Highlights of 2021’s commercial and marketing strategy-shaping agenda

This year we have added an extra day and reduced the daily hours to accommodate busy schedules and allow for time to connect with industry peers

9:30am – 10:00am (ET)

Opening keynote: Biotech 4.0 - Reimagine your digital future

  • Start your vision from scratch, hear how BioNTech built an entire digital Ecosystem in less than one year, including CRM, MDM, DAM, CMS, MCM/MA, CCaaS, LMS, BI, digital factories and ML/AI services
  • Implemented, trained and kicked off their CRM system within 6-weeks to fully empower their field force
  • Scale your brand globally and understand the required balance between a digital and commercial landscape, what technologies do you need to accomplish this? Create an end-to-end campaign that is fully “Plug and Play” for any product in any country and any region
  • Overcome complexities, define the right governance, structure and foremost people from the outset to meet deadlines.
  • Superfast, data driven decision making to excel customer focus across the organization

Michael Boehler VP, Global Commercial & General Manager BioNTech SE

10:00am – 10:30am (ET)

Keynote: Build your organization’s Innovation engine: Leverage a next-generation operating model to create an environment where innovation can flourish

  • Accelerate innovation by embedding technologists into business teams
  • Deliver value through products and platforms, rather than ‘projects’
  • Empower teams to think big and take risks
  • Focus rigorously on value creation

Daniel Rothman Chief Digital Officer Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma

10:45am – 11:30am (ET)

Panel: Mission data-driven decision-making: how to determine your next best action for every HCP engagement

  • Enable agile decision-making to enable more personalized customer engagement with novel approaches to data privacy and compliance
  • Create the ultimate customer experience by basing your insights on HCP experience rather than brand KPI’s
  • Ensure financial efficiency, prioritize resource allocation to optimize execution and targeting efforts
  • Learn how you can make commercial decisions based on real-time insights to ensure field and marketing strategy makes impressions that count

Bharti Rai VP, Commercial Operations, Data and Analytics Novartis

Madhavi Ramakrishna Global VP, Pharma Commercial Data Analytics & Insights GSK

Samer Ansari Head of Digital & IT Takeda Oncology

Moderator: Theresa Greco Chief Commercial Officer Prognos Health, Inc.

12:45pm – 1:30pm (ET)

Panel: Define your new commercial roadmap to navigate a hybrid future; planning, processes and skills

  • With vaccine rollouts worldwide, change is on the horizon; explore the different approaches to planning your post-lockdown roadmap for hybrid customer engagement
  • Pivot at any point; how to maintain cultural momentum toward more progressive risk attitudes and agile processes / systems
  • Combine F2F, remote, and digital engagement strategies for a comprehensive hybrid go-to-market model that works for the many, not the few
  • Increase standards on addressing HCPs needs with tailored and relevant content and offerings

Chatrick Paul SVP, Head of US Oncology Business Unit (OBU) AstraZeneca

Daphne Earley Senior Director ViiV Healthcare

Gizem Ozbay Global Head, Marketing Integrated Abbott

Susan Dorfman CEO CMI Media Group

10:00am – 10:45am (ET)

Panel: Ready your new virtual salesforce: How to stay ahead of evolving role, skill and capability requirements

  • Meet evolving HCP needs by balancing your virtual versus physical field team interactions with dedicated virtual roles and rep engagement channels  
  • How using customer data profiling to identify specific needs will help educate your field teams hybrid engagement strategy and ensure personalized valued 
  • How to identify digital skill gaps in your existing field teams, gain cultural buy-in even post-pandemic, and ensure a long-term approach to digital rep capability building that equals quickly changing HCP demands with boardroom buy-in  

Frank Armenante Director, Commercial Execution Novo Nordisk

Yvette Leung Associate Director, US Myeloid Marketing Bristol Myers Squibb

Chetak Buaria Global Head, Customer Engagement & Channel Evolution Merck Group

Candy Liang Senior Director, Field Strategy and Commercial Ops Akebia Therapeutics

12:00pm – 1:00pm (ET)

Panel: Deliver the integrated customer journey

  • Amplify customer centricity by looking beyond your brand strategy – digital-centricity will follow suit
  • Close the marketing loop and address the cultural challenge of change, increase internal communications between marketing teams and the salesforce to provide your customer with a holistic end-to-end experience
  • Change the perspective on how engagement is perceived, perfect omni-channel initiatives and timing to meet exponentially growing HCP expectations

Moderator: Elaine Gamble Head, Digital Engagement, CNS Division Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies

Zhen Su MD MBA CEO Marengo Therapeutics

Deepak Tomer Lead, Digital Marketing Eli Lilly

Paulo Amaral Global Digital Lead, Shingrix GSK

Amy Brown CEO and Founder Authenticx

10:00am – 10:45am (ET)

Panel: The future of HCP engagement is here: How to balance your data and analytics capability building approach

  • Monitor and track your HCP’s decision-making process and utilize insights to determine next best action to build a longer lasting relationship
  • Identify the metrics you require to make self-assured decisions that will deliver personalized engagement and experience for your HCP’s
  • Data audit regularly to identify gaps in your insights, this will allow for a more robust marketing and engagement campaign
  • Ensure your CRM provides valuable feedback, gain an understanding of what has been successful in your engagement strategy to determine your next engagement model

John Lineen Lead, Engagement & Channel Planning (Immunology & Cardiovascular Franchises) Bristol Myers Squibb

Saket Malhotra Head of Commercial Information Management & Enablement Ipsen

Erin DeRuggiero CEO TI Health

12:30pm – 1:15pm (ET)

Panel: Enable an agile commercial strategy by incorporating new processes tailored to digital and personalised engagement

  • Implement an MLR operation that allows you to monitor compliance changes in real time and readjust your engagement strategy respectively
  • Reduce time on marketing launches, transcribe content from other business units for reuse and avoid the review process
  • Develop a more agile content process and gain a more personalised engagement edge by analysing new channels entering the market and the compliance and data regulations surrounding them

Christopher Nugent Senior Director, Digital Marketing & Strategy Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals

Pallavi Garg VP, Head of US Marketing Takeda Oncology

Natalie Mancuso General Manager, Digital Komodo Health