A snap-shot of 2020’s agenda

Keynote Sessions – Driving patient-led change in the new normal

9:15am–9:30am (BST)Tuesday

Changing the business as usual within pharma:

  • Avoid assumptions by truly listening to patients and attaining their core priorities and needs
  • Defy traditional pharma mindsets by establishing equal partnerships with all stakeholders
  • Create equality in relationships between disease experience experts, medical experts and research experts

Camilla Krogh Lauritzen Chief Patient Officer LEO Pharma

Julie Breneiser Executive Director Gorlin Syndrome Alliance

9:30am–10:00am (BST)Tuesday

Medical affairs leadership in patient engagement: A paradigm shift for increased shared value

  • Create more fulfilling patient organisation partnerships by including them in medical affairs strategic planning from the start
  • How medical affairs teams can co-create with patient organisations across the value chain to aid PSP design, consent form input, phase IV protocol design and RWE generation
  • A framework for medical affairs to lead cross functional work under an overarching medical goal

Isabelle Bocher-Pianka Chief Patient Affairs Officer Ipsen

10:00am–10:45am (BST)Tuesday

Use real-world evidence to prove that the patient way is the only way

  • Empower the patient voice and convert the laggards by demonstrating to internal leadership ROI with measured real-world outcomes
  • Find the balance between business value and patient value with a model that doesn’t rely solely on KPIs to define success

Andras Fehevary Former-Executive Director, Advocacy Relations Amgen

10:45am–11:45am (BST)Tuesday

Panel: A new patient engagement framework for the new normal

  • When there is crisis there is opportunity. How to work with executive leadership to ensure virtual transformations and re-emergence strategies are patient-centric
  • Provide patients with reassurance and guidance in real-time by working with payers to design ‘virtual hospitals’
  • Maximise implementation and use of telehealth, by selecting patient-friendly communication platforms
  • Ensure agile patient engagement by harnessing remote insights to predict and understand quickly changing patient needs

Mario Torbado Director, Patient Advocacy, Spain Pfizer

Wendy Erler Vice President, Patient Experience & Advocacy Alexion

Danilo Pagano Vice President, Digital & Customer Engagement Lundbeck

Mark Duman Chief Patient Officer MDHealth

Session 1 – design PSPs that deliver for patients

11:45am–12:45pm (BST)Tuesday

Panel: How to reach and educate a wider range of patients with an agile social media strategy

  • Social media moves pretty fast. Stop and look around once in a while to engage target patient populations more accurately on appropriate platforms
  • Improve trial enrolment by engaging with a wider range of the patient population, including those beyond the traditional realm of insight
  • Explore how to navigate compliance whilst creating two-way communication and gaining maximum patient insight from social channels
  • Capture true patient voice with social listening and avoid assumptions

Marie Ennis O'Connor Writer Patient Empowerment Foundation

Carole Scrafton Co-Founder & Patient Expert FibroFlutters

Manu Field Lead, Social Media Strategy Roche

Danilo Pagano Vice President, Digital & Customer Engagement Lundbeck

12:45pm–1:30pm (BST)Tuesday

One size does not fit all: Personalise patient support through behavioural science

  • Learn how to predict enrolled patient behaviours and design digitally enabled programmes educated by these insights
  • Foster greater adherence by creating holistic patient support initiatives that incorporate individual clinical and psychosocial aspects of disorder
  • Tailor information campaigns using real-world insight into individual interactions to achieve greater behaviour change

Sylvie Coumel Global Director, Patient Solutions & Outcomes Sanofi

Kalahn Taylor-Clark, PhD, MPH Global Head of Patient Solutions Sanofi

1:30pm–2:15pm (BST)Tuesday

Panel: Health literacy: From members only to all inclusive

  • Encourage greater adherence and improve real-world outcomes by championing patients to effectively self-manage their own care
  • How to engage with patients on how to best communicate in “patient-friendly” language and empower the wider community
  • Let patient education initiatives thrive in the new normal with novel virtual approaches

Lori Hall Global Director, Health Literacy Eli Lilly

Richie Castles Lead, Patient Engagement ACE Region Gilead Sciences

Seb Tucknott Co-founder & Patient Advocate IBDrelief

Craig Mills Director, Group Managing Frontera

2:15pm–2:30pm (BST)Tuesday

Be the trusted partner: Move from ad hoc to continuous patient dialogue

  • Ensure treatments remain patient-focused at every stage of the lifecycle by creating a two-way feedback loop with patient groups after initial engagement
  • Attain deeper insight into the patient experience through the formation of long-term strategic partnerships built on trust

Cristian Perez Head, Patient Advocacy & Communications, Oncology Takeda

2:30pm–3:00pm (BST)Tuesday

Personalised healthcare: truly understand the patient to deliver unique care

  • Master regional, cultural and psychosocial factors to gain a holistic view of patient care and priorities
  • Empower patients to make them active partners in their care by sharing PRO findings
  • Create an integrated patient journey map which also harnesses caregiver and doctor voices

Ilaria Piubelli Global Lead, Personalised Services Takeda

Interactive Roundtables – Block 1 (15:00)

Activate patients to self-manage their own care and champion adherence

Tim Ringrose CEO Cognitant

Annie Buckland Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient

Patient-preferred trial design: lessons from COVID-19

Trishna Bharadia Patient Expert & Advocacy Champion

Health, data, sovereignty, control & privacy in the new normal

Richard Stephens Patient Advocate

Session 2 – Build partnerships that stand the test of time

9:15am–10:15am (BST)Wednesday

Engage with patients from A to Z: Key actions that truly center patients

  • Listen, translate: Why understanding patient needs starts with hearing their challenges and how to identify internal gaps to progress together
  • Co-create, measure: Work together to ensure activities are patient-owned and patient-led by prioritizing ongoing dialogue and alignment via patient advisory boards

Pascale Cavillon Global Director, Patient Centricity Ipsen

Monika Benson Executive Director Dystonia Europe

10:15am–11:00am (BST)Wednesday

Panel: Create real working relationships with patient groups by aiding them to build capacity

  • Create scalable research and engagement opportunities by reinforcing the operational capacity of patient organisations
  • Support patient groups to prosper by aiding them with everything from remote work training to patient advocate skills development
  • Case study: Understand how the PFMD has built a multi-stakeholder training platform to enhance capabilities of patients and industry

Nicholas Brooke Executive Director Patient Focused Medicines Development

Veronica Foote Head, Patient Relations & Communications, Oncology Novartis

Zsofia Bakonyi Senior Manager, Partnerships European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries & Associations

Teresa Ferreiro Patient Advocate & RePharma Patient Champion 2019

Sue Saville Journalist / Presenter

11:00am–11:15am (BST)Wednesday

Case study: A simple and consistent patient engagement approach to build long-lasting relationships in rare diseases

  • Listen in a systematic way to the patient groups and increase understanding and transferability of existing best practices led by patient groups
  • Gather insights on every aspect of what it’s like to live with a specific condition
  • Find common shared ground between groups and build tailored programs within lifecycle activities

Vanessa dos Reis Ferreira Head Patient Advocacy Europe Santhera Pharmaceuticals

Emily Crossley Co-Founder Duchenne UK

11:15am–12:00pm (BST)Wednesday

Co-create from end-to-end: from inspiration through development

  • Truly listen to patients and carers’ needs to create endpoints which deliver for patient priorities
  • Meet real-world needs of patients and carers by ensuring co-creation of app development from end-to-end
  • Keep HCPs and carers informed automatically through the creation of real-world data of cognitive function

Liz Clark Vice Presient, Medical Affairs Norgine

Phil Spalding Patient Expert

Interactive Roundtables – Block 2 (12:00pm)

How to move from ad-hoc to continuous dialogue with patients

Sarah Griffiths Lead, Communications, Patient Engagement Oxford PharmaGenesis

Alan Thomas Founder & Voluntary CEO Ataxia & me

Digital patient engagement best practise

Richard Stephens Patient Advocate

A value based approach to patient engagement that demonstrates ROI

Cecile Tardy-Srinivasan Patient Expert & Digital Health Transformation Catalyst Bambooster

Session 3 – Scaling a patient-centric structure in R&D

1:00pm–1:30pm (BST)Wednesday

Case study: An open innovation framework increasing patient involvement in European clinical trials - EU-PEARL

  • How EU-PEARL will incorporate patient insight into clinical trial design whilst offering accelerated enrolment
  • Competitive collaboration as the new normal: A new framework for multi-company platform trials
  • How Integrated Research Platforms (IRPs) will bring together data networks and statistical consistency to enhance evidence generation quality

Valentina Strammiello Senior Manager, Programmes EPF

1:30pm–2:15pm (BST)Wednesday

Panel: A patient preferred trial is a digital trial

  • Streamline patient recruitment and improve data quality using eConsent to empower patients to make informed decisions
  • Improve patient compliance and retention using data-driven protocols led by AI
  • 24/7 communication: Use virtual platforms to communicate with study participants in real time

Eliana Triggiani Associate Director, Innovations, Research & Development AstraZeneca

Frederique Goulart Director, Digital Solutions Novartis

Maya Zlatanova CEO FindMeCure

2:30pm–2:45pm (BST)Wednesday

Successful approaches to clinical research in a changing world

  • Importance of successful of collaboration with patients during COVID-19 and other worldwide societal changes
  • Sharing learnings from our Patient Advisory Council on improving access to and experiences in clinical research
  • Detailing how Decentralized Clinical Trials can provide customized solutions for patients who want to participate in clinical research from home

Rosamund Round Vice President, Patient Innovation Center and Decentralized Trials Parexel

2:45pm–3:30pm (BST)Wednesday

Translate R&D Protocols into the real world

  • Support both clinical development and real-world use of therapies, harnessing conversational AI and digital capabilities
  • Understand how Jannsen’s DEEP services has demonstrated value by defining patient priorities early in the R&D phase
  • Generate evidence and show differentiation using novel digital speech-based biomarkers

Kai Langel Director, R&D Operations & Innovation Janssen

3:30pm–4:15pm (BST)Wednesday

Panel: Now is the moment: Decentralise your trials to accelerate timelines and improve retention

  • Lessen the patient burden of trial participation by removing physical site barriers using telehealth and remote monitoring / engagement tools
  • Enhance trial evidence credibility by facilitating greater participation from BAME patients through eased enrolment
  • Understand study design and regulatory pathways to tailor a hybrid trial model best suited for you

Lu Zheng Senior Director & Head, Global Patient Services Takeda

Sam Hariry Head of Clinical Innovation Novartis

Uli Broedl Head, Global Clinical Operations

Maya Zlatanova CEO FindMeCure

4:15pm–4:30pm (BST)Wednesday

Uninterrupted insight: Convert ad-hoc patient engagements into long-term partnerships

  • Explore how the global internal Patient Centricity Network (FPCN) is increasing transparency and cohesion when building patient group partnerships
  • Establish internal patient stakeholders by collaborating with patients to instate disease-specific Patient Advisory Boards
  • How current Covid-19 education initiatives will support long-term engagement with wider patient cohorts, including centralized resource banks, blogging networks and patient-directed podcasts

Ed Trott Chief Patient Officer Ferring

Barb Collura President & CEO Resolve

4:30pm–4:45pm (BST)Wednesday

Innovating partnerships to provide patient-centric support

  • From lab to lifestyle: learn how you can use the latest innovations to create solutions to serve patient
  • Consider all aspects of patient’s lives to gain a holistic understanding of individual patient needs
  • Understand now the ‘new normal’ has created further layers of difficulty for patients, and how you need to adapt to accommodate for this

Matt Shaulis President, Inflammation & Immunology for International Developed Markets Pfizer

On-demand offering:

From Patient-Centric to Patient-Driven Trials

  • Put patients in the driving seat to ensure you meet evolving patient needs and give them freedom to make informed choices of their own
  • Work with different stakeholders with disparate priorities to deliver on patients’ evolving needs

Valeria Nicoli-Carr Vice President, Patient Engagement mdgroup

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