Highlights from the 2020 agenda

9:15am - 9:30am (EST) DAY 1

No turning back: Our new arsenal for patient-centric change

  • Herald a new era of industry collaboration in response to changing patient needs
  • Identify the new frontiers of patient-centric change and drive improved outcomes
  • Forge a stronger, more resilient health eco-system to transform patient experience and elevate the patient voice

Dara Richardson-Heron Chief Patient Officer Pfizer

9:30am - 9:45am (EST) DAY 1

Making lemonade from lemons: Positive impacts on clinical research in the wake of COVID-19

  • With a heightened emphasis on the development and adoption of site-based alternatives, hear how clinical research is quickly leveraging new approaches and technologies to broaden patient access and address unmet needs
  • Learn how clinical research is addressing potential disparities in patient access and diversity, post-pandemic
  • An inadvertent positive: Explore how the increased focus on clinical research during this crisis has affected public perception

Pablo Graiver VP, Patient Engagement, Digital Strategy Lead IQVIA

Andy Lee SVP, Head of Global Clinical Trial Operations Merck

10:00am - 11:00am (EST) DAY 1

Your scorecard: Patient group feedback to pharma’s COVID-19 response

  • Get direct feedback from patients on what barriers to care have arisen during the pandemic, and how you can best support them in conquering these
  • Learn how pharma’s initial response to COVID-19 has addressed pre-existing and new patient needs
  • Optimize your patient engagement to ensure that unprecedented obstacles to adherence are overcome and key outcomes can be met
  • Discuss what practical next steps can be applied to maintain and enhance your patient services in future crisis periods

Molly MacDonald Chief Executive Officer & Founder The Pink Fund

Lara Bloom CEO The Ehlers Danlos Society

Karen Deitemeyer Patient Advocate US COPD Coalition

Amy Niles EVP Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation

Caitlyn D'Agati Director of Client Services WEGO Health

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12:30pm - 12:45pm (EST) DAY 1

Adapt to address COVID-19 and its ripple effect of delayed diagnoses

  • Uncover how COVID-19 has impacted treatment management for patients, affecting long-term outcomes
  • See how pharma can leverage new technologies to broaden patient access and address unmet needs
  • Learn ways to address potential disparities in patient access and care provision post-pandemic
  • Explore the future of trials in light of increased attention on research during crisis

Michael Petroutsas, R.Ph SVP, US Oncology Business Unit GlaxoSmithKline

2:00pm - 2:15pm (EST) DAY 1

Dynamize your projects with ‘living’ patient-generated data

  • How Fox Insight’s extraordinary ‘living database’ of patient-relevant outcomes (PROs) is transforming Parkinson’s research by revealing patients’ lived experience
  • Learn the secret to motivating tens of thousands of patients to contribute their data and how to become agile in response to changing patient needs
  • Discover novel instruments for translating the richness of the patient experience into quantitative metrics, such as natural language processing

Tara Hastings Senior Associate Director, Research Partnerships and Patient Engagement The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

9:15am - 9:30am (EST) DAY 2

Uninterrupted insight: Convert ad-hoc patient engagements into long-term partnerships

  • Explore how the global internal Patient Centricity Network (FPCN) is increasing transparency and cohesion when building patient group partnerships
  • Establish internal patient stakeholders by collaborating with patients to instate disease-specific Patient Advisory Boards
  • How current COVID-19 education initiatives will support long-term engagement with wider patient cohorts, including centralized resource banks, blogging networks and patient-directed podcasts

Ed Trott Chief Patient Officer Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Barbara Collura President and CEO RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association

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11:15am - 11:30am (EST) DAY 2

One size does not fit all: Personalize patient support through behavioral science

  • Learn how to predict enrolled patient behaviors and design digitally enabled programs educated by these insights
  • Foster greater adherence by creating holistic patient support initiatives that incorporate individual clinical and psychosocial aspects of disorder
  • Tailor information campaigns using real-world insight into individual interactions to achieve greater behavior change

Kalahn Taylor-Clark, PhD, MPH Global Head of Patient Solutions Sanofi

Sylvie Coumel Global Director, Patient Solutions & Outcomes Sanofi

12:00pm - 1:00pm (EST) DAY 2

Interactive roundtable: Engage diverse patient groups to maximize positive health outcomes

  • Explore key barriers to effective relationship-building with Black, Latinx and ethnic minority patient groups, and how to overcome these
  • Discuss what language and outreach is most effective for improving health literacy among diverse patient groups
  • Establish collaborative partnerships with minority-led patient organizations and leading Black patient advocates to gain key insights and build trust
  • Review what available resources can support you in empowering and communicating with diverse patient groups

Maimah Karmo Founder and CEO Tigerlily Foundation

3:15pm - 4:00pm (EST) DAY 1

Disrupt the digital health landscape

  • Surpass competitors with a holistic digital approach that prioritizes patient experience to support adherence and optimize outcomes
  • Key predictions on how patient needs will develop in the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’
  • Set KPIs that integrate key insights and data collection to ensure patient needs are addressed

Saleem Hussaini Head of Patient Services IT Biogen

Saket Malhotra Head of Patient Insights & Healthcare Data Science Takeda

Melinda Decker Chief Commercial Officer Mymee

Lilly Stairs Founder and CEO Patient Authentic

Stephanie Bach Director of User Experience Medullan

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2:00pm - 2:15pm (EST) DAY 2

Utilize data-driven insights to integrate the patient perspective across the drug development continuum

  • Adopt a patient-focused medicines development approach to enable evidence-based decision-making and prioritization through all stages of development
  • How Astellas is convening a multidisciplinary faculty of global experts to uncover some of the most common patient and caregiver issues
  • Collaborate with patients, caregivers and HCPs to compare patients’ social and emotional factors against the big data view of care pathways
  • Leverage validated scales, surveys and other assessments to identify solutions to unmet needs and advance outcomes in the real-world environment

Anthony Yanni SVP and Global Head Patient Centricity Astellas Pharma

Reuters Events' Pharma & Patient USA 2021 · Day 4 · December 4, 2020

9:00am - 10:00am (EST) DAY 4


Workshop: Improving patient adherence and engagement in the clinical stage of Pharmaceutical development

This interactive workshop will explore:

  • Review of the literature, app features to increase engagement, industry examples
  • Latest technology trends for clinical trials
  • Real-world examples and practices
  • Break-out discussions focused on current experiences

Speakers include:

  • Adam Gabrault, EVP, Healthcare & Life Science, SoftServe
  • Mariya Boychuk, Business Analyst, Healthcare & Life Science, SoftServe

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10:00am - 11:00am (EST) DAY 4

Snow Companies

Workshop: The patient ready panel

This interactive workshop will explore:

  • Hear from your peers how they anchored their brands within the patient community
  • Discuss how a patient landscape analysis helps optimize investment decisions
  • Exchange ideas of where companies should be headed to remain or become patient ready

Speakers include:

  • Chemelle Evans, EVP, Snow Companies
  • Molly Scarbrough, Associate VP, Snow Companies
  • Kip Cross, Director, Customer Engagement, Kite Pharma
  • Christina Zhao, Associate Director, Marketing, Alnylam

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1:00pm - 2:00pm (EST) DAY 4


Workshop: Leverage remote patient-generated data

This interactive workshop will explore:

  • How using innovative technology and patient-centric design processes has revolutionized our understanding of the patient journey
  • Discover new insights that remote patient-generated data has uncovered about the patient journey
  • Explore what new possibilities are emerging for patient-centric workstreams based on this new understanding of the patient experience
  • Integrate patient analytics in your strategy to improve brand performance and superior field execution

The session will be led by:

  • Todd Greenwood, Director of Client Solutions, Medullan
  • Tom Mallick, Senior Manager, Digital Strategy, Medullan
  • Lauren Wilson, Digital Strategist, Digital Strategy, Medullan

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