Transform: Natural Capital & Biodiversity Week · POSTPONED

Benefit from Putting Nature at the Heart of Future Business Strategy

  • 6,000+Attendees
  • 60%Senior-Manager or Above
  • 3Business Critical Topics In Conversation
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Successful management of the world’s biodiversity and natural capital is of critical importance to both society and business. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted that humans, and subsequently the global economy, are impacted by our interactions with nature.

The global pandemic has meant that the 2020 UN Biodiversity Conference has been postponed until 2021. However, it is imperative that businesses put biodiversity and natural capital at the heart of their Covid-19 recovery plans. Effectively incorporating biodiversity and natural capital into future strategies will help businesses identify future risks and opportunities.

As part of the Reuters Events Transform Europe Virtual Series, we will host three business critical topics – in conversation with leading voices across industries to talk about how business can and must put natural capital and biodiversity at the heart of their recovery plans.

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Achieving Net Zero: The Role of and Need for Nature Based Solutions
  • Understand how deeply interconnected the overall goals for regenerative strategies and reaching net-zero are
  • Examine learn more about the range of tools already available to help companies implement nature-based solutions
  • Ensure that business leads the way in practicing regenerative strategies, triggering worldwide action.
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The Case for Protecting the Environment – Making the Business Case for Putting Biodiversity at the Heart of Future Strategies
  • Examine the evidence-based targets made by government that are needed to support business in making a transformation.
  • Learn how to translate this into effective strategy and implement it across operations
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Engage, Enable and Collaborate: How Joining Forces for Nature and Empowering Everyone is a Must
  • Recognise how business must take matters into their own hands now that COP26 and 2020 UN Biodiversity Conference are postponed.
  • Ensure that business leads the way in practicing regenerative strategies, triggering worldwide action through collaboration and explore the different forms of engagement currently available to be most effective.
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