250 senior executives shared their views on the challenges and opportunities ahead of the most critical year for insurance in a generation.

2021 will be a critical year for all insurance carriers across Canada. The industry is witnessing a rapid shift of priorities towards growth and the need to move from resilience to reinventing products and services for the 21st century. In this setting, the need to understand exactly what customers want, and to then effectively deliver on this vision, from quote to claim, has never been so vital.

To get to the bottom of what is driving change and growth, Reuters Events surveyed 250 senior insurance executives asking about their challenges and what do they see as opportunity for growth in 2021.

Access the ‘Insurance Canada: 10 Challenges and Priorities Ahead of 2021’ for the survey results.

This infographic will help insurance carriers to benchmark their progress and provide key insights, including

  • An honest assessment of Canada’s key challenges for 2021: do your peers believe overregulation and economic crisis can stop their plans for growth? What are the levels of concern around cyber and climate change?

  • How insurance executives are prioritizing innovation and transformation projects: uncover the extent of planning for insurance transformation, and strategies being used for effective change management

  • Compare business-critical projects on the agenda: how customer experience, efficiency, digital communication and more are prioritised within insurance transformation projects

Access the ‘Insurance Canada: 10 Challenges and Priorities Ahead of 2021’ for the survey results.

This infographic was produced in association with Reuters Events upcoming Future of Insurance Canada. The conference, which will welcome over 2,000+ senior insurance executives will take place on August 24-25 and will be co-located with the inaugural Connected Claims Canada (August 26). For more information about this, and other Insurance Nexus events, please visit the website: https://reutersevents.com/events/insurance-canada/ or contact Mariana Dumont directly.


Mariana Dumont
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