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John Dalton President Power Advisory

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Bruce K. Carlisle Managing Director Offshore Wind Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

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Henrik Stiesdal

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Judy Chang Undersecretary of Energy Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Unlock $billions of investments in US Offshore Wind

Your gateway into US offshore wind markets is here. Reuters Events US Offshore Wind (USOW) event series will unleash US offshore wind's true potential in 2022, placing it at the heart of America's aggressive green recovery and build-back-better infrastructure plan.

Entering its 7th year, USOW has grown into America's largest networking hub for businesses that are looking to invest, find partners and secure contracts in multi-billion dollar US offshore wind projects. Moreover, our events have become the world's stage for industry-defining policy updates on US OCS leasing and permitting activity. 

The US offshore wind industry boom, projected to generate nearly 30 GW of power in seven East Coast states by 2030, presents a $70 billion CAPEX revenue opportunity to businesses in the U.S. supply chain. However, it doesn't stop there. 2000 GW of offshore wind resource remains untapped.

With such unrealized potential and a clear need for rapid industry expansion under the Biden administration's target of 30 GW by 2030, our events will everything you need to know about US offshore wind policy and markets for both the east and west coasts. Our physical and virtual events and content offerings will resolve development bottlenecks and facilitate a multitude of supply chain matchmaking activity. Helping you to meet every major developer, investor, contractor, supplier, manufacturer, policy maker, and key stakeholders.

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Key reasons to attend

  1. US Offshore wind is changing gear from momentum to action: after a decade of building momentum, now is the time to accelerate your project in offshore wind as green recovery takes to the fore
  2. Lock in your place as the preferred project partner and grow market share: ensure you win state bids and secure the right suppliers in your supply chain by amplifying your position in the market
  3. Commercialize Floating and Wind + Hydrogen technologies to unleash project value: explore hybridized options to unleash project value and success.
  4. Secure market share in the US offshore wind supply chain: build a world leading supply chain to secure market share; partnerships are happening now so don’t miss your opportunity
  5. Drive economic opportunity throughout the heart of the USA: lock in the developers and supply chain to support America’s aggressive build-back-better infrastructure plan and clean energy agenda.

We organize collaboration at the highest level to tackle the industry's biggest questions

  • How to develop successful projects? Project Updates & Pipeline — Reliable Project Execution Strategies — Transmission Planning and Grid Connection Optimization — Streamlining Leasing Activity & Procurement Processes — Securing Permits — Financing, Partnering & Risk — Construction & Installation
  • How to build a US offshore wind industry? Federal and State Regulatory Updates — Regional Market Development Strategies — Economic Benefits and Job Creation — Tax Credits and Incentives — Sharing the Ocean — R&D Initiatives — LCOE Reduction
  • How to coordinate the supply chain? Supply Chain Opportunities — Regional Supply Chain Development — Local Content Planning — Workforce Skills & Development — Transmission & Distribution — Marine Logistics & Vessel Capabilities — Ports & Assembly
  • How to choose the right technology? Fixed Foundations Options — Floating Wind Systems (economic and engineering) — Vessel, Barges & CTVs — Alternative Demand: +Hydrogen +Storage +Desalination — O&M — Substations — Cables
  • How to build the workforce? Contracting in US Offshore Wind — Understand the Layers of the Supply Chain — WindLink Supply Chain Matchmaking Service — Partnering & Joint Venture Opportunities — Training & Safety Requirements — Infrastructure Assessments

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Our quality promise to you

It might feel like the USOW event is all about scale, but quality is the key to attendance. We design the program with in-depth feedback from everyone involved at each stage of development. Our NPS feedback survey consistently scores above 85%. See what attendees had to say about the event below.

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