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Jane Sun
Jane Sun
CEO, Group
Glenn Fogel
Glenn Fogel
CEO, Booking Holdings and
Susan Doniz
Susan Doniz
Chief Information Officer, Boeing
Damien Kieran
Damien Kieran
Chief Privacy Officer, Twitter
Yuri Sebregts
Yuri Sebregts
EVP, Chief Technology Officer, Shell
Lori Beer
Lori Beer
Global Chief Information Officer, JP Morgan Chase
Bret Arsenault
Bret Arsenault
Chief Information Security Officer, Microsoft
Tarika Barrett
Tarika Barrett
CEO, Girls Who Code

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Panel discussion: Smart cities

Technology has the potential to transform our urban areas through technologies such as IoT and 5g which can collect and transmit various types of data. Analysis of this data yields valuable insights which power intelligent resource management and delivery of services. This panel will examine how various aspects of a city ranging from utilities and crime detection to education and healthcare can become smart through technology.

Jason Roos
Jason Roos Chief Information Officer King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Panel discussion: Transforming healthcare through technology

Technology can help us all live healthier, happier and longer lives. This diverse panel of healthcare organizations will discuss how technological innovation is revolutionizing drug development, patient care and telehealth.

Carissa Rollins
Carissa Rollins Chief Information Officer United Health Group

Vish Sankaran
Vish Sankaran Global Chief Innovation Officer Walgreens Boots Alliance

Darshak Sanghavi
Darshak Sanghavi Global Chief Medical Officer Babylon Health

Panel discussion: Tech for good: solving the most pressing societal problems through technology

Tech leaders at the forefront of innovation have a pressing responsibility to ensure that technological innovation improves the lives of everyone living on this planet, not just a privileged few. This panel gathers a selection of experts to discuss the intentional design, development and use of digital technologies to help us achieve our collective vision of building a more equitable society.

Monique Morrow
Monique Morrow President and Cofounder Humanized Internet

Dan Sutch
Dan Sutch Director CAST Centre for the Acceleration of Social Technology

Fireside chat: Improving lives through tech

Roshan will discuss what the pandemic has taught us all about the importance of agile development, and about designing with a diverse customer base in mind. As part of this discussion, he will showcase insights and perspectives on lessons learned and how tech can shape our collective future moving forward.

Roshan Navagamuwa
Roshan Navagamuwa Chief Information Officer CVS Health

Blake Dodge
Moderator: Blake Dodge Senior Healthcare Reporter Business Insider


Panel discussion: Cultivating the tech talent of tomorrow

It is the responsibility of today’s tech leaders to cultivate the tech talent of tomorrow, but underrepresented groups including women and girls are still being left out of the fastest-growing and highest-paying jobs in the tech revolution. Education and training is key to levelling the playing field. This panel will delve into interventions from tech leaders, entrepreneurs and NGOs who are working to close the connectivity gap by creating scalable, sustainable platforms and jobs for the youth and women in society.

Tarika Barrett
Tarika Barrett CEO Girls Who Code

Yung Wu
Yung Wu CEO MaRS Discovery District

Panel discussion: Driving growth and efficiency through data & analytics

Companies across a wide range of industries are gathering exponentially increasing volumes of data but only a small fraction of this data is being analyzed to yield insights which transform into actionable insights to drive business decisions. This panel will discuss how data analytics can help businesses optimize their performance to drive growth and efficiency.

Susan Doniz
Susan Doniz Chief Information Officer, Boeing company

David Almeida
David Almeida Chief Strategy & Technology Officer Anheuser-Busch InBev

Panel discussion: Technology in financial services

Financial services is an industry which is ripe for leveraging technology as a competitive advantage. Organizations able to provide faster, more secure, and customer-centric financial services through technological innovation will thrive. This panel gathers a range of expertise across financial technology and operations to discuss how technology is transforming this highly regulated industry.


Panel discussion: Navigating the technology investment landscape

The tech sector spawns the most innovative, disruptive and successful companies in the world, but entrepreneurs must have big visions and be able to execute high growth plans. This diverse panel will reveal the high-quality business training and networking required for startups to successfully navigate the technology investment landscape.

Courtney McColgan
Courtney McColgan CEO Runa

Sebastian Vidal
Sebastian Vidal Chief Innovation Officer Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust

Aly Madhavji
Aly Madhavji Managing Partner Blockchain Founders Fund

Fireside chat: Achieving net zero: leveraging carbon reduction technology to accelerate the energy transition

Yuri Sebregts
Yuri Sebregts EVP, Chief Technology Officer Shell

Trust & Ethics

Panel discussion: AI strategies, narratives, and ethics

Artificial Intelligence is a commonly misunderstood yet hugely powerful technology which will transform our lives in the near future. It is crucial that the stories we tell ourselves and others about AI, as well as the strategies organizations implement to leverage this technology, are transparent, ethical and serve wider society. This panel will gather a range of experts to discuss how algorithmic decision-making systems can be used in a safe, sustainable and ethical way.

Sana Khareghani
Sana Khareghani Head of UK Government Office for AI UK Government

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