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Maximizing Supply Chain Resilience as a Manufacturer

in partnership with:

Given the intense pressures felt by all throughout 2020, it is now more important than ever for businesses to maximize their own operational resilience and preparedness for future supply chain shocks. External and internal assessments must be made now to ensure your business' capacity to withstand impacts to your operations and emerge from them stronger and more adaptable.

During the hour long session, we will explore:
  • The crucial elements of digital collaboration within supply chains to maximize efficiency and adaptation of processes to fluctuations and shifts in demand that will continue to occur in 2021.
  • The connectivity between internal functions of a business (supply chain, finance, procurement) with a focus on expediting operations and increasing end-to-end visibility by limiting blockages between silos.
  • The expected changes that will occur over the next 12 months and how the events of 2020 have better prepared businesses to react and adapt quickly and effectively to minimize losses as further challenges arise.
Expert speaker line up sharing their insights:
  • Dirk Holbach, CSCO Laundry & Home Care, Henkel
  • Peter Bolstorff, EVP Corporate Development, ASCM
  • Andreas Thonig, Regional VP Sales DACH & Nordics, Tradeshift
  • Frank Baur, VP Supply Chain EMEA, Parker Hannifin
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Rebalancing supply chains for the peak season sourcing

in partnership with:

Coronavirus related disruption continues to pile pressure on supply chains as peak season is upon us. Huge questions are asked of supply chain leaders: Are you close enough to your customer? Do you have enough resiliency in your sourcing operations? Can your supply chain cope under pressure, or will it buckle?

In our latest whitepaper ‘Rebalancing supply chains’ we tackle key sourcing challenges including:

  • Network design: Bridge the gap between supply chain and sourcing through assessment of dual and near shoring strategy and implementation
  • Demand-driven: Transition from supply chain to demand chain, leveraging greater flexibility to overcome potential future disruptions
  • Inventory visibility: Improve information cross the chain and navigate fluctuating supply and demand with agile inventory control to optimize stock levels and cash flow
  • Business continuity: Assess sourcing risk within your network and diversify where appropriate to ensure your sourcing model is sustainable for the long-term
  • Risk Mitigation: Explore collaboration strategies and double sourcing for greater risk mitigation
26 pages of insight come the likes of:
  • Nate Herman | SVP Supply Chain | American Apparel & Footwear Association
  • Fiona Ki | VP of Global Sourcing & Product Development | American Eagle
  • Josue Alzamora | Global Head of Lifestyle Vertical | A.P. Moller - Maersk
  • Phil Roe | Chief Customer Officer and Strategy Director UKI | DHL Supply Chain
  • Liz O’Neill | EVP & President, Product, Innovation and Supply Chain | Levi Strauss & Co
  • Ed Barriball | Partner | McKinsey & Company
  • Alexis DePree | CSCO | Nordstrom
  • Bill McRaith | Chief Supply Chain Officer | PVH Corp.
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Creating a Connected Supply Chain: Intelligent Asset Management Throughout Your Operations

in partnership with:

  • Discuss the key benefits of maximizing visibility and real-time status management of high value goods in transit, with a focus on IoT enabled, data rich asset monitoring to assist across inventory control, installation & recovery.
  • Explore how to minimize supply chain complexity most effectively in your operations and identify which steps must be taken by your business to manage and execute a comprehensive reduction in these processes.
  • Understand the specific details pertaining to new regulations and compliance requirements of critical asset monitoring that your business must adhere to across supply chain and logistics operations to protect the company and shipments.
Expert speaker line-up includes:
  • Erik Lund, Head of IoT Tracking Division (Visilion), Sony Network Communications Europe
  • Moritz Hermann, Project Manager, Operational Excellence, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Esteban Ibarra, Vice President IOT Solutions, Kore Wireless
  • Bill Combs, Vice President Connected Vehicles Strategy & Experimentation, Penske Transportation Solutions
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Brexit: Navigating supply chain disruption

in partnership with:

The latest deadline in the Brexit negotiations is looming large over businesses’ supply chains, and this one carries serious implications for your operations. After 31 December 2020, anyone selling goods to consumers or businesses between the UK and EU will face import VAT, potential tariff charges and customs declarations for the first time.

  • The status of Free Trade Agreement negotiations: Discuss the latest position of the Free Trade Agreement deal talks, learn which issues are still to be confirmed in regards to cross-border trade and explore the ramifications of no trade deal being struck in November 2020.
  • Implications to freight operations: Evaluate the impact of these new regulations on your logistics operations and transit of goods, assessing your readiness to adapt to issues including cost management, capacity requirements and expected delays at the border for customers.
  • Impending customs regulations and tax requirements: Get to grips with mandated customs demands that must be adhered to for imports and exports and understand where you can receive assistance and reliefs from authorities and agents to better manage customer and supplier demands to keep supply chain customs and VAT friction to a minimum.
Expert speaker line-up included:
  • Richard Asquith, VP Global Indirect Tax, Avalara
  • David Henig, Director, UK Trade Policy Project, ECIPE
  • Lionel Van Reet, Partner, PwC
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Optimized Omnichannel Fulfilment: Prepare For The Holiday Peaks

in partnership with:

During the hour, the panellists discussed
  • The complexity of omnichannel: Whether it’s e-commerce or brick and mortar, learn how to operate efficiently as an omnichannel retailer with agile & flexible fulfilment network design
  • Insourcing v. outsourcing: Find out when it is the right time to invest internally in automation or when to rely on external partners to deliver top of class customer experience
  • The race to same-day delivery: Learn how to use existing assets like your store network & your local DCs to your advantage using automation to enable faster and more efficient order processing
Expert speaker line-up included:
  • Jason Lerman, Director of Operations, UNTUCKit
  • Wayne Snyder, VP Retail Industry Strategy, Blue Yonder
  • Jon Gold, VP Supply Chain and Customs Policy, NRF
  • Melissa Valentine, Global Segment Director, Retail, Locus Robotics
  • Gina Anderson, VP Solutions and Growth, GEODIS
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Supply and Demand Planning: Proactive Operational Strategy for Flexible Scenarios during the 2020 Holiday Peaks

in partnership with Vuealta

During the hour, the panellists discussed
  • Predict Trends: Increase agility by spotting major trends quickly through the analysis of online sales and mobility data.
  • Data & Technology: Ensure your organization is equipped to manage and respond to events such as holiday peaks, product launches, more frequent promotions and more regular life cycle refreshes
  • Offshoring v Nearshoring: Learn the pros and cons of each option, including possible risk reduction risk and faster lead times.
  • Agile Fulfilment: Respond tactically through effective planning, replenishment, redeployment and pricing.
Expert speaker line-up included:
  • Justin Kim, Executive Director, S&OP, Shiseido
  • Praveen Moturu, VP & Chief Enterprise Architect, Mars
  • Antony Lovell, VP of Applications, Vuealta
  • Troy Hicks. SVP of Global Supply Chain, Herbalife
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2021 Supply Chain Outlook: Bridging the Gaps in Your Operations

in partnership with:

  • Explore the key impacts of 2020 on supply chain operations and discuss what is needed for businesses to successfully outline and implement a progressive and resilient strategy to drive growth, manage ongoing risk and maintain quality of products for customers.
  • With increasing eCom requirements, shifts in logistics capabilities and fast paced inventory management fluctuations, explore where companies should aim to remove blockages and replace redundant, highly error-prone processes with automation to match the renewed need for speed, flexibility and accuracy.
  • Discuss the drawbacks of overly complex supply chains - layered with silos that contribute to a lack of communication and operational visibility - and analyse how best to overcome these obstructions and bridge the gaps in your supply chain processes to drive up efficiency.
Expert speaker line-up included:
  • Jeff Rivera, COO, Lineage Logistics
  • Sean Harapko, America's Supply Chain & Operations Solution & Regional Leader, EY
  • Evi Cohen, VP Global Life Sciences & Healthcare, Appian
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Supply Chain Europe Virtual 2020 Post Summit Report

in partnership with:

Inside the report you will find:
  • Key insights from extracts of speaker’s presentations and panel discussions including the thoughts of Oscar de Bok, CEO, DHL Supply Chain, Jean-François Salles, Global VP Supply Chain Management, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance and Graeme Carter, COO, AVON.
  • A breakdown of the core focuses that businesses must be centred on in their supply chain operations including, digital capabilities, collaboration and data management to improve visibility across operations.
  • Details on managing risks to supply chain operations in Europe, from COVID-19 action plans, to BREXIT strategies post 31st December 2020 and Sustainability goals for the next 4 years.
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Preparing supply chain for the surge in global e-commerce: The cross-border requirements behind a smooth operation

in partnership with:

Key learnings from the report include:
  • How the tidal wave of increased eCommerce demand will have a much faster and direct impact on cross-border operations and subsequent customs, trade and tariff requirements that your business needs to aligned with.
  • Where you can look to reduce complexity in your cross-border operations to mitigate the volume of paperwork and red tape to stay efficient and compliant with goods and speed for your customers.
  • A breakdown of the global, geo-political state of the world and the impact this is having on supply chains, from manufacturing locations to transit and border check costs.
Featuring exclusive insights from:
  • Nabil Malouli, VP Global eCommerce, DHL
  • Tyler Crawford, Head of Seller Services, Cross-border eCommerce, Walmart
  • Manoj Pankaj, VP Cross-border eCommerce, GEODIS
  • Craig Reed, SVP Global Trade, Avalara
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Thursday August 13, 2020 // 10AM EST // 3PM BST

Supply Chain Visibility: Breaking Down Silos to Unleash the True Power of the Supply Chain

in partnership with:

  • Deliver the right product at the right time by utilizing a connected network of multiple players (shippers, receivers, carriers etc) that allows you to proactively mitigate risk and disruptions in real time
  • Break down disparate silos and systems to bring data into one place that improves the on-time performance in your supply chain which delivers a superior customer experience
  • Have a full picture of your entire network to identify areas where you can more efficiently allocate labour and resources to increase productivity and cost savings across your network
Speakers include:
  • Kendra Philips, CTO & VP of New Products, Ryder System
  • Cindy Headen, SVP, Supply Chain Services, Domino’s
  • Erik LaValle, Digital Supply Chain and Customer Experience Technology Portfolio Leader, T-Mobile
  • Greg Orr, President,CFI
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Automotive Supply Chain Series: Moving on from the COVID Crisis 

With disruption on both supply and demand side, how can automotive leaders successfully manage business continuity with resilient supply chain operations

Join Kelly Bysouth, Chief Supply Chain Officer, IAC, Gerald Muliett, Director Global Procurement, Dura Auto, Christian Noske, Managing Director, Alliance Ventures | Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi & George Grahovac, Sr Manager, North America Supply Chain, Honda of America as they disucss:

  • Agility and responsiveness: Restart readiness and remaining flexible to mitigate potential market turbulence
  • Identify alternative sources of cash (where traditional sources have dried up) to manage cash flow, feed high fixed costs and invest in crucial, cash-intensive innovation programmes such as EV development
  • Key challenges for the coming months and how industry leaders should prepare, including re-distribution of supply chain assets to reduce operational redundancy
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Emerging Out of the Pandemic: Supply Chain Report

in partnership with:

Key findings from the report include:
  • Need for Demand Planning: 51% of shippers identified “lack of clarity on customer demand” as the biggest supply chain bottleneck they are seeing due to COVID-19
  • eCommerce Boom: 65% of shippers have either slightly increased or significantly increased their ecommerce operations due to COVID-19
  • Smooth Transition to Remote Working: On a scale of 0-100 shippers noted that workforce productivity scored 77, whilst it scored 80 for logistics service providers
  • Technology Roadmap Change: 58% of logistics service providers have shortened their technology roadmaps due to COVID-19
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COVID-19 & Last Mile Delivery: Rethinking the Approach to Demand Fluctuations  

in partnership with:

Join, Gina Anderson, VP Solution & Growth, GEODIS, Brian Bourke, Chief Growth Officer, SEKO Logistics, Chace Burnette, Principal Engineer, Shipt and Christian Floerkemeier, VP Product, CTO, Scandit

  • Learn how technology solutions such as augmented reality can better equip you to deal with variations in demand and improve your customer experience
  • Leverage a digital first software approach in order to scale at speed and more efficiently onboard new workers in a safe manner
  • Understand that there is no need to rip up current systems & break the bank to create a seamless delivery experience that places the customer at the center
  • Discuss whether new variations of delivery such as curb-side delivery & contactless delivery will usher in a new normal for last-mile delivery  
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Now or Never for Retail: Digitizing Your Supply Chain to Enhance Your Customer Experience

in partnership with:

The unprecedented events of the Covid-19 outbreak have hit retail extremely hard. This has compounded the challenges that were already facing the industry bringing many long-standing players to their knees.

But those that were looking ahead have seen some successes and it’s clear the greater the digital offerings and capabilities of your supply chain were, the better you have weather the storm.

Join Gerry McGowan, VP, Operations & Logistics, HelloFresh US, Nick Hunt, Retail & CPG SME, Tradeshift, Erik Caldwell, Divisional COO - Supply Chain (Americas & Asia Pacific) and Vipul Taneja, VP Digital Finance Cognizant as they zero in on the key requirements for retailers and their supply chains including:

  • Replace outdated logistics architecture with digital logistics solution to reduce operating costs and make your supply chain your competitive advantage
  • Yield efficiency gains by creating a more accurate picture of your sourcing network and the parties in it to enable accelerated growth, such as the re-use or re-sale of waste products
  • Break down silos in your network to unleash the power of real-time visibility with a fully orchestrated system that is dynamic and responsive to customer demands
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COVID-19: A New Era For Supply Chain Risk Management?

in partnership with:

Coronavirus exposes fragilities and the interconnectedness of the supply chain system. As such, ‘risk’ has been bought to the fore and sits atop board level agendas globally. When we return to the ‘new normal’, how will be the relationship between risk and supply chain optimization unfold?

  • Asses your global sourcing model, including geographic diversification of sourcing partners, and weighing-up offshoring Vs onshoring, considering expertise and material availability, production flexibility and transport costs
  • Address the need for resilience in your supply chain network design, including scenario analysis to ensure your supply chain is resilient in the face of future disruption
  • Map out your global supply chains to identify the scope for prudent choices in the selection and location of suppliers, diversifying modes and regions to de-risk your operation
  • Evaluate inventory policies, considering the cost-benefit of Just-in-Time Vs Just-in-Case manufacturing and the trade-off between system responsiveness, optionality and inventory management costs
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2020 Supply Chain Last Mile Report

in partnership with:

Key insights:
  • 35% of respondents raise Reducing Logistics Costs as their biggest last mile challenge.
  • 82% of brands feel they need to improve their customer’s last mile experience.
  • Increased delivery options and Sustainability lead the way as the industry’s top future requirements.
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2020 State of Retail Supply Chain Report

in partnership with:

Key Takeaways from the report:
  • Forecasting is a massive concern in retail supply chains with over 30% of retailers and manufacturers classing it as their biggest challenge
  • Negligible if any improvement across all supply chain players when it comes to improving visibility for themselves and their customers
  • A technology adoption lag from retailers and manufacturers is causing efficiency to be impaired – 61% of respondents felt that they were efficient enough for day-to-day operations but nothing more
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Webinar: The Impact of Increasing eCommerce and Delivering Customer Expectation

in partnership with:

  • The biggest challenges to implementing new or increased eCommerce capabilities around existing operations
  • The changing priorities of customers, the impact of supply and demand limitations and expectations for shifts as the b2c and b2b consumer environments evolve
  • The knock-on effect of increased eCommerce activity on transport capacity, innovative delivery models and sustainability initiatives
Speakers include:
  • Roman Sobieri, Head of Global Shipping, Etsy
  • Markus Reckling, Managing Director, DHL Express Germany
  • Jamin Dick, Head of NA Supply Chain, Alibaba Group
  • Roy Anderson, Chief Procurement & Digital Transformation Officer, Tradeshift
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Webinar: Addressing the Labour Challenge in Supply Chain During COVID-19

  • Understand how companies are dealing with the influx in demand for manual labour that is essential to still keep supply chains moving
  • Find out how companies are enforcing new measures to keep essential workers safe such as social distancing in warehouses.
  • Learn about the relatively short-term tech measures that you can implement in order to reduce the stresses on your workforce.
Speakers include:
  • Sylvia Wilks, Vice President, Operations, Tirehub
  • Ellen Voie, President, Women in Trucking Association
  • Susan Beardslee, Principal Analyst, ABI Research
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Webinar: COVID-19: Implications on Inventory Planning, Sourcing and Procurement

  • With supply-side turbulence what are the implications on import costs and margins and how can we achieve greater visibility into supplier inventory
  • Find out how to work with sourcing and logistics partners to manage volume and mitigate risk in a turbulent market
  • Employ a ‘sprint’ philosophy to build visibility in real-time while executing on the insights
  • Combat unpredictable consumption patterns with effective collaboration with counterparties to best optimize inventory levels with greater tracking and visibility, while ensuring capacity
  • Assess historical epidemic data (like SARS) to inform demand panning and decision making on various categories, split testing scenarios to remain agile to avoid excess inventory levels with greater tracking and visibility, while ensuring capacity
Speakers include:
  • Pedro Paiva, Operations Director, Havaianas
  • Fiona Ki, VP, Global Sourcing, Bombas
  • Prabhu Kamaraj, Sr Manager, Procurement and Logistics, Adidas
  • Alexander Wheeler, Sr Director, Food Supply Chain, Target
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Industry Insights & Stats: The Global Visibility Report.

in partnership with:

  • 442 Survey Responses from some of the biggest players in supply chain e.g. insert company names that contributed
  • Highlights across the technical, legislative and economic factors affecting visibility
  • Data and asset collaboration, disruptive technologies, risk identification & management, the COVID 19 response plus centralizing and institutionalizing learnings
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Industry Insights & Stats: Supply Chain Hot Trends Report: 2020 & Beyond.

in partnership with:

  • Keep up with the dynamic supply chain industry through 21 pages of concise business critical insights
  • Cut through the noise & inform future planning by benchmarking yourself against 601 supply chain execs
  • Map current and future spending patterns of your peer regarding AI, drones, robotics and more…
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Industry Insights & Stats: Surviving Global Uncertainty: How to Mitigate Supply Chain Risk.

In this exclusive whitepaper, Huawei, DKB Household USA and McCormick give you a framework to protect your supply chain from the myriad risks it faces, including:

  • Tariff wars and fluctuating costs
  • Bad actors and those looking to expose your weaknesses
  • Complacency: Don’t wait for a disaster to happen
  • Dependencies: Depth in onboarding and consistently auditing your suppliers
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