In light of recent changes to local authority regulations, we will now require all Pharma USA 2022 attendees to be fully vaccinated to attend the event. Please see full details of the mandate here. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find all the information about how Reuters Events is creating safe conferences here

Our unrivalled speaker line-up: 100+ industry innovators and entrepreneurs

Christi Shaw - Headshot
Kite, A Gilead Company - Logo

Christi Shaw CEO Kite, A Gilead Company

Doug Langa - Headshot
Novo Nordisk - Logo

Doug Langa EVP, Head of North America Operations & President of Novo Nordisk Novo Nordisk

Victor Bultó - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Victor Bultó President, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, US Novartis

Alisha Alaimo - Headshot
Biogen - Logo

Alisha Alaimo President, US Biogen

Kevin Ali - Headshot
Organon - Logo

Kevin Ali CEO Organon

Elaine O'Hara - Headshot
Sanofi Pasteur - Logo

Elaine O'Hara Chief Commercial Officer, North America Sanofi Pasteur

Keren Haruvi - Headshot
Sandoz - Logo

Keren Haruvi President, Head of North America Sandoz

Patrice Matchaba, MD - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Patrice Matchaba, MD Head, US Corporate Responsibility at Novartis and President, Novartis US Foundation Novartis

Oren Hershkovitz - Headshot

Oren Hershkovitz CEO ENLIVEX

Paul Burton - Headshot
Moderna - Logo

Paul Burton Chief Medical Officer Moderna

Johanna Mercier - Headshot
Gilead Sciences - Logo

Johanna Mercier Chief Commercial Officer Gilead Sciences

Daniel Rothman - Headshot
Sumitovant Biopharma - Logo

Daniel Rothman Chief Information Officer Sumitovant Biopharma & Chief Digital Officer Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma

Zhen Su - Headshot
Marengo Therapeutics - Logo

Zhen Su CEO Marengo Therapeutics

Oscar Segurado - Headshot
ASC Therapeutics - Logo

Oscar Segurado Chief Medical Officer ASC Therapeutics

Indranil Bagchi - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Indranil Bagchi SVP, Global Head, Value & Access, Oncology Novartis

Maria Rivas MD - Headshot

Maria Rivas MD Chief Medical Officer, SVP Global Patient Safety, Medical Affairs & Evidence & Value Development EMD Serono

Saket Malhotra - Headshot
Ipsen - Logo

Saket Malhotra Head, Commercial Information Management & Enablement Ipsen

Jaya Subramaniam - Headshot
Analytical Wizards - Logo

Jaya Subramaniam Chief Strategy Officer Analytical Wizards

Eddie Power - Headshot
Pfizer - Logo

Eddie Power VP, North America, Medical Affairs Pfizer

Kevin Kovaleski - Headshot
CSL Behring - Logo

Kevin Kovaleski VP & TA Co-lead (Commercial) - Transplant Medicine CSL Behring

Bharti Rai - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Bharti Rai VP Insights, Analytics, Data and Commercial Operations Novartis

Haider Alleg - Headshot
Ferring - Logo

Haider Alleg Global Head of Digital Excellence Ferring

Eden Wells - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Eden Wells VP & Head, Patient & Specialty Services Novartis

Camille Hertzka - Headshot
AstraZeneca - Logo

Camille Hertzka VP, Head of Oncology, US Medical AstraZeneca

Gokul Gopalan - Headshot
Vertex - Logo

Gokul Gopalan VP, Global Medical Affairs Vertex

Marianne Gandee - Headshot
Pfizer - Logo

Marianne Gandee VP, Patient Solutions & Alliances, Oncology Pfizer

Ketan Paranjape - Headshot
Roche - Logo

Ketan Paranjape VP, Commercial Business Operations, Business Intelligence and Analytics Roche

Reg Waldeck - Headshot
Bayer - Logo

Reg Waldeck VP, Oncology Market Access Strategy Leader Bayer

Ashley Lora - Headshot

Ashley Lora Eczema Patient Advocate

Sarah Krug - Headshot

Sarah Krug Founder & Executive Director Health Collaboratory / Cancer 101

Luca Dezzani - Headshot
Johnson & Johnson - Logo

Luca Dezzani VP, US Oncology, Medical Affairs Johnson & Johnson

Hazel Moran - Headshot
EMD Serono - Logo

Hazel Moran VP, Global Patient Insights & Advocacy EMD Serono

Shannon Hartley - Headshot
Ernst & Young, LLP - Logo

Shannon Hartley EY Americas Managing Director, Business Transformation, Health Science & Wellness Ernst & Young, LLP

Shelley Fuld Nasso - Headshot
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship - Logo

Shelley Fuld Nasso CEO National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

Rob Truckenmiller - Headshot
GSK - Logo

Rob Truckenmiller VP & Head of GSK US Market Access GSK

Ken Park - Headshot
Clarify Health Solutions - Logo

Ken Park SVP & GM, Life Sciences Solutions Clarify Health Solutions

Bansi Nagji - Headshot
GoodRx - Logo

Bansi Nagji President, Healthcare GoodRx

Brandi Greenberg - Headshot
Optum - Logo

Brandi Greenberg VP, Market Strategy & Customer Insight Optum

Adell Mendes - Headshot
AstraZeneca - Logo

Adell Mendes Commercial Data Management Director AstraZeneca

Helen Brady - Headshot
AstraZeneca - Logo

Helen Brady Data Acquisition Leader AstraZeneca

Josh Greenberg - Headshot
AstraZeneca - Logo

Josh Greenberg Commercial Data Management AstraZeneca

Preston Redd - Headshot
AstraZeneca - Logo

Preston Redd Associate Director Data Governance AstraZeneca

Scott Simpson - Headshot
BlinkHealth - Logo

Scott Simpson SVP, Pharmaceutical Partnerships BlinkHealth

Amy Brown - Headshot
Authenticx - Logo

Amy Brown Founder & CEO Authenticx

Tom Swanson - Headshot
Adobe - Logo

Tom Swanson Head of Healthcare Strategic Marketing Adobe

Peter Bannister - Headshot
ADA Health - Logo

Peter Bannister Vice President Life Sciences ADA Health

Stacey Gorski - Headshot
Sanofi Pastuer - Logo

Stacey Gorski Director, Medical Excellence & Strategic Projects Sanofi Pastuer

Souhila Ahdjoudj - Headshot
Bristol Myers Squibb - Logo

Souhila Ahdjoudj Senior Director, Worldwide Field Medical Excellence - Immunology & Fibrosis Bristol Myers Squibb

Jun Su - Headshot
Astellas - Logo

Jun Su Senior Medical Director, Global Medical Affairs Astellas

Kristen Slangerup - Headshot
AstraZeneca - Logo

Kristen Slangerup Medical Director, Scientific Partnerships AstraZeneca

Ike Ogbaa - Headshot
GSK - Logo

Ike Ogbaa Senior Medical Affairs Leader- Renal Specialty Care GSK

Larry Stern - Headshot
Merck - Logo

Larry Stern Director, Digital Innovation US Medical Affairs Merck

Melissa Levy - Headshot
GSK - Logo

Melissa Levy Director, Medical Engagement & Scientific Communications GSK

Laura Engles-Horton - Headshot
Bayer - Logo

Laura Engles-Horton Director, Medical Affairs Training Bayer

Tatiana Sorokina - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Tatiana Sorokina Solutions Director, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Novartis

Rusty Rahmer - Headshot
GSK - Logo

Rusty Rahmer Head of Customer Experience Solutions GSK

Deepak Tomer - Headshot
Eli Lilly - Logo

Deepak Tomer Digital Engagement Strategist Eli Lilly

Brian Wilson - Headshot
AstraZeneca - Logo

Brian Wilson Global Marketing Director, FASENRA AstraZeneca

Dane Hartung - Headshot
Acceleron - Logo

Dane Hartung Senior Director, Market Access Marketing Acceleron

Lisa Shea - Headshot
Janssen - Logo

Lisa Shea Director, Scientific Patient Engagement Research Leader Janssen

Keri Yale - Headshot
Boehringer Ingelheim - Logo

Keri Yale Head, Patient Affairs & Engagement Boehringer Ingelheim

Raymond Tarr - Headshot
Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Logo

Raymond Tarr Senior Director, US Commercial Diagnostic Strategy Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ashish Pal - Headshot
Merck - Logo

Ashish Pal Head of Strategy & Commercial Model Innovation Merck

Amy Garrison - Headshot
GSK - Logo

Amy Garrison Senior Director, US Brand Lead, Hematology Marketing GSK

Cynthia Queano - Headshot
Takeda - Logo

Cynthia Queano Associate New Product Leader, Global Neuroscience (Rare Disease pipeline) Takeda

Trellis Usher - Headshot
Nova Health Labs - Logo

Trellis Usher Patient Experience SME, DEI Strategist & Advocate Nova Health Labs

Sylvia Park-Ekecs - Headshot
Sanofi Pastuer - Logo

Sylvia Park-Ekecs Global Head of Consumer eXperience + Design Sanofi Pastuer

Christopher Nugent - Headshot
Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals - Logo

Christopher Nugent Senior Director, Digital Marketing & Strategy Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals

Lung-I Chen - Headshot
Takeda - Logo

Lung-I Chen Head of Global Value & Access, Cell Therapies Takeda

Ulrich Neumann - Headshot
Janssen - Logo

Ulrich Neumann Director, Market Access Scientific & External Strategy Janssen

Mark Montgomery - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Mark Montgomery Executive Director, Business Insights & Execution - Immunology, Hepatology and Dermatology Novartis

Laurie Meyers - Headshot

Laurie Meyers Executive Director, Engagement & Experience Design Genentech

Frank Spinelli - Headshot

Frank Spinelli Medical Director, US Patient Affairs ViiV Healthcare

Maria Hadjidemetriou - Headshot
Cooley's Anemia Foundation - Logo

Maria Hadjidemetriou Patient Advocate & Executive Board Member Cooley's Anemia Foundation

Anthony Stephens - Headshot
American Council of the Blind - Logo

Anthony Stephens Director of Development & Communications American Council of the Blind

Caroline Neumann - Headshot
Procter and Gamble (Merck Consumer Health) - Logo

Caroline Neumann Global Director Market Research, Probiotics Strategy and Innovation Procter and Gamble (Merck Consumer Health)

Solomon Banjo - Headshot
Advisory Board - Logo

Solomon Banjo Managing Director, Life Sciences Research Advisory Board

Andrew Moore - Headshot
Abbvie - Logo

Andrew Moore Associate Director, Global Medical Affairs Digital & Multi-Channel Solutions Abbvie

Daphne Earley - Headshot
ViiV Healthcare - Logo

Daphne Earley Senior Director of Multi-channel Marketing ViiV Healthcare

Vaibhav Katkade - Headshot
Pfizer - Logo

Vaibhav Katkade Global Therapeutic Area Lead Pfizer

Roy Palmer - Headshot
Pfizer - Logo

Roy Palmer Medical Innovation & Effectiveness Lead Pfizer

Stan Tsvirko - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Stan Tsvirko Head, Medical Affairs Innovation Lab Novartis

Anne Wiland - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Anne Wiland Global Head, Oncology Medical Excellence Novartis

Riley Kim - Headshot
Eli Lilly - Logo

Riley Kim Global Medical Affairs Digital Strategy Eli Lilly

Paul O'Grady - Headshot
GSK - Logo

Paul O'Grady Global Oncology Scientific Communications & Strategy Head GSK

Kelly Zou - Headshot
Viatris - Logo

Kelly Zou Head of Global Medical Analytics & Real World Evidence Viatris

Paul Petraro - Headshot
Boehringer Ingelheim - Logo

Paul Petraro Global Head, RWE Analytics CoE Boehringer Ingelheim

Tatiana Yglesias - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Tatiana Yglesias Head of Migraine Marketing, Neuroscience Novartis

Justin McCabe - Headshot
Takeda - Logo

Justin McCabe Patient Marketing Lead for the Oncology Business Unit Takeda

Vashti Gray - Headshot
Takeda - Logo

Vashti Gray Patient Support Program Lead for the Oncology Business Unit Takeda

Melissa Penn - Headshot
Bayer - Logo

Melissa Penn Deputy Director of Advocacy Bayer

Stephen Framil - Headshot
Merck - Logo

Stephen Framil Enterprise Digital Governance - Founder & Associate Director Merck

Kinshuk Saxena - Headshot
Novartis - Logo

Kinshuk Saxena Associate Director, Commercialization Strategy & Operations Novartis

Ryan McGinnis - Headshot
Eli Lilly - Logo

Ryan McGinnis Multichannel Director Eli Lilly

Frank Armenante - Headshot
Novo Nordisk - Logo

Frank Armenante Director, Commercial Execution Novo Nordisk

John Lineen - Headshot
Bristol Myers Squibb - Logo

John Lineen Senior Director, Engagement Lead (Immunology & Cardiovascular) Bristol Myers Squibb

Stephanie Grgurich - Headshot
Sanofi Pasteur - Logo

Stephanie Grgurich Head of Customer Experience - Vaccine Sanofi Pasteur

Erica Paine - Headshot
Chiesi USA - Logo

Erica Paine Director, Value & Market Access Chiesi USA

Milena Mitova - Headshot

Milena Mitova Digital Brand Activation & Engagement Team Lead Merck

Samer Ansari - Headshot
Takeda Oncology - Logo

Samer Ansari Head of Digital & IT Takeda Oncology

Debra Kronschnabel - Headshot
ViiV Healthcare - Logo

Debra Kronschnabel Director, NA Medical Scientists & Global Medical Capability ViiV Healthcare

Kathleen Hill - Headshot
Genentech - Logo

Kathleen Hill Oncology Therapeutic Area Manager & Field Leadership Advisory Group Genentech

Venu Vittaladevuni - Headshot
Genentech - Logo

Venu Vittaladevuni Director, Patient Engagement & Field Leadership Advisory Group Genentech

DeAnn West - Headshot
GSK - Logo

DeAnn West Editorial Manager, Content Operations GSK

Lisa Palko - Headshot
Akili - Logo

Lisa Palko Head of Medical Affairs Akili

Aimee Metzner - Headshot
ViiV Healthcare - Logo

Aimee Metzner Payer Medical Science Liaison ViiV Healthcare