The industry shaping agenda

16 learning modules · 32+ hours of content · Interactive Q&A, workshops and roundtables

We’ve curated the agenda into 2-hour learning blocks, each designed with linking themes and specific learning objectives. Pick below which are most relevant to you.

C-Suite keynotes - Shape health: Pharma's new role in the healthcare paradigm


Collaborate together to win together

  • Embrace competitive collaboration and soar to new heights of innovative value creation for patients
  • Partner with healthcare stakeholders to create a world ready for this decade of unprecedented scientific innovation


Turn Vaccines into vaccinations. Pharma’s role in fighting misinformation

  • Lead the fight against misinformation to deliver fast and effective vaccines across the world
  • Reduce disparities in vaccine effectiveness by working closely with patient communities

Elaine O’Hara Chief Commercial Officer North America Sanofi Pasteur


Create the new healthcare system of the future

  • Discard the broken healthcare model of today and develop a new Pharma-Payer-Provider relationship, with stakeholders working in tandem to drive greater patient outcomes
  • Futureproof the US healthcare system to encourage innovation and improve access to novel treatments of the future
  • Put patients at the centre of a new system by collaborating with payers and regulators to expand pathways to quality care

Kabir Nath President and CEO Otsuka North America

Dave Lennon President Novartis Gene Therapies Novartis


Post-Covid: preparing for health care’s next crisis

  • Learn how the industry has continued to advance the quality and availability of cancer care throughout the pandemic
  • Identify how pharma and health care stakeholders can work together to reduce the multi-disease bottleneck burden on our healthcare system in the wake of Covid-19

David Fredrickson Executive Vice President Oncology Business Unit AstraZeneca

C-Suite keynotes - The new era of pharma innovation


Drive successful digital transformation through the power of your people

  • Achieve your digital transformation objectives by focusing on HOW, not just the WHAT
  • Make a leap in digital transformation in healthcare by assembling your all-star team
  • Identify the capabilities for the healthcare of tomorrow, and invest in them today


From disease care to health care: the next frontier of preventative medicine

  • Align scientific innovation with business model innovation and reimbursement recreation to enter the next generation of healthcare
  • Build systems and process to develop deep and accurate population data, to accurately understand the social determinants of health enabling you to shift care upstream through greater identification and prevention mechanisms
  • Understand the technologies, tools and techniques that can effectively empower patients to take a proactive approach to managing self-health
  • Capitalise on the regulatory, cultural and technical developments in interoperability to collaborate with other stakeholders to build business models that can deliver preventative care


How a diverse leadership team has delivered new levels of value

  • See the business case for diversity across senior leadership positions
  • Explore new solutions to pharma’s age old problems through blending different experiences and backgrounds into a new strategy fit for 2021


The hybrid field force of the future

  • Move from digital first to customer first engagement as we integrate the physical world with our 2020 digital one
  • Enshrine flexibility and information accessibility at the heart of your new commercial strategy to provide customers with unprecedented levels of value

Mission: Maintain digital momentum


From reactive to proactive: direct the future of digital transformation

  • Move fast without breaking things - effectively implement change management at scale for transformation without customer experience disruption
  • Achieve personalized HCP engagement by leveraging new data sources and advanced analytics to create more actionable insights for commercial decision-making
  • Forge more authentic relationships with patients and HCP’s with complex behavioral understanding and customer-profiling
  • Create a culture of continuous digital progression by optimizing performance metrics for new hybrid strategies and reimagining traditional training & development programs


Become a technology leader

  • Embed an agile, digital-first culture across all elements of your commercial function by recalibrating role responsibilities and modernizing training programs
  • Break down internal siloes across commercial to combine insights and create a 360-degree understanding of HCP’s needs and behaviors Pool expertise, bring specialists and research teams into marketing processes, and look outside our industry for digital inspiration to enrich interactions


Adapt to evolving patient needs by reimaging cross-functional collaboration

  • Collaborate to innovate – how to work alongside medical affairs, market access and patient engagement teams to develop more complete insights and create a holistic engagement strategy
  • Same objectives, different delivery: Educate and empower patients by use advanced analytics to better target and personalize communications
  • How to track performance across your organization to simplify the patient journey and demonstrate value beyond traditional commercial measures

Secure Medical influence, drive decision-making and value


Behind the pharma steering wheel: Lead cross-functional strategy in the new era of healthcare innovation

  • Review how Medical Affairs can lead the optimization of new cross-functional processes to drive efficiencies and increase customer value
  • Improve HCP and patient experiences by unify cross-company customer objectives – how to overcome cultural differences to better partner and manage change
  • Explore new skillsets, capabilities and compliance frameworks needed to facilitate the growth of internal influence

Parambir Bhangu Medical Affairs Lead, Canada (currently appointed for Organon & Co.) Merck


Inform external policy to improve patients’ lives

  • How to ensure science and patient outcomes are at the center of external policy efforts
  • Case study: Learn how Pfizer’s Medical Affairs team has informed and impacted external anti-microbial resistance (AMR) policy efforts
  • Ensure that your companies policy efforts are aligned across functions and that the Medical Affairs voice is heard

Pol Vandenbroucke Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Hospital Business Unit Pfizer


Tabula rasa: Elevate medical authority with new, stakeholder-centric outcomes

  • Understand recent changes in Medical Affairs metric strategy to ensure your KPIs best facilitate stakeholder-preferred results
  • Demonstrate Medical’s full value to lead company decision-making by shifting how you measure health intervention-based outcomes
  • Embrace digital performance metrics: Use AI solutions and out-of-industry best practices to reveal previously undiscovered insights

Drive permanent patient-centric change through novel collaboration


Real patient-centric transformation means real cross-industry collaboration

  • Cut the crap! Simplify the patient experience by working with your competitors to reduce overlap in apps, support programmes, and other services
  • How to create collaboration frameworks that enable greater interoperability while working within FDA guidelines
  • Fulfil business imperatives by demonstrating positive long-term patient outcomes and experience measures with new real-world insight


Transform your reputation by moving from product-by-product to disease-led strategy

  • Create a seamless patient experience by working holistically across all patient touchpoints within your organisation
  • How to gain leadership buy-in to set up patient teams without any commercial expectations in business initiatives and KPIs
  • Maintain patient-centric focus by breaking incentive and metric traditions. Be driven by patient feedback and insights
  • Become the trusted source for patient information by catalysing reputational transformation


Your patient group partnerships are so 2020 – move beyond sponsored funding to make long-term partnerships the norm

  • Drive trust in your service and education initiatives by working with groups to tailor engagement around patient demand
  • Fulfil real patient need by working collaboratively with patient groups to understand common pitfalls in current experiences
  • A blueprint for successful long-term patient group collaboration

Personalize HCP experiences for deeper engagement


Drive customer value in the new digital landscape with personalized experiences

  • Harness AI to inform your sales approach and meet your customers’ need for both human interaction and digital engagement
  • Pull don’t push: Build more meaningful relationships with customers by engaging only when necessary and delivering value-add supporting content
  • Supplement face- to-face interactions with a digital backdrop of integrated channels for an enriched “surround-sound” customer experience


Use Advanced Analytics (AI/ML) to maximize HCP Engagement

  • Trigger next best action in real time and personalize your engagement for individual customers
  • Deploy machine learning to find engagements and messages that have the most impact
  • Utilize predictive analytics to identify optimal cadence and frequency of communication


Digital tunnel-vison: symptoms include inflamed CX and reduced customer reach

  • Retain the value of the human touch to reach a wider range of customer profiles and provide a more holistic experience that drives behavior change
  • Integrate human input into automated journeys to enable quick escalation in response to complex issues


Deliver a Netflix-style hyper-personalized experience for HCP’s

  • Regulations are not an excuse! Key lessons from the experience’s customer-centric companies like Netflix and Amazon provide to their users
  • Manage the fine balance in pharma marketing between personalized outreach and overbearing messaging

Hone Medical engagement for the evolved stakeholder landscape


Healthcare’s new experts? Prioritize patient outreach in 2021

  • Analyze recent shifts in HCP authority as patient-clinical engagement has decreased throughout the pandemic
  • Leverage Medical expertise to drive company education strategies that champion accurate science and value patients’ lived experiences
  • Center the emancipated patient journey in cross-functional workstreams to effectively engage patient organizations and support recruitment for activities

Sonal Bhatia Vice President North America Medical Lead, Rare Disease Pfizer

Maggie McCue Head of Clinical Research, US Medical Takeda


Take the lead: Center Medical Affairs expertise in multi-stakeholder engagement

  • Emphasize the importance of scientific credibility to increase value and gain cross-functional influence and engagement among customer-facing and internal teams
  • Center clinical risk/benefit equation in every external stakeholder conversation to build a communications culture that is truly patient-oriented, science-grounded and appropriately adapted for each audience’s level of medical knowledge
  • Lead through influence in whole-company communications strategy to foster greater awareness of treatment pathways and instil trust among the public

Craig Granowitz Senior Vice President Chief Medical Officer Amarin Pharma


HCPs are the new KOLs: Harness expertise in fast-moving settings

  • Adjust your assessment of key KOL attributes in today’s volatile health landscape
  • Engage a broad range of HCPs in strategic planning to attain timely responses to evolving medical guidance
  • Set algorithms that prioritize attributes other than academic publication history to identify the most relevant HCPs for KOL insights, including Digital Opinion leaders

Eddie Power Vice President North America Medical Affairs Pfizer


The new peer review: Why digital platforms for HCP communication represent an important shift in the influence paradigm

  • Examine where, how, and why HCPs are congregating online
  • Understand the current limitations and realistic promise of these platforms
  • Adapt your medical communications and evidence-dissemination strategy to account for the implications of this paradigm shift

Solomon Banjo

Harmonize patient data for new patient understanding


Personalize patient support by defragmenting the data landscape

  • Unify your platform approach across every patient touchpoint with your organisation to simplify information sharing and better inform decision-making
  • Boost external collaborative potential by developing platforms that allow greater interoperability between different partners and providers
  • Approaches to improve governance processes that ensure patient privacy and ease use to inform strategies


Prove the value of support initiatives with new insight into patient journeys and outcomes using real-world evidence

  • How to overcome concerns around real-world data quality and convert internal laggards with definitive insight into business and patient value


Remove barriers to patient participation and engagement by solving the privacy challenge

  • Develop privacy solutions so that data collection methods become burdenless and frictionless
  • Increase trust in the industry and empower patients by championing privacy with a more nuanced approach to consent

Transform commercial strategy with AI


Leverage AI to deliver predictive support in times of customer uncertainty

  • Use machine learning to operate more proactively by anticipating physician needs and planning “Next Best Action” engagement strategies
  • Inform targeting strategy and track performance by turning varied and complex data sets into varied and complex customer insights through AI-led customer profiling systems


Achieve rapid customer response times that don’t skimp on quality through new advances in automation

  • Optimize your AI-based response systems to more acutely consider compliance and regulations to expand communication options
  • Balance the need for ambitious personalized communications with regulatory obligations
  • Combine human oversight with AI-driven observation to improve marketing outcomes


Add value at every customer touchpoint with fully contextualized decision-making

  • Take a holistic view across your customer’s whole journey to remove disjointed communications and ensure high quality engagements
  • Finetune your internal tech stack with a CRM system optimized to meet customers needs
  • Effectively implement omnichannel strategy with new cross-functional collaboration frameworks that unlock all available insights and ensure channel interoperability

Create the next-gen MSL


Hot for hybrid: Building Medical’s field teams for healthcare’s new normal

  • Review the implications of new field force models on the structure of Medical Affairs and capability needs – plus how to ensure future resource needs are secured
  • Explore new digital skillsets and flexible engagement frameworks needed to ensure MSL success in hybrid operating models
  • How MSLs can collaborate with counterparts in diagnostics and sales roles to meet emerging stakeholder needs
  • Optimize change management strategy to support teams’ adaption to new operational models

Alan Wright Chief Medical Officer Roche Diagnostics

Jefferson Tea Vice President Medical & Scientific Affairs Takeda

Suzanne Giordano Head of Field Medical Sunovion


Upskill your connectors: Prime MSLs for success in the digital age

  • Increase engagement volume through new digital channels – how to identify and resolve skills gaps to build MSL capability in virtual settings
  • Invest in improved written communications skills to enhance opportunities for meaningful engagement
  • Strategically prioritize and pace the dissemination of insights among stakeholders to maximize demonstration of value


Yin vs yang? Optimizing responsibilities between sales reps and MSLs

  • Adopt a holistic view of cross-company field force strategy to prioritize lead gen success in virtual settings
  • Tighten compliant coordination between MSLs and sales reps to expand long-term relationship development
  • Instill a B2B account-management mindset amongst MSLs to support their ability to respond to wider customer and company needs

Perfect digital performance with complete impact understanding


Prove digital ROI and obtain long term buy-in from boardroom level

  • Capture metrics from personalized communications to accurately predict and present success to internal stakeholders
  • Bring your organization with you on the digital journey through concise expenditure accountability


Leverage digital-centric metrics and KPI’s to maximize budgeting efficiency and track performance

  • Deliver ROI by developing a frictionless customer journey and reducing the steps to conversion
  • How to measure a particular method or campaigns success at driving desirability and completion
  • Pursue a cost-effective marketing mix and use the metrics that give your CMO the clearest idea of where budget is best spent


Find balance between your internal capabilities and the integration of agencies and external partners

  • How to identify suitable agency partners and set well-defined KPI’s to roadmap success for your business
  • Empower agencies to understand and most importantly, deliver on your brand purpose
  • Case study: Understand how to assess which functionalities you need in-house, creating increased autonomy and flexibility for engagement strategies


Incentivize sales reps for their new hybrid functionality

  • Increase your reach through virtual communications with international marketplaces previously unreachable in a physical-first field force
  • Boost long-term engagement and optimize time investment through virtual channels for increased revenue
  • How to structure your field teams to deliver both rapid responses virtually and on demand in-person service to practitioners

Heighten Medical value with personalized omnichannel interactions


From aspiration to action: Scale digital transformation in Medical Affairs

  • Tear down siloed operations to minimize cost and outcome inefficiencies, and deliver seamless CX that flows across engagement channels and devices
  • Harmonize data to assemble a single view of the customer, improving reliability of service and speed of response
  • Invest in future-ready insights management systems to drive elevated engagement built on trusted, credible data
  • Blend traditional Medical teams with data and tech colleagues to sustain compliant digital integration

Warren Winkelman Senior Medical Director and Head of Medical Innovation Galderma


Social media: Medical Affairs’ win-win deal to improve HCP engagement

  • Embrace the age of the omnichannel MSL - turbocharge insight generation with social media listening
  • Minimize MSL response timelines to boost HCP education and quicken treatment pathways for patients
  • Shift from reactive to proactive strategy and instigate cross-stakeholder discussion to weather regulatory challenges

Luca Dezzani Franchise Head Immuno-Oncology AstraZeneca


Virtual scientific exchange: Your guide to heightened ROI

  • Maximize ROI with compelling and engaging narratives that successfully communicate data and patient studies in virtual formats
  • Streamline ways of working to beat condensed virtual event timelines and increase thought-leadership opportunities
  • Gain networking best practices to maximize meaningful interactions and optimize lead generation at digital congresses

Novel patient support programmes true to patient need


Beyond treatments - commit to survivorship and caregiver support to deliver long-term value

  • Improve outcomes by developing physician and caregiver capabilities through dedicated support programmes
  • Perform environmental analysis to uncover support gaps across the entire patient journey
  • Demonstrate the commercial benefit of non-patient focused patient support


An empathetic approach to service design

  • Aid adherence and design strategy by gaining a deeper understanding of patient behaviours
  • Improve implementation of patient-centric strategies across your organisation by widening the understanding of patient need


Ensure new pandemic driven initiatives improve pre-pandemic health literacy standards

  • Create processes that ensure new, more quickly developed digital content and education efforts maintain patient-friendly language
  • How to work with patients to understand new challenges driven by COVID-19 in patient education and the help prevent misinformation

Modernize your field teams and become healthcare partners


Move from a field force to hyper-specialized partners for HCP’s

  • Assess a new hybrid sales and marketing model combining sales reps with data-driven support throughout the customer journey
  • Prioritize inbound marketing through digital marketing campaigns to replenish reps’ sales funnels throughout the year
  • Revamp how you engage with practitioners and patients through less frequent, higher quality communications


Build a collaborative relationship with healthcare partners

  • Shift from a fleet of field reps to a specialist account manager model to improve field team efficiency and customer experiences
  • Communicate with healthcare providers on an equal knowledge footing and rise to meet their specific demands with a flexible disease vs product strategy
  • Recalibrate your content approach to support reps with more flexible, short-format information designed for digitally native HCPs


Build your team’s virtual engagement capability through new training, incentives, and tailored recruitment

  • Find out the implications of a hybrid communications model for your recruitment strategy
  • Prepare for a return to face-to-face communications and educate sales reps on successful balancing between virtual and in-person

Deliver on fair pricing and access: Innovate out of disruption


Innovation for life, not just for COVID: Make healthcare affordable

  • Review the role of unprecedented government funding in R&D and advanced market commitments – plus what it means for subsequent investment
  • How the Biden administration may impact pricing innovation and what downstream consequences of affordable care policies may be
  • Dissect the impact of recent Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) on future evidence requirements

Chris Leibman Senior Vice President Value and Access Biogen

Sarah Emond Executive Vice President ICER

Robert Dubois President & Chief Executive Officer National Pharmaceutical Council


A new model for more sustainable drug pricing and access

  • Deconstruct how we arrived where we are today in drug pricing and access
  • Understand the market implications for innovative pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Consider alternative pricing approaches and explore a blueprint for a new model of Value Based Pricing and Access

Scott Howell Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Novartis


Embrace the innovative value of biomarkers and expand access to testing

  • Focus on biomarkers to reveal valuable insights to payers and patients that result in more effective treatments and increased incentivization across the healthcare system
  • Devise strategies to overcome major barriers to biomarker testing, including inadequate reimbursement rates, high out-of-pocket costs, delayed turnaround times for test results and rising healthcare expenditures
  • Ensure patient access despite pricing disruptions by adapting insurance policies to facilitate improved coverage and reimbursement and integrating biomarker testing into clinical decision support tools

Seth Feldman

Novel Real World Evidence use across the lifecycle


Build a holistic RWE strategy to optimize value demonstration and access

  • Identify critical areas of improvement for deriving greater value from RWE/D for valuation and assessment
  • Overcome data linkage challenges to deepen insights and strengthen your position in access negotiations
  • Drive market access success with endpoint strategy in early trial development

Shuvayu Sen Vice President and Head, Global Value and Real World Evidence Otsuka

Paul Petraro Global Head, RWE Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE) Boehringer Ingelheim

Sharon Chen Senior Director, Head of Pipeline Payer & Evidence Strategy, Global Value & Access Biogen


Win support for RWE innovation despite pandemic budget cuts

  • Maintain priority for RWE investment that supports cross-functional excellence
  • Impact internal decision-making to enable RWE pioneering that leads to whole-company success
  • Partner with internal and external stakeholders to evaluate company risk-taking effectively

Amanda Bruno VVice President and Head RWE Oncology Bayer