Panelist: Sebastian Sorsaburu VP, Medical Affairs Amgen

Panelist: Ritesh Parekh VP, Market Access and Channel Strategy, US Takeda

Panelist: Denise Globe Head of RWE Center of Excellence Vertex

Panelist: Jennifer Wong Head of RWE, Americas Sanofi

Moderator: Madhavi Kasinadhuni Managing Director of Healthcare Ecosystem Research Advisory Board

Driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, a new hunger for insight has spiked the appetite for real-world evidence (RWE) across our industry.

Regulators have turned to RWE in the search for an effective COVID-19 treatment and to pass new emergency use approvals. Innovative payers and providers now use data sources once considered “untested” (e.g. wearable devices, smartphone diagnostic tools) to collect evidence about their populations, understand symptom progression, and better detect at-risk individuals. While HTAs are increasingly incorporating RWE into value assessments to inform price and access decisions.

And don’t be mistaken. This hunger is here to stay. You must strengthen your evidence generation strategies now to meet these growing demands or fall behind adaptive competition.

Yet optimizing internal RWE strategies and functions is easier said than done. COVID-19 has not erased the evidence generation challenges faced before. You must then go beyond the status quo of piece-meal RWE efforts and cross-functional collaboration to overcome legacy data and operational silos, and to improve efficacy and impact of RWE studies.

Join our cross-functional panel of RWE leaders in this latest webinar to learn:

  • The latest industry-wide real-world evidence (RWE) use cases driven by COVID-19 - and what new practices are here to stay
  • Key priorities for RWE to support market adoption that medical, HEOR, market access, key accounts, and R&D leaders can align on
  • How organizational models for RWE generation can both help and hinder cross-functional collaboration across the product lifecycle


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