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Quarter 1 January - March

Building on the success of last year’s ground-breaking virtual series, Reuters Events: Downstream is back for 2021 with the Downstream Learning Week, a week-long series of events featuring live broadcasts, exclusive interviews, interactive briefings, webinars and workshops to help the downstream facility owners start 2021 right and create their own toolkits for success.

The week is a time for owner/operators to take stock and identify, discuss and overcome major upcoming challenges they are facing across construction, operations and supply chains by connecting with world leaders in technology, solutions and unmissable innovations that are maximising downstream ROI in 2021.

With an exclusive segment dedicated to all things SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS, join us as we work with the world’s leading downstream companies to build downstream’s 2021 toolkit for success!

Sessions include:

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management 101 - discover the new tools, approaches, and ways in which you can develop a long-term action plan to tackle and achieve sustainability objectives across your logistics network
  • Your Next Generation Supply Chain - the new innovations set to transform your supply chain user experience & customer centricity
  • Strong and Stable Supply Chain - learn how to optimize logistic costs and get the most value for your dollar in an uncertain business environment, key takeaways from the pandemic and resiliency planning against natural disasters
  • The Visibility Question - key updates of where we are at with the visibility of the petrochemical supply chain & how can we monitor this moving forward - what are the innovative tools in this area to create maximum clarity on shipments?
  • Gain exclusive insights into emerging technology trends set to transform the supply chain in 2021
  • Understand how innovation is changing the game through blockchain, augmented reality, robotics, digital platforms, big data analytics and other applications
  • Grapple with what the digital revolution could mean for the supply chain workforce and how technology can help with sustainability goals
  • Understand how companies are pioneering the visibility issue once and for all
  • Learn how owner operators are applying technology best practices in 2021

Karla Sperati, Associate Director Logistics Technology Center, Dow Chemical Company

Quarter 2 April - June

Info coming soon.

Petrochemical Supply Chain and Logistics USA 2021 will unite the entire Petrochemical, Chemical, LNG & Refining industry. The event will see 1,500+ senior-level supply chain attendees - from the operator, rail, trucking, ocean carrier and supply chain solution & service provider communities - join to benefit from business-critical learning, innovations, and solutions.

As we collectively emerge from an unprecedented period in history and assess the impacts of the pandemic, Petrochemical Supply Chain and Logistics USA 2021 provides the ultimate platform for leading supply chain innovators to traverse this new logistics landscape, that brings with it the need for greater resilience, adherence to increasingly critical sustainability objectives, while maintaining the all-important customer centricity that will ensure that your supply chain can deliver time and time again.

Petrochemical Supply Chain and Logistics USA 2021 guarantees to showcase all the cutting-edge insights and perspectives on how to address the fundamental questions and challenges facing the industry today, so that you can secure a better future for your petrochemical supply chain business tomorrow.

Quarter 3 July - September

During the covid-19 lockdown companies have been forced to adjust the way they work. While online collaboration has become a must, how can the petrochemical supply chain sector adapt this technology and harness the potential of remote operations execution? Added to this, we’re seeing an increased call for diversity & inclusion to be fostered across the sector - why is this such a pertinent issue and how is the industry likely to change?

In this content series focussed on Supply Chain People, join Reuters Events to explore how teams have adapted to the 2020 environment by utilising technologies, project management tools and more, to effectively navigate business change and execute operational excellence at the same time. Get a 360 view on how the workforce is changing and developing for the better.

Quarter 4 October - December

  • Learn how supply chain scenario planning is crucial for a secure future
  • Learn how you can optimize logistic costs and get the most value for your dollar
  • Learn how to improve your continuity plan to prepare for a strong future

Sustainability in the supply chain is increasingly seen among high-level executives as essential to deliver profitability and has replaced monetary cost, value, and speed as the dominant topic of discussion among purchasing and supply professionals. A sustainable supply chain seizes value creation opportunities and offers significant competitive advantages for early adopters and process innovators.

In this webinar series, you’ll learn how a sustainable supply chain seizes value creation opportunities and offers significant competitive advantages for early adopters and process innovators. Not only this, but at a time of rapid change, you’ll learn how sustainability can help build resilience too: meaning that it’s no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have.

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