In light of recent changes to local authority regulations, we will now require all Pharma USA 2022 attendees to be fully vaccinated to attend the event. Please see full details of the mandate here. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find all the information about how Reuters Events is creating safe conferences here

Our industry leading agenda: 6 tracks, 40+ case studies and 20+ panels

Opening Keynote

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study A framework for science to succeed: rejuvenate innovation across all therapy areas

  • Hear how early engagement and collaboration with regulators can ensure innovative treatments can enter crowded therapy areas
  • See the importance of continuing to invest and bring treatments to market

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study One giant commercial leap for cell and gene therapies

  • Rewrite the book for your C&GT launch to upskill and specialize your commercial resource, payer partnerships and a new delivery system into a strategy ready for lift off
  • Scale and standardize your C&GT commercialization strategy to pioneer the world’s next wave of novel therapies

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Reaffirm your role in ensuring medical innovation gets to patients

  • How you can remain leaders in transformative medical advancements through dynamic stakeholder collaboration
  • See how pharma goes beyond treatments to ensure affordable access and increased patient value

Kevin Ali CEO Organon

Keren Haruvi President, Head of North America Sandoz

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Business-driven and technologically enabled. Unlock your commercial potential through data-centricity

  • Realign strategies based on your wealth of data to proactively meet your customers’ needs
  • Invest in IT and data systems to deliver unparalleled insights that sets out your commercial strategy with confidence. Create a culture of data-first decision making

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Disrupt your business model through a customer-obsession that transcends your brand plans

  • Create new plans that nullify the friction points in the customer experience with a refreshed focus on access, HCP engagement and patient support services
  • Maximize your agility by going beyond the bounds of healthcare to focus squarely on the customer

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study The reformation of the field force

  • Deliver a holistic view of your customer-facing teams for more systematic and tailored operations management
  • Bridge the gap between your digital and F2F capabilities to create a seamless customer experience

Our industry leading pharma keynote speakers

Christi Shaw CEO Kite, A Gilead Company

Doug Langa EVP, Head of North America Operations & President of Novo Nordisk Novo Nordisk

Victor Bultó President, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, US Novartis

Alisha Alaimo President, US Biogen

Kevin Ali CEO Organon

Elaine O'Hara Chief Commercial Officer, North America Sanofi Pasteur

Keren Haruvi President, Head of North America Sandoz

Advance inclusive stakeholder-led commercial strategies to achieve exponential growth

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study No local team, brand, or affiliate left behind! Ensure inclusivity is priority to ensure actual cultural transformation

  • Provide a foundation for deep institutional change. Convey your brands cultural goals and lead through example, incorporation and purpose
  • Increase motivation. Create an organizational framework that defines job, role, and value – ultimately increase patient welfare
  • Breakthrough legacy mindsets. Increase adoption of new tech, strategies and ways of thinking to streamline performance

Johanna Mercier Chief Commercial Officer Gilead Sciences

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Navigate rapidly shifting customer expectations through scaled design thinking

  • Move beyond traditional market insights to develop skills that will enable your commercial teams to match customer’s evolving expectations
  • Discover novel approaches to unmet needs by using design thinking methodology to better understand your customer
  • Stay aligned with ongoing external cultural shifts by defining your desired behaviours to move your culture in the same direction as your stakeholders

Ashish Pal Head of Strategy & Commercial Model Innovation Merck

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Your new technology benchmark: Build a platform that enables scalable personalized engagement

  • Take a step back to audit your commercial strategy, clarify objectives, determine worthwhile investments, tools, and mechanisms required to fulfil your commercial ambitions
  • Deliver ROI from new and old data alike with novel analysis, useability and manipulation approaches
  • Use new customer insights to inform personalized engagement at every touchpoint
  • Maintain customer-centric focus by delivering an engaging user experience pathway across all your platforms

Customer expectations are elevated user experiences (UX)

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Find common ground to overcome platform synergy issues that are slowing down your customer’s experience

  • Understand how to stay connected with physicians between sales calls (virtual or face-to-face) by ensuring your platforms across functions are in-sync with each other
  • Heighten user experiences by removing potential duplicate engagement channels across your platforms – how to perform a technology audit to uncover where yours are falling short
  • Map what tools are applicable and essential at each step of your campaign - define the ROI to secure internal buy-in

Rusty Rahmer Head of Customer Experience Solutions GSK

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study New environment, new models, new experiences

  • Reshape and innovate your patient channels to drive physician product interest
  • Help HCPs engage with patients through diagnostic platforms – web, text, telemedicine and voice

Cynthia Queano Associate New Product Leader, Global Neuroscience (Rare Disease pipeline) Takeda

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Embrace behavioral science to ratify your decision-making abilities in delivering an improved customer experience

  • Truly understanding patient behaviour is the key in understanding how you can have a positive influence on it
  • Behavioural science (BS) commercial strategies empower your team empower decision making abilities, provide you with real-time insights, enabling you to pivot quickly
  • Increase conversations by segmenting through BS and engaging segments with traditionally higher impression rates

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Create personalized user experiences through innovation investments

  • Ensure you get the full value of your data investments to develop experiences that exceed HCP expectations
  • Break down existing one-size-fits-all strategies to identify customer segments and build corresponding experiences
  • Build on existing insights by understanding where there are blind spots to accurately map your customers journey across your product lifecycle
  • Your customers don’t see internal silos! Connect across teams and functions to align digital and engagement strategies and create more holistic experience

Moderator: Ashish Pal Head of Strategy & Commercial Model Innovation Merck

Kevin Kovaleski VP & TA Co-lead (Commercial) - Transplant Medicine CSL Behring

Stephanie Grgurich Head of Customer Experience - Vaccine Sanofi Pasteur

Bharti Rai VP Insights, Analytics, Data and Commercial Operations Novartis

Bansi Nagji

Make your data sing to enable new precision engagement strategies

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Simplify your data’s journey through a clean and simple data governance initiative

  • Streamline your governance decisions by increasing digital-data operations assistance and avoid compliance failures
  • Implement a filter that singles out bad data and allow your data to flow freely and confidently through your organization
  • High quality data is the key to pursuing a high-quality strategy, ensure all functions across your organization are maintaining data quality control by auditing all data through a centralised data steward team
  • Bad data de-legitimizes change management strategies, educating teams internally on the benefits data compliance provides is important in achieving long-term company goals

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Centralize data in your commercial strategy and remove barriers that feed into your strategic roadmap

  • De-silo your organizations data pools and connect them cross-functionally to empower your workforce with actionable insights
  • Enable accurate product tracking by utilizing data feedback from across your organization
  • Find a common platform across functions and prioritise use to create synergy
  • Centralize data as your core decision mechanism to tailor growth strategies and gain a deeper understanding into your competitor landscape

Raymond Tarr Senior Director, US Commercial Diagnostic Strategy Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Mark Montgomery Executive Director, Business Insights & Execution - Immunology, Hepatology and Dermatology Novartis

Ketan Paranjape VP, Commercial Business Operations, Business Intelligence and Analytics Roche

Ken Park SVP & GM, Life Sciences Solutions Clarify Health Solutions

Mindset, skillset, toolkit – the pillars to fieldforce excellence

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Keep teams on the ground skilled to maximise your products ROI

  • Arm your reps with real-time insights so they can make empowered decisions that will deliver a better customer journey for your HCPs and hit KPIs
  • Educate your salesforce on HCP segmentation and how to engage various segments based on behavioural insights
  • Streamline resource optimization by identifying sales opportunities where patients are being diagnosed
  • Educate your HCPs from student level in areas, tools and platforms you wish to engage them on to achieve long-term engagement strategies
  • Create segmentation and targeting strategies to set your sales team up for success

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Key to success: plan for all outcomes to create an agile go-to-market launch strategy

  • Plan for every eventuality and account for any pivotal points in your launch strategy
  • Agree on technologies required to support your campaign
  • Define and implement KPI’s by which you will measure launch performance

Amy Garrison Senior Director, US Brand Lead, Hematology Marketing GSK

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Is your salesforce keeping up with rapidly evolving HCP preferences?

  • With a shift in HCP preferences, expectations and a hybrid future, learn how to maximise your salesforce outputs by shifting the way your organization sets KPI’s as well as the metrics used to read them
  • New methods to provide value to your HCPs in virtual calls
  • Learn how to match HCP preferences with sales rep interactions to leave long-lasting impressions that lead to conversions
  • How can we you empower the digital rep experience from a service orientation perspective?

Frank Armenante Director, Commercial Execution Novo Nordisk

Tatiana Yglesias Head of Migraine Marketing, Neuroscience Novartis

Connecting the digital dots in your HCPs journey

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Go beyond the HCP to discover next-gen engagement strategies

  • Identify emerging channels that have scope for mass HCP adoption, whilst ensuring they embody your marketing and brand strategy
  • Remain agile and prepare alternative strategies that allow you to pivot at any point
  • Examples of how to incorporate fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) best practises into your own marketing roadmap

Daniel Rothman Chief Information Officer Sumitovant Biopharma & Chief Digital Officer Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Timing is everything: How to create competitive advantage through digital engagement excellence across all customer groups

  • Identify digital engagement success and apply to strategies that will bring stakeholders across the ecosystem into one omni-channel driven campaign at the right time
  • Provide a seamless connected journey in order to create long lasting connectivity between your organization, HCPs, and other stakeholders
  • Cut through the noise and simplify digital communication with HCPs

Zhen Su CEO Marengo Therapeutics

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Embrace the cookie concept! Stay connected with your HCP through their entire journey with your brand

  • Just like a cookie on the internet, post-initial connection, you need to remain with your HCP at every step along their journey – this is made easier through online feedback systems and surveys where we can identify preferences and deliver accordingly
  • The adoption of digital tools vary much like the skill levels of a physician, it’s important to know this when designating digital touchpoints in your campaign, learn how to increase digital adoption to drive meaning in future HCP engagement
  • Learn how to engage the right channels, rather than every channel
  • Once you have a localized proof of concept, learn how to scale data tactics across national strategies to create hyper-personalized experiences

Kinshuk Saxena Associate Director, Commercialization Strategy & Operations Novartis

Design digital metrics to meaningfully engage

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Exploit new marketing analytics and automation advancements to deliver more targeted engagement

  • Provide personalized, relevant and timely messaging by understanding how new technologies can help you engage HCPs meaningful and deep-rooted manner
  • Perfect your marketing automation abilities by integrating real-time analytics as the foundation of all marketing actions
  • Build digital customer profiles and use advanced analytics to allocate resources to segments identified as most valuable to growth goals

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Remain relevant and connected with HCPs in a rapidly evolving digital landscape

  • Devise a feedback system to determine what your HCPs find engaging and compare how their preferences align with your brand strategy
  • Deliver wanted real-time digital connectivity with your HCPs by maintaining tabs on engagement trends
  • Implement feedback models that will enable precise HCP segmentation to broaden your customer reach
  • Define digital-centric KPIs from the get-go to monitor engagement and adjust future strategy where needed

Brian Wilson Global Marketing Director, FASENRA AstraZeneca

Deepak Tomer Digital Engagement Strategist Eli Lilly

Daphne Earley Senior Director of Multi-channel Marketing ViiV Healthcare

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Collaboration between marketing and sales functions is not a suggestion, it’s compulsory

  • Deliver a successful go-to-market strategy by redesigning your marketing and sales models to be consumer behaviour focused
  • Equip field sales with real-time insights through live marketing feedback campaigns
  • Remove power play behaviour between functions and implement common digital metrics to enable a collaborative revenue driven strategy

Ketan Paranjape VP, Commercial Business Operations, Business Intelligence and Analytics Roche

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Navigate social media governance to unlock your new engagement level

  • Connect with HCP with they want you to by building a bespoke MLR process fit for your organizational mandate to easily identify what you can and can’t post on social media platforms
  • Discover how to guide the workforce and relay standards that need to be disclosed in social media marketing
  • Every platform has various regulations, understand when the onus lies on you (or the platform) to understand the differentiated regulations

Orchestrate your omni-channel symphony

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Streamline MLR processes while remaining cost effective throughout your marketing campaign and modular content curation

  • Progress your agility capabilities and centralize your MLR process to monitor compliance changes in real-time and adjust your engagement strategy respectively
  • Avoid outdated content distribution by developing an omnichannel initiative that only delivers content that requires updating
  • Improve brand value by communicating through preferred channels with relevant content

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Enable your full omnichannel capability by de-siloing function strategies

  • Centralize engagement activities on one platform and looping in all functions with marketing strategies to ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Track engagement campaigns to bolster transparency and accountability across your entire organization
  • Legacy platforms are stunting your ability to be agile in decision-making. How to analyse emerging technologies and platforms that will increase investment margins and break-down barriers between organization functions

Ryan McGinnis Multichannel Director Eli Lilly

DeAnn West Editorial Manager, Content Operations GSK

Shannon Hartley EY Americas Managing Director, Business Transformation, Health Science & Wellness Ernst & Young, LLP

John Lineen Senior Director, Engagement Lead (Immunology & Cardiovascular) Bristol Myers Squibb

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Demonstrate, differentiate and define the power of channels to optimize your omni-channel initiatives

  • Demand a bigger seat at the table, show true channel value and implement a closed feedback loop to determine what works and what needs to be amended
  • Show how models that differentiate and personalize content across channels can connect deeper with HCPs
  • Define the right channel mix VS time of engagement through HCP segmentation and understanding of HCP behaviour

New data opportunities are new marketing opportunities

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Unlock true customer centricity through consistent feedback insights assisted through AI, ML and Deep Learning

  • Atone your data gaps to design acute product launches around HCP behavioural insights
  • Understand what impression you have made, rather than if you made an impression – evolve from standard KPI’s to VoC (Voice of Customer) metrics by lining your product and strategy with trackable metrics from the outset
  • Continuously identify new touchpoints and amend those that aren’t working by mapping your HCPs journey

Caroline Neumann Global Director Market Research, Probiotics Strategy and Innovation Procter and Gamble (Merck Consumer Health)

Amy Brown Founder & CEO Authenticx

Moderator: Tatiana Sorokina Solutions Director, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Novartis

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Build brand obsession by leveraging data with your customer experiences and touchpoints

  • Data vs. Insights: why too much information could turn you idle, and enough insights make you stand from the crowd
  • Learn how to sync channels and stories to personalise your customer journeys and be ready to scale
  • Tame your marketing funnel: use data and insights to build dynamic acquisition and retention tactics, delivering measurable brands performance
  • Understand how to structure your organisation, within and with external ecosystems, to be ready for a cookie-free experience

Haider Alleg Global Head of Digital Excellence Ferring

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Put a price tag on data: recognize the ROI potential data has to offer

  • Treat data as an asset in its own right. Understand the journey it has been on and knowing your HCP strategic next best action will come naturally
  • Remain agile and create various campaign roadmaps by learning how to rapidly interpret your data sets correctly
  • Pick the right data points relevant to your brand strategy and marketing campaign to render a more rounded HCP impression

Milena Mitova Digital Brand Activation & Engagement Team Lead Merck

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study 360 HCP view through data science (DS) and artificial intelligence (AI), act on expectations quicker with increased accuracy and scale across functions where possible to enhance HCP profiling

  • Connect with HCPs in a meaningful way through a comprehensive AI & DS behavioural strategy where you can action HCP information demands before they are presented
  • Structured data has a limit on customer engagement, base your data-driven decisions on un-structured data (speech and text) through natural language processing (NLP)
  • Get ahead of the game by identifying an actionable starting point for an NLP application, a base-line for a decision like call centre data (recordings) to determine market trends
  • Utilize social media platforms like twitter to develop strategies around positive or negative word/phrase association in relation to your product or a competitors product

Medical Affairs: The forefront of pharma

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study The Road to MVP: Accelerate your digital transformation journey to unleash scaled and personalized engagement

  • Navigate new digital HCP and stakeholder expectations, creating a strategy to transfigure Medical engagement and position MSLs as the ultimate pharma superstar
  • Scale Medical influence across health stakeholders by honing the use of evolving digital capabilities with new training and education programmes – both internally and externally
  • Become a KOL on KOLs - traditional, new, and digital – extract the richest insights on all types of opinion leader to move the needle in your therapeutic area

Paul Burton Chief Medical Officer Moderna

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study The North Star of Medical Affairs: How the Medical function is still evolving to meet the needs of patients

  • Position your patient advocacy groups as new opinion leaders, to achieve the best treatments and provide access and education to those most in need
  • Understand how Medical roles have evolved to achieve sustainable relationships with patient communities
  • Learn from Pfizer as they continue to grow their Medical voice through reimaging their capabilities to meet the needs of their patients

Eddie Power VP, North America, Medical Affairs Pfizer

Master the art of medical engagement in the new digital age

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Hybrid Medical engagement: Monitor rapidly changing HCP needs, MSL virtual vs in-person best practices, and new value-add opportunities

  • Think beyond the content: leverage multichannel strategy to balance the different types of interaction and communicate with your stakeholders in their preferred setting
  • Enable your MSLs to breakthrough rising digital noise by ensuring flexibility in engagement approaches
  • Gather HCP insights effectively through digital channels to inform your content delivery strategy going forward

Luca Dezzani VP, US Oncology, Medical Affairs Johnson & Johnson

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Open your eyes to Open Innovation

  • Open Innovation: inviting experts outside of your organization to participate in problem-solving and product development initiatives
  • Learn how Novartis utilized Open Innovation to tap into a diverse range of digital communities to help solve complex challenges and encourage bi-directional learning exchange
  • Uncover the opportunity that crowd sourcing has to catapult your customer engagement and increase the diversity in the way Field Medical teams operate

Stan Tsvirko Head, Medical Affairs Innovation Lab Novartis

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Evolve your Medical congress strategy to maximize engagement and allow your MSLs to continue gathering meaningful insights in the digital era

  • Congresses provide a great opportunity for Medical Affairs teams. How to continue enabling Medical leaders to meet new KOLs and share important information whilst online
  • Plan ahead of time: develop an engagement plan ahead of a congress by knowing what you want to MSLs to achieve and in turn extract the richest insights
  • Upscale your on-demand Medical content to continue creating impact and achieving your scientific objectives
  • The “On-Demand MSL”: Assess the value of novel digital solutions to meet HCP needs

Melissa Levy Director, Medical Engagement & Scientific Communications GSK

Laura Engles-Horton Director, Medical Affairs Training Bayer

Moderator: Gokul Gopalan VP, Global Medical Affairs Vertex

Harness digital tools, enrich your medical insights

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study The HCP horizon: Widen audience reach and elevate Medical authority with social media

  • Discover how Eli Lilly employed a novel social media strategy to drive awareness of Medical information, Medical education and the latest scientific data.
  • Reactive and proactive: raise HCP awareness at congresses while effectively navigating compliance requirements
  • Use social listening to identify HCP conversation trends and provide the information that customers want

Riley Kim Global Medical Affairs Digital Strategy Eli Lilly

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Demystify Artificial Intelligence: What really works in the analysis of Medical Insights?

  • See how Pfizer effectively and pragmatically use artificial AI to gain actionable Medical Insights from HCP interactions
  • Beyond the buzz. Learn what works, what doesn’t work and how AI can help you deliver more informed actions from your Medical Insights analysis

Roy Palmer Medical Innovation & Effectiveness Lead Pfizer

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Transform your Medical Affairs function with a digitally enabled omni-channel strategy

  • Generate an effective omni-channel strategy that can enable enhanced, evidence-based decision making
  • Your closed-feedback loop: Deliver actionable insights from every engagement point to further optimize physician experience and enhance their interactions with patients
  • Next generation engagement: utilize your strategy to deliver personalized content to the right stakeholders going forward
  • How to navigate global and local restrictions to deliver industry leading omni-channel excellence

Paul O'Grady Global Oncology Scientific Communications & Strategy Head GSK

Moderator: Stacey Gorski Head of Medical Excellence, US Oncology AstraZeneca

Lead the way: The strategy and skills of Medical

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study: Pandemic and beyond: Specialize your MSL team to ensure they keep pace through current and future landscapes

  • Empower your MSL team with specialized training to adopt the deep knowledge needed to enhance clinical practice in relation to their therapeutic area
  • Enhance scientific exchange: Execute on an effective engagement plan that can enrich the generation and dissemination of evidence
  • Learn from ASC Therapeutics on how they specialized their MSLs to interact with the right KOL and thus improve outcomes in the space of rare diseases

Oscar Segurado Chief Medical Officer ASC Therapeutics

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Fireside Chat The modernized MSL strategy: Envision the evolution of Medical Affairs

  • Understand how the core medical roles are changing going forward and how this will impact wider external engagement strategy across the business
  • Driving value: A guide to the essential skills MSLs must have to stand out to physicians
  • Learn from AstraZeneca as they reimagine their medical roles to optimize insights, diversify clinical trials and create value for patients

Camille Hertzka VP, Head of Oncology, US Medical AstraZeneca

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Move from generalized to personalized content to maximize on every HCP and KOL engagement opportunity

  • The right channels, the right time: Learn how Pfizer first gained clear understanding of their audience segments to enable dynamic content provision
  • Understand how to incorporate the value of storytelling in the ways you communicate, to prevent physicians from feeling “zoomed out” and develop long-lasting relationships

Vaibhav Katkade Global Therapeutic Area Lead Pfizer

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel New world, new skills: transfigure your engagement strategies with new skills and capabilities

  • Understand how digital advancements have impacted the role of MSLs and what new competencies are now required to keep up with the competitive landscape
  • Utilize digital resources to best train your Field Medical team on how to personalize HCP engagement strategies and approach the next generation of physicians and researchers
  • Drive a digital culture change: Upskill and retrain your MSLs for emerging digital roles and responsibilities to optimize insight generation and maximize the value of Medical Affairs

Anne Wiland Global Head, Oncology Medical Excellence Novartis

Ike Ogbaa Senior Medical Affairs Leader- Renal Specialty Care GSK

Larry Stern Director, Digital Innovation US Medical Affairs Merck

Reprioritize for actionable patient centricity

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study A new eco-system for actionable patient centricity

  • Case study: Learn how Pfizer Oncology collaborated with 45+ advocacy organizations to create their Patient Centric Ecosystem (POPCE)
  • How Pfizer worked with patient networks to identify gaps in the cancer care system to build a new foundational infrastructure that is centered around the patient
  • Catalyze ongoing dialogues with diverse advocacy leaders to deliver on patient- centric practices for all patient demographics
  • Transform patient centricity from a program or policy into a cultural mindset that embeds patient experience into all activities

Marianne Gandee VP, Patient Solutions & Alliances, Oncology Pfizer

Shelley Fuld Nasso CEO National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Partnerships post-COVID: Our pathway to a truly patient-centric industry?

  • Discuss how pharma can apply lessons learned during COVID-19 vaccine collaboration to identify opportunities for transformative cross-industry pharma partnerships
  • Identify synergistic opportunities for companies to work together pre- and post-launch to benefit patient communities and reduce research burdens

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Patient services aren’t fit for purpose: Reinvent your function to meet new patient expectations

  • Case study: How Novartis are reimagining patient services at an organizational level to ensure patient needs are best met
  • Explore how patient services teams can envision and execute new strategy so that patient-centric action can be pulled through to all aspects of PSP design and outreach
  • Review where decision-making on key investments sits to streamline workstreams around patient needs

Eden Wells VP & Head, Patient & Specialty Services Novartis

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Develop patient centricity mindsets among your sales teams to build trust and gather patient insights

  • Case study: Learn how Genentech’s Field Leadership Advisory Group has transformed internal narratives and improved trust building between sales reps and customers
  • Empower sales reps with early training on the patient journey to enable them to better resonate with HCPs and support patients in accessing products
  • Capitalize on this valuable channel for insights gathering to deepen learnings across patient-centric workstreams

Kathleen Hill Oncology Therapeutic Area Manager & Field Leadership Advisory Group Genentech

Venu Vittaladevuni Director, Patient Engagement & Field Leadership Advisory Group Genentech

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Patient centricity’s state of play – what has pharma actually achieved?

  • Shifting patient centricity from mission statement to business-wide action has been a core focus of many pharma companies over previous years – has our approach served pharma and patients as much as hoped?
  • Identify the greatest areas of investment and review where ROI can best be demonstrated and increased going forward
  • Discuss whether transformational Chief Patient Officer roles have established sustainable models for patient centricity, or if a new strategy for patient-directed workstreams is due
  • Set whole-company priorities for in 2022 and beyond, and understand what is most critical to ensuring patient satisfaction and improved outcomes

Keri Yale Head, Patient Affairs & Engagement Boehringer Ingelheim

Hazel Moran VP, Global Patient Insights & Advocacy EMD Serono

Laurie Meyers Executive Director, Engagement & Experience Design Genentech

Ashley Lora Eczema Patient Advocate

Empower patients in the age of inequity and misinformation

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Advance health equity by amplifying and embedding minority patient voices throughout healthcare

  • Support the growing visibility of underrepresented groups in healthcare by investing in programs that encourage diverse leadership in patient advocacy and among HCPs
  • Acknowledge and address historical mistrust of pharma among minority patient groups by championing diverse voices within
  • Prioritize an inside-out approach by tackling internal unconscious biases in hiring practices, and ensure patient teams and stakeholders are diverse across the value chain

Patrice Matchaba, MD Head, US Corporate Responsibility at Novartis and President, Novartis US Foundation Novartis

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Seize the moment! Embrace patient enthusiasm for pharma collaboration to drive co-creation

  • Respond to new patient openness towards working with pharma and create critical opportunities for patients to collaborate across the value chain
  • Learn how to embed the patient voice in key workstreams through long-term and proactive co-creation strategies
  • Establish iterative feedback processes to ensure that company strategy adapts to changes in patient needs and delivers real value to communities

Lisa Shea Director, Scientific Patient Engagement Research Leader Janssen

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Healthcare’s most -trusted source? Champion patient empowerment in the age of misinformation

  • Patients have never been more autonomous and hold unprecedented power as an industry stakeholder, while navigating health information online is more precarious than ever before
  • Review the impact of shifts in the pharma-patient dynamic and the increasing role of patient/industry collaboration on the wider healthcare continuum
  • Empower diverse patient groups with a contextualized approach to engagement that takes social determinants of health and historic distrust of medical authority into account
  • Prioritize partnerships with minority HCP and patient leaders to ensure accurate information is front and center for all patient demographics

Camille Hertzka VP, Head of Oncology, US Medical AstraZeneca

Trellis Usher Patient Experience SME, DEI Strategist & Advocate Nova Health Labs

Frank Spinelli Medical Director, US Patient Affairs ViiV Healthcare

Digital patient touchpoints – know and meet yours

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Solve your adherence data gap with real-time digital insights

  • Harness digital data held by non-dispensing online pharmacies to better understand the patient prescription journey
  • Gain real-time insights on why patients are or aren’t adhering to therapies, and the prevalence of adherence barriers faced by patients
  • Redefine patient support services and develop targeted strategies that can successfully intervene to ensure adherence is upheld

Scott Simpson SVP, Pharmaceutical Partnerships BlinkHealth

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Ensure accessibility for all patients: Achieve digital equity to provide universal patient support

  • Understand what digital equity and accessibility is and why it is so important for the future of patient-centric practice
  • Learn how task forces comprising stakeholders from pharma, big tech and health bodies (including WHO) are convening to address the impact of digital inaccessibility on health outcomes
  • See how simple adjustments to your customer-facing digital touchpoints can increase access and engagement for patients and other stakeholder groups across the business

Stephen Framil Enterprise Digital Governance - Founder & Associate Director Merck

Melissa Penn Deputy Director of Advocacy Bayer

Anthony Stephens Director of Development & Communications American Council of the Blind

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Reimagine the patient experience and maximize digital engagement

  • Explore strategies around re-designing your current PSP programs
  • Share insights around operationalizing your strategy
  • Create digitally inspired channels to personalize HCP and patient engagement

Vashti Gray Patient Support Program Lead for the Oncology Business Unit Takeda

Justin McCabe Patient Marketing Lead for the Oncology Business Unit Takeda

Overcoming market misalignment to deliver faster access

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Increase patient access now. Address out of pocket costs.

  • Why we are cutting list prices to guarantee affordable access for patients – but payers have to meet us halfway
  • How to negotiate with health systems to ensure formulary access and lower costs for patients at the pharmacy counter

Break free of old processes and boost patient access

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Facilitate increased access and adherence by reducing patient and HCP burden

  • How to work within the confines of increased utilization management as payers strengthen their influence on providers
  • Provide better support pathways for providers through your field re-imbursement teams as they help overcome HCPs administrative burden

Rob Truckenmiller VP & Head of GSK US Market Access GSK

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Launch is too late: Why pharma execs should rethink evidence generation strategies to support the coming wave of precision therapies

  • Understand how payers, IDNs, and HCPs are evolving their approaches to value-assessment, access, and contracting
  • Consider the kinds of data and evidence that can best support outcomes-based contracts
  • Learn what some progressive biopharmaceutical companies are doing to succeed with outcomes-based contracts

Brandi Greenberg VP, Market Strategy & Customer Insight Optum

Solomon Banjo Managing Director, Life Sciences Research Advisory Board

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Reassess your HCP and patient journeys for better service implementation

  • Improve patient enrollment by finding the most important points in provider and patient journeys for new service initiatives
  • Ensure your service’s target and solve real-world patient unmet needs, not business needs, through a complete understanding of patient pain points
  • Evaluate key initiatives you can introduce, or strengthen – from FRMs to support channels - that reduce administrative burden and allow HCPs more time with patients

Dane Hartung Senior Director, Market Access Marketing Acceleron

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study How to adopt a customer experience mindset in Market Access to create more informed engagement with stakeholders

  • How to work within the confines of increased utilization management as payers strengthen their influence on providers
  • Provide better support pathways for providers through your field re-imbursement teams as they help overcome HCPs administrative burden
  • Develop new education materials for HCPs to increase their effectiveness in getting medicines to patients

Erica Paine Director, Value & Market Access Chiesi USA

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study How ViiV successfully deployed specialist payer science liaisons with clinical and formulary expertise to upgrade their payer engagement

  • A strong value proposition: Why ViiV launched their PSL pilot to focus on access decision makers and key characteristics for increased payer reception and engagement impact
  • How ViiV effectively leveraged their PSLs to facilitate pre and post-approval decisions
  • Use of PSL as clinical trainers for strengthening market access teams ability to engage with their stakeholders

Debra Kronschnabel Director, NA Medical Scientists & Global Medical Capability ViiV Healthcare

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Your role in clearly articulating value to successfully maneuver the market landscape

  • How to ensure access to treatment; balance multiple stakeholders, maximize engagement and deliver on your social responsibility
  • Answering key payer and healthcare system questions: Ensure high-impact communication when telling pharma’s, and your products, value story
  • Anticipate new healthcare market trends in an era of unrecognized change to make sure unmet needs are being addressed

Reg Waldeck VP, Oncology Market Access Strategy Leader Bayer

Indranil Bagchi SVP, Global Head, Value & Access, Oncology Novartis

Reimbursement redefined

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Insurance Design, Financial Toxicity and Affordable Access: Who’s paying the Price?

  • Data trends: Key stats on health plan premiums, deductibles, co-insurance and patient access
  • Scientific Analysis: Research on the relationships between patient cost-sharing, adherence and health outcomes
  • Affordable Access: Understanding patient out-of-pocket costs, causes and consequences
  • Paths Forward: Aligning all stakeholders around clinically-driven payment reform and value-based insurance designs

Ulrich Neumann Director, Market Access Scientific & External Strategy Janssen

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel Navigating specialty access and reimbursement landscapes without any analogues

  • How to understand what data payers are looking for, and what they should be looking at, in submissions for first-to-market therapies
  • Payers want a ‘willing participant in negotiating an optimal contract’ – a discussion into value, outcomes, and discount-based contracts that meet payer needs and increase access
  • Educate payers on the scientific and economic value props of your therapy to help them better understand long-term value of approving access

Oren Hershkovitz CEO ENLIVEX

Lung-I Chen Head of Global Value & Access, Cell Therapies Takeda

From Medical to beyond: Realize the true value of RWE across your organization

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Generate meaningful evidence from broad, vast data sets

  • Navigate through unstructured data and free text to your "needle in the haystack", using AI technology and machine learning analysis methods
  • Expand data science capabilities internally to source meaningful evidence from large RWD sets and translate it across the company
  • Work smart with data providers to navigate and narrow down large data sets, while also exploring new data channels

Paul Petraro Global Head, RWE Analytics CoE Boehringer Ingelheim

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Case Study Increase data quality, trust and buy-in to realize the true value of RWE

  • Learn how technology, tools and internal processes are improving the quality of insights/evidence generation from RWD, and the opportunities and considerations this presents for Medical professionals
  • Assess the current state of buy-in and trust in RWE cross-functionally, the shifts in mindsets occurring company-wide, and how you can foster a decision-making infrastructure that gives weight and value to RWE, with Medical at its helm
  • Explore the future of hybrid approaches to the still "gold standard of RCTs, coupled with RWE, and its implications for the processes behind, and execution, of evidence generation strategies

Kelly Zou Head of Global Medical Analytics & Real World Evidence Viatris

00:00am – 00:000am (EST)

Panel RWE and Medical Affairs: the strategic roles in product optimization from the early stage to post launch

  • Identify the crucial real-world evidence needed during the different stages of product development for awareness of disease burden and product approval
  • Maximise the value of Field Medical: Reveal the ultimate RWE and Medical collaboration to effectively generate actionable insights and documented evidence for product launch
  • Understand how MSLs can champion their deep understanding of science to become the main coordinators of information, not just on post-approval stages but earlier on in the product lifecycle
  • Successfully identify the right physicians to participate in studies through leveraging your Field team relationships and in turn enhance patient outcomes

Jun Su Senior Medical Director, Global Medical Affairs Astellas

Souhila Ahdjoudj Senior Director, Worldwide Field Medical Excellence - Immunology & Fibrosis Bristol Myers Squibb

Kristen Slangerup Medical Director, Scientific Partnerships AstraZeneca