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In weekly instalments, we would like to take you through the length and breadth of the inaugural Insurance Nexus Global Trend Map, a grand summation of 2017's key insurance and Insurtech trends. It's Q1, so the perfect time for carriers, intermediaries and tech players to reflect on the year that was and prepare for what 2018 holds in store for the insurance sector: plenty of change, plenty of continuity and that inevitable word disruption.

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      1) Industry Challenges

      2) Insurtech Perspectives

      3) Insurer Priorities

      4) Services, Investments and Job Roles

      5) Analytics and AI

      6) Digital Innovation

      7) Internet of Things

      8) Marketing and Customer-Centricity

      9) Distribution

    10) Claims

    11) Fraud

    12) Cybersecurity

    13) Investment Management 

    14) Regulation

    15) Product Development 

    16) Regional Profiles! 

    17 - 18) Europe

    19 - 21) North America 

    22 - 24) Asia-Pacific 

    25 - 26) LatAm 

    27 - 28) Africa

    29) Middle East 

    30) Central Asia 

    31 - 33) Three Megatrends 

    34) Afterword on Insurtech 


All posts are a mixture of our own stats (featuring colourful - and tweetable - infographics) and outside perspectives from the leading names in Insurance and Insurtech ...

Whether you are an insurance decision-maker or an interested onlooker, we have designed the Trend Map – and this expository content series – to give you the straightforward industry overview you need. Built on the contributions of over 50 insurance influencers, to all of whom we would like to extend our warmest thanks, as well as over 1000 survey respondents from around the world, the Trend Map takes stock of 2017's evolving insurance industry in all of its facets, from underwriting through to claims, as well as in all its different regional incarnations. And, of course, Insurtech – as both a threat and an opportunity – is a recurring theme throughout.

We will be moving through the Trend Map week by week, starting with our opening Global Trends section looking at where today's carriers stand, the challenges they are facing and the priorities they are setting in response. Or, if you'd prefer not to wait, you can download the full Trend Map free of charge at any time.

Insurance is a machine with many cogs, encompassing everything from distribution and underwriting to claims and investments, and the tech applications we see emerging are every bit as multifaceted, with AI, IoT and Blockchain being implemented and trialed both broadly and narrowly across the whole insurance value chain. The middle section of the Trend Map – eleven Key Themes – affords us plenty of opportunity to go into these parts of the insurance jigsaw in detail.

Our final series of posts will break down the Regional Profiles contained in the final section of the Trend Map. In these, we draw on the perspectives of regional insurance and Insurtech influencers to pinpoint how the general industry developments we have outlined vary on a regional basis.

We look forward to you accompanying us on this journey for the remainder of 2017. Our first post will kick off with a look at high-level Industry Challenges, from legacy systems to climate change. Or, if you'd like to skip ahead, you can download the full Trend Map whenever you like (it's free!).

For any inquiries relating to the Insurance Nexus Global Trend Map, this on-going content series or next year's edition, please contact:

Alexander Cherry, Head of Research & Content at Insurance Nexus (alexander.cherry@insurancenexus.com )

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