

Hi all, In the run-up to the release of the 'State of Corporate Social Media 2012' briefing (get your advance copy here), I'm writing a series of blog posts based on some of the findings from ou...

This week's Wednesday update including gamification, the customer journey and social media in the Middle East

adaptive, (Feb 29, 2012)

Hi all, Hope everyone is well? Plenty of activity across the social web this week… Social media users rationalising their groups [P]romoting a corporation’s social media presence is now...

Key steps to integrate social media into your customer service

adaptive, (Feb 29, 2012)

[U]sing social media as promotional collateral is of course an excellent idea, but the sheer amount of blatant sales messages is starting to put a lot of people off. Nobody believes in free iPads a...

Practitioner Interview: American Family Insurance

adaptive, (Feb 29, 2012)

[T]he American Family Insurance history is a remarkable story that started with a single idea. A struggling insurance salesman named Herman Wittwer believed a company could make money selling auto ...

This week's Wednesday update including H&M on Google+, Nissan crowd sourcing and m-commerce success

adaptive, (Feb 22, 2012)

Hi all, Hope everyone is well? Plenty of activity across the social web this week…

Practitioner Interview: Autodesk

adaptive, (Feb 22, 2012)

Dan Zucker, Social Media Manager, Autodesk Dan leads a cross-functional effort to operationalize social media at Autodesk. His work involves guiding the corporate social media strategy, creating t...

How Businesses Sell on Facebook

adaptive, (Feb 16, 2012)

[L]aunched in November, Shopcade is the first-of-its-kind Facebook shopping application that has over 40 million products from over 20,000 brands within it. It has disrupted the f-commerce space as...

This week’s Wednesday update with f-commerce, Reckitt Benckiser's Facebook-only product launch, and gamified pizza orders

adaptive, (Feb 15, 2012)

Hi all, Hope everyone is well? Plenty of activity across the social web this week… 15% increase in revenue with Facebook app [A]s the number of Facebook commerce apps grows, choosing the ...

Turn critics into advocates

adaptive, (Feb 15, 2012)

Everybody gets criticized on social media. It’s common sense; sometime someone’s going to offer a review that’s less than complimentary. One hairdresser I knew had a laptop in his reception...Premium`

The path to social media maturity - a hypothesis on corporate social media development

Nick Johnson, (Feb 14, 2012)

In the run-up to the release of the 2012 State of Corporate Social Media briefing, we will be publishing a series of selected highlights from the document. To find out more about the State of Corpo...

The 5 best brands on social media - according to corporate social media practitioners

Nick Johnson, (Feb 10, 2012)

Hi everyone, I'm in the midst of writing up this year's State of Corporate Social Media briefing. One of the questions we ask is "Which 3 companies are best at using social media?". I've just...

A celebration of brilliant corporate social media best practice

Nick Johnson, (Feb 9, 2012)

Hi everyone, When we started Useful Social Media in late 2009, we did so in response to a gap in the market. After I started looking around at the opportunities companies had to learn social med...

This week’s Wednesday update with M&S on TV, video ads and Starbucks AR

adaptive, (Feb 8, 2012)

This week we give you 9 key tips to make your Twitter account more engaging, insight on Ford's efforts to deliver better customer service over social media, M&S's foray into smart TV...

This week’s Wednesday update with bald Barbie, personalised soup and virtual currency

adaptive, (Feb 1, 2012)

Hi all, Hope everyone is well? Plenty of news across the social web this week… LinkedIn and Twitter ad revenue will slow [A]ccording to a new report from eMarketer, the ad revenues of two...

Buying Facebook fans: quantity or quality – both or neither?

adaptive, (Jan 27, 2012)

A PR agency can deliver 50,000 new Facebook ‘likes’ but where did those potential customers come from? Can they be qualified? And can corporations base their marketing on this data? [F]acebo...

This week’s Wednesday update with social gaming profiles, app loyalty, and new social markets

adaptive, (Jan 25, 2012)

Hi all, Hope everyone is well? We've moved our weekly update and will be posting on a Wednesday from now on. So, onto the social news and analysis of the week! Tech companies need to be more...

Social Law: Social Media Regulation and Policy

adaptive, (Jan 19, 2012)

The days of anything goes within the social media space are gone. Regulation and legislation now have a profound influence on your company’s social media policyIn the 1990s and early part of ...Premium`

Facebook selling: changing the face of retailing?

adaptive, (Jan 18, 2012)

Once considered commercial suicide, commerce on Facebook is becoming well established and could be your company’s most lucrative sales channel It’s a cliché, of course, but the speed with w...

The Long Tail of Social Media

adaptive, (Jan 17, 2012)

Establishing that social media is good for contacting many customers en masse is easy. It can catch a lot of people and its appeal is broad. Except when it isn’t. Many businesses are finding t...