Reuters Events has teamed up with underwriting industry experts to bring you a whitepaper exploring how to maximize on AI investment whilst productively utilizing your underwriting workforce.

Underwriting is evolving in line with the insurance industry and can’t be forgotten about in embracing new technology. Some areas are ripe for automation with huge potential for ROI. However, some areas will continue to require the complex skills of an underwriter.

Insurers who are striking that all important balance between artificial and human intelligence are the ones excelling against the competition.

Download the free whitepaper “The Future of Underwriting is Now” here

Gain exclusive insights from industry leaders Abel Travis (VP & Head of Fundamental Underwriters, AF Group), Karen Phelan (VP Underwriting Strategy & Innovation, PartnerRe), Jeff Canfield (EVP, Casualty & Product Innovation, Ethos Specialty), Rich Fusinski (Corporate SVP, Chief Information Officer, Burns & Wilcox) and Raja Singh (SVP & GM Insurance, Salesforce):

  • Where to start: Modernize your core systems and accelerate your efficiency in integrating new technology

  • Strategic Decisions: Take advantage of all data, maximize its availability and be confident in the decisions you make

  • Valuable Automation: Deploy AI where automation is most valuable and free up your underwriters to focus on complex and emerging risk

Download the whitepaper here

“Employing AI and machine learning is absolutely mission critical, now more than ever” – Karen Phelan, VP Underwriting Strategy & Innovation, PartnerRe

“Automation is not new and there is plenty of low-hanging fruit left”

“It’s real and we have to be extremely cognizant of getting the desired outcomes as we rely more on AI-modeling” – Abel Travis, VP & Head of Fundamental Underwriters, AF Group

“The underwriters that do not leverage data, whether big or small, structured or unstructured, in their decision-making processes stand to lose”

“Instead of waiting for a client’s exposure, let’s start underwriting for that now versus waiting for the losses to come” - Jeff Canfield, EVP, Casualty & Product InnovationEthos Specialty

“This will merge the traditional broker channel with robust digital capabilities, and a focus on positively impacting the entire value chain in every part of the insurance lifecycle,” - Rich Fusinski, Corporate SVP, Chief Information Officer, Burns & Wilcox

“Automation should always be a tool to enable the carrier to be easy to do business with,” - Raja Singh, SVP & GM Insurance, Salesforce