Contribute your thoughts on insurance innovation in the short survey

Insurance continues to innovate at pace. Technology is providing us with more solutions than ever before, and as new actors continue to disrupt the market, it is up to established players to keep up with the times, or face irrelevancy.

From the rise of ecosystems, to the empowerment of customers and the proliferation of IoT, there is no doubt that insurance is entering uncharted waters. There can now be little question as to whether the global insurance industry is going to go digital, and most of the industry understands why it will. The real problem for most is how it should happen and creating an environment in which they can maximize the value of digital insurance technology.

But with the many players and projects that make up the insurance innovation landscape, it can be tough to keep an eye on all that’s happening, not to mention to benchmark your own performance and priorities against your peers.

To provide that information in a handy way, Insurance Nexus are conducting the Insurance Innovation Survey 2020 – a comprehensive overview and benchmark of current progress in insurance innovation – and I could really use your help in answering some questions.

Contribute your thoughts on insurance innovation in the short survey

We will of course share the results with you all in a few weeks’ time and the more responses, the better, so please pitch in to make sure the stats are as accurate as possible!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with me at


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