In cannot be denied that carriers providing fleet insurance face a multitude of challenges that simply must be addressed now to ensure survival as profitable outfits.

With the assistance of increasingly granular and capable technology, there is no excuse for not providing intuitive, well-reported and workable solutions on top of any mandatory operational practices that carriers are committed to.

Reuters Events decided to delve deeper into how carriers are reacting to these challenges in co-operation with the technological community by discovering how coaching and on-going management (as part of an accurate reporting mechanism) ensures industry trust and standing and how the ultimate goal is actually being realized; that is allowing value-add features that benefit carrier and client alike.

To get the answers we are asking those leading the charge as part of a webinar debate on the 28th February: Register for the free webinar ‘Delivering Value-Add Fleet Insurance That Maximizes Safety’ (February 28th, 11.00 Central US time).

Hear from...

  • Pete Frey, Commercial Telematics & Connected Business Director,Nationwide

  • Mark McGhiey, Associate Vice President, Nationwide

  • Cletus Nunes, Commercial Insurance Director, Azuga

  • Andrew Shockey, Assistant Vice President, Philadelphia Insurance

  • Moderated by Christopher Frankland, Founder,InsurTech360

Topics being discussed include improving driver safety with automated driver coaching based on their actual driving behaviours and monitoring compliance of coaching, limiting claims of negligence with minimal input. The real crux of the problem is how can carriers maximize ROI on any given commercial telematics program- laser precise reporting is one solution. And also, and equally as important; how can carriers balance costs with results. The complexity arrives when layering new methodology on top of existing operational systems.

Join the debate on Friday 28th, and discover how your commercial strategy can reach the next level, whilst keeping safety at a premium as always.

Register for the free webinar ‘Delivering Value-Add Fleet Insurance That Maximizes Safety’ (February 28th, 11.00 Central US time).

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