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Increasingly the world is realising an economy that doesn’t work for its society or environment isn’t an economy fit for the 21st century. Businesses must embrace a new purpose, one that helps address key societal issues and environmental issues as part of their recovery. Not only is it the right thing to do, but increasingly society expects it and investors are demanding it. And, in doing so, companies will realise greater resiliency and sustained success.

At this year’s Reuters Events: Responsible Business Europe 2020 we will convene 6,000+ global peers, CEOs, CSOs, CFOs, Heads of Sustainability, ESG Investment and Communications for a 3-day live virtual event, followed by a week of virtual VIP workshops, to share strategies and practical ideas on how business can innovate, invest and collaborate in the biggest challenge that has been faced in our lifetimes – putting a clean and just transition at the heart of the global post-pandemic recovery. Join us in October and be part of these discussions, now is the time!

Join 6,000+ virtual attendees!

Learn new strategies and practical ideas on how business can innovate, invest and collaborate in delivering a clean and just transition

The Thought Leaders Leading the Clean, Just Transition

Hear from Chief Executive Officers, Chief Sustainability Officers, Heads of Responsible Investment and other responsible business leaders.

Euan Munro - Headshot
Aviva Investors - Logo

Euan Munro CEO Aviva Investors

Missing Headshot

Henriette Thygesen

Roberto Marques - Headshot
Natura &Co - Logo

Roberto Marques Executive Chairman – Board of Directors, and Group Chief Executive Officer Natura &Co

Alison Martin - Headshot
Zurich - Logo

Alison Martin CEO EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and Bank Distribution Zurich

Youssef Nassef - Headshot

Youssef Nassef Director, Adaptation and Acting Director, Intergovernmental Support and Collective Progress UNFCCC

Rebecca Marmot - Headshot
Unilever - Logo

Rebecca Marmot Chief Sustainability Officer Unilever

Join 6,000+ virtual attendees!

Learn new strategies and practical ideas on how business can innovate, invest and collaborate in delivering a clean and just transition

4 Essential themes for 2020:

Business Strategy & Value Chain Transformation:

Putting Sustainability at the Heart of your recovery strategy - Learn why it’s imperative that businesses put sustainability at the heart of their recovery strategy and practical ideas on how to achieve this transformation, whilst sustaining business success

Finance & Investor Engagement:

The world is being rapidly reset and rewired behind a sustainable transition. This will be the decade for change, and action is needed now. Discover how investors are realigning funds behind new clean innovations and ambitions – and what this means for corporations

Climate Action:

Build regenerative and resilient strategies that deliver market-level change on key climate risks and opportunities. Help lead ambitious coalitions that will drive the required climate action in the coming months and years

Social Purpose and Impact:

Discover how companies are driving advocacy and action, both internally and externally, through purpose-driven communications. It’s Time for business to lead the way, learn how to best drive action among key stakeholders

Join 6,000+ virtual attendees!

Learn new strategies and practical ideas on how business can innovate, invest and collaborate in delivering a clean and just transition

Senior Leaders Driving Change

Nigel Topping - Headshot

Nigel Topping UK's High-Level Climate Action Champion UNFCCC

Catherine Howarth - Headshot
ShareAction - Logo

Catherine Howarth CEO ShareAction

Geoff Skingsley - Headshot
L'Oréal UK and Ireland - Logo

Geoff Skingsley Chairman L'Oréal UK and Ireland

Gary E. Knell - Headshot
National Geographic Partners - Logo

Gary E. Knell Chairman National Geographic Partners

Yolanda Malone - Headshot
Pepsico - Logo

Yolanda Malone Vice President Global R&D Snacks PKG Pepsico

Afke Schaart - Headshot
Huawei - Logo

Afke Schaart Senior Vice President Global Government Affairs Huawei

John Glen, MP - Headshot
UK Government - Logo

John Glen, MP Economic Secretary to the Treasury and City Minister UK Government

Steve Hasker - Headshot
Thomson Reuters - Logo

Steve Hasker CEO Thomson Reuters

Sergey Belyavskiy, Ph.D. - Headshot
Dow - Logo

Sergey Belyavskiy, Ph.D. Dow Technology & Sustainability Leader, Olympics and Sports Solutions Dow

Arlene Isaacs-Lowe - Headshot
Moody’s Corporation - Logo

Arlene Isaacs-Lowe Global Head of CSR Moody’s Corporation

Join 6,000+ virtual attendees!

Learn new strategies and practical ideas on how business can innovate, invest and collaborate in delivering a clean and just transition

Learn from 30+ online sessions and interact with 50+ speakers

Watch Live Watch presentations, fireside chats and panel discussions from top sustainability thought leaders all day, every day!

Question Get in-depth answers in real-time in our live Q&A sessions in each presentation and panel!

A Brand New Virtual Exhibition Meet the solution providers and technology companies that are deliver the new technologies and systems that will help accelerate cahnge, whether it’s ESG data, carbon measurement and monitoring, customer engagement or business-wide change, you can find your next solution in our digital exhibition. Don’t forget to leave a digital business card!!

Discuss Comment and question in real time. Spark conversations with your 6,000+ fellow attendees. Follow up with interesting ideas in the digital networking suite!

On-Demand Missed a session? Catch-up in your own time through our on-demand service. This is your opportunity to access the business-critical discussions and presentations when you want, at the comfort of your desk

Audience Interactivity We know that opportunities to interact with your peers are what make events special. That’s why wherever possible and using the latest technology we will continue to deliver live Q&As, breakout sessions & workshops and audience polls.

Attended by the world’s leading brands:

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Representatives include:
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • President
  • Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Chief Environment Officer
  • Head of ESG
  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Chief Sustainable Investing Officer
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Chief Communications Officer
  • Head of Social Impact Investing
  • Head of Sustainable Finance
  • Vice President of Environment
  • Global Vice President of Communications
  • Sustainability Director
  • Vice President Sustainability
  • Director Climate Change
  • Head of Sustainability
  • Head of Sourcing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Director
  • Global Head of Sustainable Develop Officer
  • Chief Sustainability Officer & Chief Resiliency Officer
  • Chief Economist
  • Senior Vice President of Sustainability
  • Chief Social Responsibility Officer
  • Director Human Rights and Supply Chain
  • Director of Sustainability & EHS

Type of companies

Delegate seniority

Join 6,000+ virtual attendees!

Learn new strategies and practical ideas on how business can innovate, invest and collaborate in delivering a clean and just transition

The agenda at a glance



Purpose Keynote: The Dawn of Stakeholder Capitalism and the Real Economy

The current capitalist model, and market economy, of tracking and pursuing shareholder return isn’t fit for the 21st Century. There’s an increasing realisation that we need redefine what a healthy business and economy is. Covid-19 has shown that without a healthy society and natural environment there is no business or economy. Hear how companies are starting to realise a new purpose – one that delivers both profit and positive impact


The Race to Zero Keynote: How Companies can Lead the Way

With the UN’s launch of the ‘Race to Zero’ pledge companies, investors & governments are tasked with setting more ambitious targets to accelerate the delivery of a net-zero economy. Hear how innovative companies are embracing this challenge and looking to lead to a clean, low-carbon future.

Theme 1: Business Strategy & Value Chain Transformation


Proving Sustainability as THE Recovery Strategy

The value of sustainability is far greater than a cost centre, but how do you prove to the board and investors to ensure YOUR strategy is deemed as the most desirable, offering new opportunities, as you start your recovery efforts


Purpose-Driven Procurement: Supporting the Most Vulnerable Suppliers

As the Covid-19 crisis took hold, the smaller suppliers were often been the hardest hit. Now is the time for companies to show real leadership and support their key, but vulnerable suppliers. Doing so will build trust and support among employees, customers and other suppliers

Theme 2: Finance & Investor Engagement


The Active Investor – What it Means for Business

Investors are increasingly taking a more active, impact-driven approach to key investment holdings. This will help accelerate change behind a clean and sustainable footing, but what does it mean for companies?


Building a New Relationship with Investors – Long-Term ESG Focussed

Learn how to bridge the gap with investors and hear practical ideas on how to communicate progress and impact on key ESG information

Theme 3: Climate Action


Nature Based Solutions: Accelerating Partnerships and Investments

In the wake of Covid-19 it’s even more critical that businesses collaborate to help deliver transformative, restorative growth strategies. The long-term reality of Nature-Based Solutions makes seeking investments and partnerships challenging. Learn how companies and investors can work together to implement nature-based solutions that deliver large-scale impacts


Using Technology to Put Packaging & Waste Behind a Circular Model

Reusable packaging is forecast as a $10+ billion opportunity that awaits us. Companies are now taking fast and radical action at every point in their packaging & waste cycle. In this session discover the latest technologies are helping companies realign their packaging systems behind a circular approach – benefitting both the business and the environment

Theme 4: Social Purpose and Impact


Building a D&I Strategy that has Integrity

There’s a risk that companies make D&I announcements but don’t truly understand the complexities, challenges and opportunities that awaits. Hear how companies can be honest, transparent and communicate a program that’s ambitious, realistic and has clear impacts and milestones. Only then will you show integrity and build trust among employees and key stakeholders


Successfully Engaging Customers on Purpose and Impact

Forward-thinking companies are starting to realise that demonstrating the true value of the business – its impacts and outcomes – are just as important, if not more to its long-term success. Learn how to engage customers on complex issues, demonstrate impact and drive change.

Mission Statement

For 20 years the Responsible Business Europe has helped shape the future of sustainable business. At this year’s virtual event our aim is to provide the business-critical discussions that will help businesses put sustainability at the heart of their recovery strategy. We will provide the ideas and answers to kick-start the decade of action.

Uniting Key Decision Makers

CEO / Board-level

Hear from those setting the visions and strategies that will deliver a new, clean and inclusive blueprint for business fit for the 21st Century


Understand how sustainability is becoming a central component to the future success of the business – both identifying new opportunities and mitigating future risks


Build trust, integrity and action through purpose-driven communications. Companies need to engage and drive advocacy among key stakeholders to scale impacts and ambitions

Supply Chain

Re-invent the procurement function so that environmental and social impacts are embedded throughout the operations – build resilience and clean, responsible supply chains

Investors / Finance

A place where global ESG investors will engage senior corporate practitioners to identify best practice approaches and increased understanding of challenges and opportunities that lie ahead

Technology Providers

Support global businesses with new platforms, data analytics, insights and technologies that enable scalable environmental and social impacts

Join 6,000+ virtual attendees!

Learn new strategies and practical ideas on how business can innovate, invest and collaborate in delivering a clean and just transition

5 reasons why you should attend the Summit

  1. Multiple tracks / Multiple disciplines: In 2020 we have created dedicated tracks and sessions that address how organisations are driving the responsible business agenda. We will bring together experts from sustainability, communications, and procurement departments as well as ESG investors, NGOs, Governmental bodies and academics to share how they’re addressing the key issues and opportunities that lie ahead
  2. The most innovative, exciting brands in attendance: #RBSEU will give you the most senior networking opportunity possible. We lead our conferences with the latest ideas and case studies out there and take pride in our in-depth research to pinpoint the brands that are doing the most impactful work to share their learnings. 60-70% of attendees will be senior-manager level or above brand practitioners
  3. Practical learnings: We’re not afraid to talk about what doesn’t work as much as what does! Our sessions are practical with live polling and interactive questions. 2020 event will focus on how companies can take action now and lead the decade of action. We guarantee you'll walk away with new ideas and contacts to help improve your strategy for 2020 and beyond.
  4. Where sustainability, communications and procurement takes centre-stage: To deliver the required transformation of business will involve all areas of the business to undertake innovative new strategies. We will bring leaders from the key business functions – sustainability, communications and procurement – to share how they are delivering new strategies and how you can help your business lead on key social and environmental issues.
  5. NEW FOR 2020: In November we will be running in-depth workshops, in partnership with leading organisations, on key issues impacting business. The workshops will be action-orientated with agreed commitments / follow ups agreed. If you are interested in supporting / co-producing a workshop then contact Matt Buckingham - they present a perfect opportunity to showcase leadership and engage Reuters Events senior-executive community on material issues

Join 6,000+ virtual attendees!

Learn new strategies and practical ideas on how business can innovate, invest and collaborate in delivering a clean and just transition

Why this Responsible Business summit is the must attended event?

Live panel and Q&A sessions

Takeaway valuable lessons from the live panel and Q&A sessions on the hottest procurement, circularity, and sustainability topics

On-demand content

Don’t miss a thing – your registration gives you access to all the sessions on-demand of Responsible Business Europe 2020 and make sure to connect with leading sustainability solution providers in the digital exhibition

From the comfort of your desk

Stay safe at home with all this business insights free of charge to view at your leisure and help you plan for the future

Issue-based workshops

To get to the crux of an issue requires honest, frank and open discussion. At #RBEurope we will host 2-hour workshops on key topics, including:

  • Climate Disclosures - Accurately reporting climate impacts, risks and future opportunities
  • Implementing Science Based Targets – Aiming for a 1.5-degree Target
  • From Pilot to Scale – How can Companies Mainstream a Circular System
  • Restoration of the Natural Capital

The investors perspective

There is no question that capitalism as we know it is dead.

CEOs have no choice but to have both a shareholder return & a stakeholder return—managing and measuring both.

Across the two days we’ll be hosting sessions and interactive ‘meet and speak’ opportunities where corporates, investors and others can share their ideas and challenges.

Only through open and constructive dialogue will we accelerate the required transformation.

Leading Speakers from the fortune 500 companies

Plan your 2021 strategy with speaker keynotes sharing insights on how we can deliver a clean and inclusive global recovery.

Here to help

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