Pioneering ESG Strategies to Deliver Investment Returns

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The Leading Institutional Investor ESG Investment Summit

ESG Investment Europe 2020 is the place European investment professionals attend to strategically plan their ESG integration strategies.

The conversation has moved beyond ‘why integrate ESG’ to a need to share the practical learning that will enable you to unlock ESG as a core tool for assessing risk, opportunity and delivering investment returns. Get serious about ESG data, client communication, skills and team building, shareholder action, and upcoming regulation.

Join your peers for a highly interactive event, featuring 30+ leading executive speakers, eight-panel sessions, six presentations and six exclusive 1-1 interview led by Reuters News.

The ESG Investment Europe Summit 2020 has now finished.

We will be back in 2021! There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in upcoming content, conferences and reports – please enquire here:

Speaker Line-up:

Asoka Woehrmann - Headshot
DWS - Logo

Asoka Woehrmann CEO DWS

Sheila Patel - Headshot
Goldman Sachs - Logo

Sheila Patel Chairman, Asset Management Goldman Sachs

Suni Harford - Headshot
UBS - Logo

Suni Harford President Asset Management UBS

Jeff Ubben - Headshot
Inclusive Capital Partners - Logo

Jeff Ubben Founder, Managing Partner Inclusive Capital Partners

Waqas Samad - Headshot
FTSE Russell - Logo

Waqas Samad CEO FTSE Russell

Martina Cheung - Headshot
S&P Global Market Intelligence - Logo

Martina Cheung President S&P Global Market Intelligence

Janine Guillot - Headshot
Sustainability Accounting Standards Boards (SASB) - Logo

Janine Guillot CEO Sustainability Accounting Standards Boards (SASB)

Meaghan Muldoon - Headshot
BlackRock - Logo

Meaghan Muldoon Global Head of ESG Integration BlackRock

Huw van Steenis - Headshot
UBS - Logo

Huw van Steenis Head of Sustainable Finance Committee UBS

Ben Constable-Maxwell - Headshot
M&G Investments - Logo

Ben Constable-Maxwell Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing M&G Investments

Euan Stirling - Headshot
Standard Life Aberdeen - Logo

Euan Stirling Global Head of Stewardship and ESG Standard Life Aberdeen

Steffen Hoerter - Headshot
Allianz Global Investors - Logo

Steffen Hoerter Global Head of ESG Allianz Global Investors

Neha Coulon - Headshot
JP Morgan - Logo

Neha Coulon Global Head of ESG Solutions JP Morgan

Ian Simm - Headshot
Impax Asset Management - Logo

Ian Simm Founder & CEO Impax Asset Management

Maria Lombardo - Headshot
Invesco - Logo

Maria Lombardo European Head of ESG Client Strategies Invesco

The ESG Investment Europe Summit 2020 has now finished.

We will be back in 2021! There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in upcoming content, conferences and reports – please enquire here:

Delivered Through Four Key Themes

Investment has Evolved. Will You?
  • Strategic Direction and Materiality Client demand, regulation, opportunity and risk are dictating the rapid evolution of ESG financial materiality. Are you moving fast enough? What does progress look like? Get the exclusive insights from industry forerunners, leading asset owners, senior regulators and influential international players.
  • Regulation and Political Drivers Hear direct from senior regulators on their methodology for determining future regulation. Understand the political pressures from around Europe that is fuelling the pace of change. Position yourself to proactively take steps now and stay ahead.
  • ESG Data Clarity Move beyond the ‘why’ and deep dive into the ‘how’. Practical guidance for validating ESG data, instilling trust, and extracting useful decision-making analysis. Know what constitutes good ESG data, where to find it, how to make it comparable, and how to communicate the insights.
  • Asset Management Strategies Go beyond data and learn the methodologies employed by the most successful managers to enhance their understand of materiality and extract the financial rewards this brings. Techniques for opportunity identification, discussion on ‘exclusion’ and practical steps you can take to advance your ESG journey.

Reuters News Editorial Led Interviews and Panels

Alongside Reuters Events, senior correspondents and editors from Reuters News will host live 1-1 interviews and panel discussions. Bringing you in-depth, and exclusive, analysis and comment.

What Mainstream Investors Must Learn From Impact Investing

Simon Jessop, Chief Correspondent for Sustainable Finance, Reuters News

Amit Bouri, CEO, The GIIN

Learn from 60+ online sessions and interact with 60+ speakers

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shopping/large/mobile-touch Created with Sketch. Audience Interactivity We know that opportunities to interact with your peers are what make events special. That’s why wherever possible and using the latest technology we will continue to deliver live Q&As, breakout sessions & workshops and audience polls.

The ESG Investment Europe Summit 2020 has now finished.

We will be back in 2021! There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in upcoming content, conferences and reports – please enquire here:

Why this conference is the must attend event

The Whole Investment Community

Bringing together leading stakeholders from across the investment community to provide practical insights to advance your ESG journey. Reuters Events ESG Investment Europe is the industry’s central hub providing voice to the ESG conversation.

Unrivalled Agenda at North America’s Leading ESG Event

A two-day agenda featuring the key topics, delivered by industry experts at the forefront of the ESG movement. Combining strategic direction setting with practical guidance – this agenda is designed to give the investment professional the future clarity and the core skills needed to operate in the rapidly evolving market.

The Most Influential Industry Names

Combining global powerhouse names, with leading innovative boutiques. Mainstream asset owners with mission driven foundations. State, federal and pan-national regulators. Leading stakeholders, activists and academics. This event draws from the collective wisdom of the whole ESG conversation to present exclusive insights you won’t hear anywhere else.

One-to-one Meeting and Networking Service

Connect with all your fellow attendees and potential new partners through a dedicated virtual meetings platform. Bespoke and facilitated, these are power meetings that matter.

On-Demand Insights – Watch Now!

Get a taste of what’s to come via our on-demand insights centre. Our latest webinars, whitepapers and more are available free of charge. Want to know the effect of Covid-19? Whats happening with ESG in Emerging Markets? The best practice for standard setting? Access it all, exclusive and free now.

The Digital Exhibition

Search through over 20+ exhibitors from your own desk. You’ll be able to find the latest services and technology solutions delivering ESG insights.

The agenda at a glance

Theme One: Strategic Direction and Materiality


Integrate ESG into Core Investments: ESG Clarifying Risk-Return in Mainstream Portfolios


Charting the ESG European Roadmap


European Consumer Trends: Insights into the underlying drivers of ESG


Stay Ahead of Materiality: Align Capital Risk and Materiality with ESG Concepts


Politics and Materiality


M&G Investments: Key Strategies for Delivering Positive Climate Impact


Environmental Leaders’ Panel: Understanding the Rapid Evolution of Financially Material Environmental Factors

Theme Two: Regulation and ESG Drivers


The Regulator's Outlook: What's on the Horizon


Regulatory Update: The Latest Developments Revealed So That You Can Plan Ahead

Theme Three: ESG Data Clarity


The ESG Data Goldrush: Achieve True Clarity When Assessing Opportunities


Technology Improvements for Data Analysis


Take Data to The Next Level


Overcome the Incomparability of ESG Data Sets: Useable Data to Drive Decision-Making


The Space Between Reported Data and Reality

Theme Four: Asset Management Strategies


Getting Your Hands Dirty: On the Ground Due Diligence to Support Disclosure


Corporate ESG Reporting: What Does It Really Tell Us?


ESG for Inclusion: Financially Impactful ESG as the Differentiator for Asset Managers

The ESG Investment Europe Summit 2020 has now finished.

We will be back in 2021! There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in upcoming content, conferences and reports – please enquire here:

The ESG community includes: Corporates > Data Providers > Technology Providers > Consultancies > Assurers > Framework Developers > Standard Setters > NGOs/Associations > Investor Coalitions > Asset Managers > Banks > Asset Owners > Regulators > Government

Real Decision-makers

The ESG Investment Europe Summit 2020 has now finished.

We will be back in 2021! There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in upcoming content, conferences and reports – please enquire here:

Mission Statement

Reuters Events ESG Investment will provide the professional investment community with exclusive insights demonstrating best-practice alongside forward-thinking strategy and understanding. Targeting the professional investment community, we will seek to bridge the knowledge gap between those in ESG specific roles and mainstream professionals by promoting practical guidance. Looking forward, we will challenge convention and push ESG pioneers to solve the challenges that currently inhibit truly effective use of ESG as tool to drive financial value and positive change.

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5 reasons why you should attend the Summit

  1. Plan your 2021 strategy with speaker keynotes sharing insights on how we can deliver a clean and inclusive global recovery
  2. Takeaway valuable lessons from the live panel and Q&A sessions on the latest strategies and innovations in ESG strategy, data, regulation, communication and more.
  3. Learn from examples with confirmed case studies form the asset managers, and asset owners leading towards a financial, environmental and socially sustainable future
  4. Don’t miss a thing – your registration gives you access to the sessions from ESG Investment North America and ESG Investment Europe and make sure to connect with leading solution providers in the digital exhibition
  5. Stay safe at home with all the business-critical insights free-of-charge to view at your leisure and help you plan your transformational investment strategies

The ESG Investment Europe Summit 2020 has now finished.

We will be back in 2021! There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in upcoming content, conferences and reports – please enquire here:

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