Highlights from the 2020 agenda

Keynote Sessions


Fireside Chat: The ‘Moneyball’ Approach

  • How Novo Nordisk is re-imagining it’s diabetes function by traversing the data-abyss with advanced analytics for a more comprehensive commercial strategy
  • Where we need to re-assess our reach and frequency, and field force, models to enable cost-savings, higher engagement and increased commercial performance

Brian Hilberdink SVP, Commercial (Diabetes) Novo Nordisk


5 Ways HCP Engagement Strategies are Changing Commercial Operations

  • What new tools and technology are needed to build trusted HCP relationships and predict next best actions across channels for optimizing new drug launch and distribution
  • Why the new HCP engagement engine facilitates more effective and sustained communication between pharmaceutical sales representatives and HCPs
  • How seamless realtime experiences are impacting HCP engagement in the global pandemic world
  • Why Inbound marketing campaign activities by pharmaceutical representatives, connected and tracked against responding outbound participation activities of HCPs can improve efficiency and insight of HCP  engagement across channels and touchpoints
  • What our pharmaceutical customers are saying about how IT investments are driving their digital transformation strategies now and for the future

Timothy Kirby Senior Director of Solutions Engineering Salesforce

Jennifer Turcotte Pharma/Med Device Industry-Go To Market Lead Salesforce

Peter Coffee VP for Strategic Research Salesforce

Become king of your marketing jungle


Go from brand trials to enterprise-wide roll-out

  • How to map your customers journey and then developing systems that deliver the optimal experience
  • Achieve next-generation customer-centric platforms by identifying infrastructure deficiencies and implementing digital innovations
  • How to establish the long-term viability of company-wide implementation by designing your scalability blueprint - pinpointing roles and capability needs

Kirk Keaffaber Head of Digital Health, Biomedicines Business Unit Eli Lilly


Case study: using real-world insights to turn around a drug’s growth trajectory

  • Understand how precision analytics can be used to pinpoint the exact patient cohorts with declining market share and accurately understand HCP behavior
  • Find out how brand teams can turn insights into prompt action with their field force
  • Follow the story of a heart failure drug with declining market share and see its opportunity for a turnaround

Nishta Giallorenzo Chief Marketing Officer Clarify Health


How to mature brand experience at scale using DesOps & Design Systems

  • Discover how design systems are key to creating great products, by bringing together form and function, whilst accelerating innovation
  • Understand best practices for planning, designing, building, and implementing a design system that will vastly improve the customers experience of your brand

Rahul Avasthy Lead, Digital Transformation & Experience Abbott


Panel: The Digital Culture Club: membership not guaranteed

  • Ensure your digital tools remain fit-for-purpose by bringing a campaign analysis attitude to your investment strategy 
  • Ensure KPIs and metrics remain aligned with evolving customer engagement preferences or risk losing ground to competitors
  • Break silos and mold cross-functional teams to demonstrate digital value and create a more complete customer experience

Tara Stewart VP, Worldwide Engagement Planning & Content Capabilities Bristol-Myers Squibb

Blake Leitch Global Head of Marketing, Biosimilars Biogen

Gizem Ozbay Global Head, Marketing Integrated Abbott

Karan Arora Commercial Chief Digital Officer AstraZeneca

Erik Raper Vice President, Life Sciences Portfolio Lead North Highland


No more wasted investments - align your teams' technical capability with new digital services

  • How to evaluate which MarTech to bring inhouse by identifying your unmet needs and matching with efficiency and cost-saving goals
  • Unite brand teams by making them agile, giving ownership of digital ops, and providing knowledge toolkits for marketing domination

Christopher Nugent Associate Director, Digital Marketing & Strategy Alkermes


Digital engagement: diversifying marketing channels and optimizing reach strategies

  • Scalable content strategies and diverse marketing channels that work
  • Native marketing and a “surround sound” approach to expand pharmaceutical footprint
  • Previously unreachable researchers, physicians, and academics can be driven to your content
  • TrendMD and other tools can significantly expand your marketing means and increase reach

Paul Kudlow Strategic Advisor TrendMD


Case Study: How to build a consistent omnichannel engagement framework

  • Orchestrate your omnichannel symphony: how to ensure interoperability is correctly developed across all channels 
  • Create a best-in-class customer experience with a coherent content strategy that values the engaging and eradicates the generic 
  • No one size fits all: personalize omni approaches by using field team insights to inform creative and segmentation

Julie Kang Executive Director, Customer Engagement Strategy Sandoz


Panel: Position your field force for the future

  • A New Balance in the Force: assess the future of your digital engagements to ensure your field force remains on the light side 
  • The pharma-HCP relationship has changed for good. How to maintain positive momentum within your communities by preserving the current valued culture
  • How to continue getting the most from your salesforce by upskilling and building a mindset that helps to find new ways to connect with customers

Frank Armenante Director, Commercial Execution Novo Nordisk

Chetak Buaria Global Head, Customer Engagement & Channel Evolution Merck Group

Candy Liang Senior Director, Field Strategy and Commercial Ops Akebia Therapeutics