Identify Risks, Demonstrate Future Resilience and Real Impact

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Europe’s leading brand-focused Sustainability Reporting and Comms Europe event

Business faces significant disruption more than ever before. Covid-19, the climate crisis and social inequalities are just a few of the critical issues that companies must help address. With this brings increasing pressure and challenges for business to present accurate actions and impacts to prove they’re a force for good, as well as showcasing their future ambitions, and resilience while delivering a clear sustainability message.

The Sustainability Reporting and Comms Europe 2020 virtual event will bring together CSOs, CFOs, Heads of Sustainability, Reporting and ESG Investors in 2-day live virtual event, including virtual VIP working groups, to share how to create a global and integrated reporting strategy that aligns with the company’s purpose and practical ideas on what investors are looking for a long-term value creation, beyond the scope of backward-looking financial data.

Hear From Those Shaping the Future of Sustainability Reporting

Adam Matthews - Headshot
Church of England Pensions Board - Logo

Adam Matthews Director of Ethics & Engagement Church of England Pensions Board

Hilde Blomme - Headshot
Accountancy Europe - Logo

Hilde Blomme Deputy Chief Executive Accountancy Europe

Paul Druckman - Headshot
World Benchmarking Alliance - Logo

Paul Druckman Chair – Supervisory Board World Benchmarking Alliance

Richard Batten - Headshot
JLL - Logo

Richard Batten Global Chief Sustainability Officer JLL

Cathy Sorbara - Headshot
Net Impact Amsterdam - Logo

Cathy Sorbara Vice President Net Impact Amsterdam

Gordon Rogers - Headshot
Yorkshire Water - Logo

Gordon Rogers Head of Sustainability Yorkshire Water

Delphine Gibassier - Headshot
Audencia Business School - Logo

Delphine Gibassier Associate Professor of Accounting for Sustainable Development Audencia Business School

Gergely Jancsár - Headshot
MOL Group - Logo

Gergely Jancsár Head of Sustainability MOL Group

Missing Headshot

Ulrika Hasselgren

Key themes for 2020; setting the Reporting agenda


Aligning your Company and Key Stakeholders Needs – Is a Unified Sustainability Standard Possible

Data and Materiality:

Redefining materiality and using data to influence the future direction of the business

Impact and Engagement:

Putting a Value on the S in ESG - Hear how leading corporations are putting a true value on their impact to Society

Purpose-driven action and communications:

Discover how companies are driving advocacy and action, both internally and externally, through purpose-driven communications

Hear insights and ideas to the latest issues shaping the future of sustainability reporting and Comms

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Our Sustainability Reporting and Comms community:

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Representatives include:
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chairman
  • Chief Sustainability Officer and Non-Financial Reporting
  • Head of Reporting and Stakeholder Engagement
  • ESG Director
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • ESG Analyst
  • Deputy CEO
  • Global Head of ESG Research
  • Head of Responsible Investing EMEA
  • Head of Sustainable Equity Investments
  • Group Head of Sustainability and Impact Investment
  • Director of Communications
  • CSR Reporting Director
  • Director of Stakeholder Engagement
  • Director of Communications and Government Affairs, EMEA

Set Targets, Build Partnerships, Break News

Reuters Events’ Sustainability Reporting and Comms Europe brings together CSOs, CFOs, Heads of Sustainability, Reporting and ESG Investors to share strategies on how to create a global and integrated reporting strategy that aligns with the company’s purpose. It will bring practical ideas on what investors are looking for a long-term value creation beyond the scope of backward-looking financial data. Plus, a whole lot more…

This opportunity will allow you to position yourself as a key business leader, offering business-critical solutions and technologies, to help businesses identify ESG risks, disclose more accurate data and prove their a force-for-good. Plus, you have guaranteed exposure to a worldwide audience of 4,000+ business leaders.

Announce targets

Showcase your company commitment to demonstrate real impact

Unveil the latest tech

Be the first to show-case technology to help create a global standardised and integrating reporting process

Build partnerships

Collaboration will be key in the age of transition

Sustainability Reporting and Comms Europe

Over 50 Speakers We’re bringing you this business-critical agenda to your fingertips. We’re working with all presenters and panellists to ensure that the digital experience is as powerful as possible. With 50+ confirmed sessions already the online experience will be unparalleled in scope and expertise.

Full Audience Interactivity It’s the interactions that make events special. That’s why we’re ensuring that all presentations, fireside chats, panels and everything else you can think of will have full interactivity capability, including live Q&A and audience polls.

One-to-one Meeting and Networking Service Connect with all your fellow attendees and potential new partners through a dedicated virtual meetings platform.

The Digital Exhibition Search through over 15+ Exhibitors from your own desk. Whether you work in Sustainability, Finance, Communications or ESG Investment you’ll be able to find the latest services and technology solutions to help you and your business.

The agenda at a glance

Plenary Sessions:

Focusing on the Right Frameworks: Aligning your Company and Key Stakeholders Needs

There is a great variety of frameworks demanding business to deliver reports with ever-increasing levels of details and formats. Companies cannot report against all – there needs to be time to allocated to making change based on the data. Hear how companies are prioritising key frameworks for their business and stakeholders, and managing that both internally and externally


Purpose-Driven Reporting – Understand the Purpose, Then Shape your Reporting Strategy

Reporting is not an isolated process; it needs to be aligned with the company purpose. Businesses needs to avoid Purpose-washing, and by identifying the Purpose and building a strategy from that will ensure the business reports to a clear goal, ambition and vision

Theme 1: Data and Materiality

How Technology can Help Create a Global Standardised and Integrated Reporting Process

The need of accurate data is one of the biggest challenge companies confront today. There is a need to create consistency where there is a no standardise approach. Technology can help collate accurate and integrated data, from across different departments and regions, in a standardised approach. Standardising the internal process allows companies to save valuable time and resources

Reporting Against Differing Materiality Definitions: How AI and Technology can Help

Companies are inundated with frameworks, standards, ranking and survey requests. Some will have differing Materiality definitions and assessments. Hear how technology, AI and data analytics can add ease, speed and accuracy when reporting data.

Theme 2: Impact and Engagement

Information Does Not Guarantee Insight – What Does Impact Look Like Really?

Generic data and measurement can be useless without benchmarks to quantify impact. How do you join a KPI-led core business methodology to a social and environmental impact ambition? Should all impacts be monetised? How is this best approached to ensure you satisfy multiple stakeholders with differing expectations?

Putting a Value on the S in ESG

The Social metrics have always been the toughest for companies to measure and value. Hear how leading corporations are putting a true value on their impact to Society, the return to the business of this investment and how that can be benchmarked against their peers by external stakeholders

Workshop Sessions

TCFD Reporting: Accurately Reporting Future Risks, Impacts and Scenarios

Reporting, by its very nature, is a backwards looking exercise which makes the data collection and disclosure somewhat an easy task. Now companies are tasked with disclosing accurate future risks, impacts and scenarios. Hear how new tools and technology can help improve the accuracy of future climate scenarios and social risks. Get first-hand insight from investors as to what best-in-class looks like when it comes to TCFD reporting

SDG Impact: Moving from Activities and Outputs to Impacts and Outcomes

Companies need to move from activity-based reporting and communications to more meaningful quantified impact and outcomes. Assigning monetary outputs alongside SDG icons doesn’t cut it. Hear how your company can accurately report impact and change against the SDGs

Hear insights and ideas to the latest issues shaping the future of sustainability reporting and Comms

Join 4,000+ attendees today

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Below are a selection of companies that have sponsored and continue to sponsor Ethical Corporation events.

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Hear insights and ideas to the latest issues shaping the future of sustainability reporting and Comms

Join 4,000+ attendees today

The conference was a great event, extremely well attended by high calibre people and very well organised. I am happy I could take an active part of it.

Maria Lombardo, Head of ESG Client Strategies EMEA, Invesco Invesco Maria Lombardo

Why this Sustainability Reporting and Comms Europe is the must attend event

Live panel and Q&A sessions

Takeaway valuable lessons from the live panel and Q&A sessions on the hottest procurement, circularity, and sustainability topics

Don’t miss a Thing! On-Demand content

Don’t miss a thing – your registration gives you access to all the sessions on-demand of all two ESG Reporting and Sustainable Communication Summit Europe and make sure to connect with leading sustainability solution providers in the digital exhibition

From the comfort of your desk

Stay safe at home with all this business insights free of charge to view at your leisure and help you plan for the future

Leading Speakers form the fortune 500 companies

Plan your 2021 strategy with speaker keynotes sharing insights on how we can deliver a clean and inclusive global recovery

Industry Focus Agenda 3 essential themes for 2020

Plenary Sessions: Tackling the company strategy required to accurately report on sustainability while driving significant change.

Data and Materiality: Learn how use data to drive change, re-defining materiality and how technology can help

Impact and Engagement: Develop resilient and regenerative strategies that benefits both the business plus society and the environment

All stakeholders. All functions. 1 place.

This event brings together the senior leaders from Sustainability, Finance, Communications and ESG Investment to share the latest ideas and thinking on the future of sustainability reporting and ESG engagement

5 Reasons Why Sustainability Reporting and Comms Europe 2020

  1. CEO and Board Level News: Gain access to first-hand insights from the industry’s biggest names on the future of sustainability reporting and purpose-driven communications
  2. The Leading Brand-Focused Reporting Event: This is the meeting to shape the future of sustainability reporting. It is research with and built for strategic-level corporate and investor practitioners
  3. Practical Case Studies: The ONLY meeting to focus and delve deep into practical case studies from leading experts in the field
  4. Exclusive ‘Chatham House Rule’ Discussions for industry experts who are ready for open and honest conversations to address real solutions
  5. Business-to-Business Setting: We stay away from ‘fluff’ to cover hard-hitting topics, push boundaries, and deliver useful and practical takeaways

Hear insights and ideas to the latest issues shaping the future of sustainability reporting and Comms

Join 4,000+ attendees today

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