US Offshore Wind

Free online virtual conference·June 1-2, 2021

WindLink: Supply Chain Matchmaking Service.

*Free for developers, EPCs, OEMs, speakers and sponsors

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Start building Partnerships & Joint Ventures in US offshore wind using Brella, our preferred user-friendly event matchmaking app.

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What is it?

We call it WindLink. It’s our brand-new event matchmaking service, powered by the Brella. It allows you to schedule a time and place for your business development meetings during the US offshore wind conference. People who have used this app say they get 80% more B2B meetings compared to using email.

How does it work?

It’s incredibly simple. Download the Brella app from your app store, sign in using our event join code, and the app will automatically match you to other attendees based on what you’re looking for and what you offer. Or you can simply browse the attendee profiles, message each other and suggest meetings.

  1. Build your profile
    Add your photo, custom pitch, social media links and more. Display what you seek, and what you offer!
  2. Browse top matches
    Brella offers you matches based on what you’re looking for and what you offer. You can browse other profiles and send meeting requests.
  3. Book 1:1 meetings
    Select a time, send a meeting request and secure a many meetings as you need.
  4. Manage your event schedule
    View your event schedule, reschedule meetings easily, chat with delegates.

Download Brella from Google Play or the App Store

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Browse your matches like this…

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