Jun 18, 2018


In today’s Unbound Podcast, Kyle Nakatsuji, Founder and CEO of Clearcover, explains why a superior customer experience is not necessarily about more frequent engagement.Instead, Kyle advocates “incidental insurance” – selling coverage invisibly via other products and services that consumers are more inclined to care about.

  • Today’s consumer doesn’t want to live their insurance brand! They want coverage that works when it really matters, and for the lowest possible price.
  • Achieve a lower cost structure and superior distribution by integrating your insurance products into intent-based “digital moments” in consumers’ lives.
  • Hear how Clearcover complement their seamless approach to insurance sales with a low-friction claims and servicing experience.


“What people would prefer is actually to think about insurance less. They want it to do its job, a bit more quietly, in the background. And if that allows them to pay less, then all the better … We are an important product for people but that doesn’t mean we have to be an important part of their daily lives.” – Kyle Nakatsuji, CEO of Clearcover