2020 Agenda at a Glance

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CASE STUDY - NET Power - Zero Emissions Gas Power Plant Project

  • NET Power’s landmark La Porte Texas plant which promises to capture all its emissions effectively at zero extra cost
  • Get the inside track on the effectiveness of the carbon capture and storage technology (CCS) employed at the plant
  • Learn about NET Powers plans to scale up to a full-sized power plant (300 MW) as soon as 2021 and what that could mean for the future of gas power plant design

NET Power Charlie Bowser CEO NET Power

CASE STUDY - Long Ridge Energy Terminal Case Study: Vertically integrating with natural gas reserves

  • Over the last two years, Long Ridge has been acquiring gas reserves and drilling natural gas wells to supply their power plant
  • Understand how this results in low cost gas supply to your project
  • Learn the key lessons and takeaway’s Long Ridge team made looking back over the vertically integrating process

Long Ridge Energy Terminal Robert Wholey President Long Ridge Energy Terminal

PRESENTATION - PJM Interconnection takes you behind the scenes of the nation’s largest electric grid

  • Hear from one of America’s largest RTO, PJM Interconnection, who operate and manage nearly 25% of the electricity in the US
  • Learn how the fuel mix has changed and how natural gas has impacted the PJM system and wholesale electricity prices

PJM Interconnection Michael Bryson Senior Vice President PJM Interconnection

PRESENTATION - PSEG - Natural Gas Utility Best Practices

  • Understand the mechanism of how Gas Utility companies earn revenue and how that affects their Project Execution
  • Learn about numerous project cancellations in the 1990s due to poor project management practices such as inflated project estimates and see the trend changes and lessons learned in regulations
  • Gain insight about the Oakville gas plant and Ravenswood gas peaker plant

PSEG Sahel Daqamseh Senior Portfolio Manager - Lead Cost & Planning PSEG

CASE STUDY - Duke Energy

  • An Overview of load growth and disruptive technologies in the Electric Generation Industry
  • An Owner’s Perspective of the state of new major Capital Work Execution
  • Leveraging Process and Technology for Productivity

Duke Energy Randy Paulson GM Engineering & Construction for Major Projects Duke Energy

PRESENTATION - Capital Project Delivery Success: What Every Executive Needs to Know to Ensure Predictable Outcomes

  • New paradigms for achieving capital project predictability
  • Advanced work packaging for capital project success
  • Bridging the gap between business and execution risks

Concord Project Technologies Olfa Hamdi CEO Concord Project Technologies

PRESENTATION - Renewable Natural Gas in Combined Heat and Power Applications

  • Renewable Natural Gas Fundamentals - where does it come from and what are the benefits?
  • Delivery methods for renewable natural gas - how does it get to final use locations?
  • Benefits of renewable natural gas when used for Combined heat and power applications

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation Mark Cutshaw Director Generation Chesapeake Utilities Corporation

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation Justin Stankiewicz Business Development Manager Chesapeake Utilities Corporation

PRESENTATION: How Advance Work Packages Effect Craft Productivity

  • Learn from a leading EPC how advance collaborative planning effects productivity in the field.
  • Understand the value of having all stakeholders to a large capital project work together to improve schedule and cost performance

Kiewit Bob Nussmeier Vice President - Energy Group, Business Development Kiewit

PANEL - Expert opinions; the future of investment in the gas industry

  • Gain insight from financial experts on the future of the gas industry from the crucial investment aspect
  • Understand how the low gas prices are affecting investments in the gas industry
  • Learn about the correlation between renewable energy and gas investments

Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis Tom Sanzillo Director of Finance Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

PANEL - How to overcome the challenges surrounding natural gas pipelines

  • Understand how to overcome pipeline challenges such as permitting, site selection and community/government opposition

American Petroleum Institute Paul Hartman Senior Policy Advisor American Petroleum Institute

PRESENTATION - Carbon Trade Markets and Gas Power Plants

  • Looking at the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States
  • Why Natural Gas Plants may wish to support carbon trade markets like RGGI
  • How Independent Power Producers can have a seat at the table

Competitive Power Ventures Tom Rumsey Senior Vice President Competitive Power Ventures

PANEL - Construction and Operations workforce development

  • Unpack the trends in workforce availability in North America
  • Share innovative case histories of major initiatives to secure the next-generation resource and better handle the transition of knowledge from an aging project management workforce
  • Explore what needs to be done at an executive level by Owners and EPCs to promote and sustain the necessary jobs market in North America and prevent major lost opportunities

PRESENTATION - Environmental Sustainability

  • Hear how environmental sustainability and profit can work together
  • Understand how to develop a gas power plant for a sustainable future

PANEL - Going Digital

  • Hear how you can ensure your company stays ahead of the game
  • Understand key digital developments in the gas industry

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