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What is the process?

Leverage decades of Reuters Events industry leading expertise in content production and execution to showcase your company as an industry thought leader and drive sales-ready leads for your business development team. Doing so is an easy process, here’s how it will happen:

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Establish Reach

Identify the target audience you wish to get in front of from our database of 60,000 leading industry professionals

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Develop Content

Choose how you want to interact with your audience through a range of engaging content opportunities (such as whitepapers, webinars and workshops)

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Deliver Content

Work with Reuters Events to successfully release your content through a range of press releases, social media postings, email blasts to the Reuters database and much more

3 Ways You Can Become a Reuters Events Brand Partner now

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Market Your Brand’s Existing Content With Us

Got a pre-existing content piece that isn’t quite getting the engagement you desire?

No fear! Our marketing analysts are here to help you with your content distribution woes. We’ll make sure that we identify the exact clients that you want to reach, and we’ll build a brand-new marketing strategy around this. With our help, you can ensure that you get the maximum ROI on your original business investment.

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Become a Contributor on the Reuters Events Content Program

Reuters Events already produces its own industry leading online content that is specifically designed to drive the industry forward. Why not dip your toe in and contribute to one of our existing industry leading webinars, whitepapers or content pieces? You’re guaranteed to sit alongside senior voices on a topic that we know engages our audience. It’s a win win! Enquire now to see whats available.

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Work with our Team to Produce your Own Content - From Scratch

Got a brand message you want to broadcast across our platform? Our most potent marketing offering gives you the chance to work with our marketing and content analysts to create and execute a 360 vision on a thought leadership piece that is guaranteed to be innovative, thoughtful and ultimately unique. Distributed across our diverse range of marketing channels on your behalf, this is a great option if you really want to stand out from the crowd.

Sponsored Virtual Workshops

  • Interact with a targeted group of senior upstream prospects in an intimate environment
  • Participants self-qualify themselves by registering, guaranteeing an engaged audience
  • Receive contact information of participants as well as a full recording post-workshop
Sponsored Webinars
Sponsored Webinars

Sponsored Webinar

Gain exclusive sponsorship of a webinar on a topic chosen by you. A proven thought leadership option including premium branding, this product also allows us to target the listeners you need from our extensive database and partner marketing. What’s more, you’ll receive valuable new business leads to add to your sales pipeline.

For more information, simply download our media kit and our digital content & marketing sales team will be in touch to discuss.

Sponsored Whitepaper

Work with our team of talented Reuters Events writers to create a powerful new piece of promotional content for your business. This premium offering offers incredible branding and the chance to take a real thought leadership on challenging industry issues, whether they’re forward-facing or technical in nature. Furthermore, you’ll receive valuable new business leads to add to your sales pipeline when the whitepaper is marketed to our world-class database of leading upstream decision makers.

For more information, simply download our media kit and our digital content & marketing sales team will be in touch to discuss.

Sponsored Whitepapers
The Ethical Corporation Magazine

The Ethical Corporation Magazine

For over 15 years The Ethical Corporation delivers high-quality insights and independent analysis to over a 100,000 global business executives. The magazine continues to help companies grapple with the complex global challenges they face as they seek to act responsibly. Companies have the opportunity to support or sponsor articles within our monthly issues this provides a unique opportunity to showcase thought leadership, across a multitude of issues, to a global community of business professionals.

Get your copy of our Media Kit here!

Amplify Your Story and Reach Target Audiences Worldwide.

Using media partners to reach a network of 400,000 industry professionals globally

We partner with major publications and associations from across the petrochemical, LNG, refining and chemical industries to ensure our business intelligence whitepapers, webinars, virtual workshops, and events are seen by the industry decision makers that matter most.

Our complete end-to-end marketing service means that we manage everything for you including the outreach to major media partners, saving you time and money doing it yourself.

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