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October, 2020

Engage and Amaze Customers: How to Create a Compelling Brand Experience

In a marketplace full of noise and competition, brand experience can be the differentiator. A great brand experience creates alignment across the four “pleasure dimensions:” emotional, social, intellectual and physical. Over time, this compilation of pleasures may result in emotional bonds that build loyalty and increase revenue.

Extend customer participation beyond narrow interactions with a product to a holistic, life-long customer experience that continues to deliver on the brand promise.

Speakers include:

  • Maital Rasmussen, Head of DIS Global Marketing, Roche
  • Erica Chan, Head of Brand and Marketing, Alibaba
  • Leela Srinivasan, Chief Marketing Officer, SurveyMonkey
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The Evolution of the Influencer
Sponsored by AspireIQ

Core discussion points will focus on:

  • Tell a Better Brand Story: Leverage influencers to build authentic content that fuels growth
  • Create Engaging Content: Build, streamline, and manage large-scale influencer programs, and repurpose that content across channels for higher engagement.
  • Elevate Customer Relationships: Bring your relationships to new heights. Discover your biggest enthusiasts — including customers, ambassadors, affiliates, and more — and nurture long-lasting relationships to build brand love
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November, 2020

The Return of Creative and Emergence of Gamification for Marketing Results

More information coming soon…

Speakers include:

  • TBC
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December, 2020

Agile Marketing is the New Norm: But is it the Only Way?

The significant disruption brought on by Covid-19 has been a catalyst for the adoption of agile methodology. Although most businesses are unable to call themselves truly agile, the implementation of some agile principles have accelerated their ability to innovate during the crisis. Which hybrid restructures have been used across industry and how can you minimize innovation fatigue by rewiring decision making?

Speakers include:

  • TBC
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2020 marketing wrap up with XYZ

This year started with the promise of bigger and better video content, interactivity and gamification, among other things, slowly became a year ripe with political unrest, health concerns, and economic struggles. These global challenges meant marketing teams needed to adapt their campaigns, digitalise their teams, and, for many, completely reset their business plan. It became a game of sink or float, fight or flight, and we’ve learnt a lot along the way. Change is now the new norm and our agile marketing plan relflect that, but where to now? What’s on the horizon for 2021? And how do we rebuild our teams and connect with our customers?

How are the world’s most influential marketing leaders preparing for 2021?

Register for the webinar, hear their plans, and move more smoothly into 2021 than your competitors.

Speakers include:

  • TBC
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January, 2021

Meet your Audience Where They Are Through Influencer Collaboration

For years brands have partnered with brands who share a similar demographic or appeal. Relatively newer is the explosion of influencers. With more and more people following the opinions of influencers, some of the power has been taken away from brands. You need to figure out how to work with influencers, which partnerships will be best for you and who to align with in this increasingly complex environment.

Join four of the most influential marketing executives as we explore the role of influencer collaboration and how to incorporate it into your 2020 strategy.

Speakers include:

  • TBC
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Storytelling Deconstructed – It’s Time to Put an ROI on Emotion

They may be crying at Cannes, but just how engaging was that tear jerking creative? How much revenue did it generate? And what affect did it have on your overall brand? Sometimes we need to know the hard numbers behind an emotional experience.

Speakers include:

  • TBC
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February, 2021

Capturing Lightning in a Bottle – Tapping into cultural phenomena and current events to create relevant & timely creative

The coronavirus lockdown highlighted the power of quickly produced contextual content. Nothing resonates with your customer quite like it, just look at the success of L'Oréal’s iPhone shot Eva Longoria ad spot. Whilst real-time marketing is not a new strategy, it was over 7 years ago that Oreo wowed us at the Superbowl. It is reaching a new prominence, with industry veterans like Budweiser releasing multiple timely and fresh ads every year (most recently Wassup with a quarantine twist).

It’s important your marketing department is set up to be reactive, work on the fly and leverage current events. This session looks into the latest strategies and agency magic behind tapping into cultural phenomena to boost the reach, relevancy and effectiveness of your content.

  • Enable agility with effective budget planning, team structure and cross agency collaboration.
  • Use recent news stories and events to communicate your brand values.
  • Create an exciting cultural calendar to inform your production plans ahead of time.

Speakers include:

  • TBC
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On-Demand Webinars

Amplify Your Brand with Higher Quality Communication and Experiences

Main topics of conversation include:

  • Master purpose-driven marketing and ensure every communication and content piece drips with your brand’s personality and values
  • Discover why brand management belongs to everyone – not just your marketing team, but every team with a customer-facing touchpoint, and how you can enable them to always have what they need to do right by your brand values.
  • Learn how to align cross-functional teams to create a company-wide movement that understands the value of brand, and are enabled to act in accordance with it, and how that holistic approach to brand consistency impacts your company’s bottom line.

Speakers included:

  • Gerhard Fourie, Director of Brand Marketing, Aston Martin
  • Zeynep Yalim Uzun, CMO, Arcelik
  • Janine Bosshart, Enterprise Solutions Manager, Frontify
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Purpose-Driven, Mission-Led Marketing: Why Purpose is Paramount to Building Trust Today
Sponsored by Yonder

In 2018, Accenture reported that 63% of global consumers prefer to purchase products and services from companies that stand for a purpose that reflects their own values and beliefs and will avoid companies that don't. Fast forward two years... Life is uncertain and unpredictable across the globe and consumers are looking for something to believe in. What does your brand stand for? How does it live it's mission and values? How does your brand purpose provide the differentiation your consumers will not only purchase but also champion?

Speakers included:

  • Barbara Shipley, SVP, Brand Integration, AARP
  • Leela Srinivasan, CMO, SurveyMonkey
  • Lisa Roberts, CMO, Yonder
  • Laurel Mintz, CEO, Elevate My Brand
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Realizing a "New Norm" for Marketing: Customer Insights & Expectations

The economic impact of the global health crisis may vary depending on your industry, product, and geography, but the way customers choose to interact with brands will change irrespective of those factors.

As we pool resources to stay afloat during this challenging time, CMOs and marketing leaders are pivoting left and right, staying agile, and trying to understand this new consumer. No one knows for sure what the new norm is, but intuition isn't enough.

Speakers included:

  • Andrew Strickman, SVP, Marketing,
  • Don McGuire, Vice President, Global Product Marketing, Qualcomm
  • Jonathon Morgan, CEO, Yonder
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Social Media & Authentic Digital Engagement: How Have Marketing Strategies Shifted?

This is a pivotal moment for digital marketers and a pivotal time for you.

That's why Reuters Events brought together marketing execs from some of the world’s most influential brands to share the tools and strategies to cut through the digital noise in an over-saturated market.

We'll explore these crucial topics:

  • A dramatic shift to desktop: where are consumers spending their time?
  • An audience is only the start – arm influencers with quality creative and ample direction
  • TikTok's influence on video content and how to get it right

Speakers included:

  • Doug Jensen, SVP Consumer Marketing Analytics & Innovation Insights, Enterprise Marketing, The Estée Lauder Companies
  • Will Cady, Head of Creative Strategy, Reddit
  • Sachin Puri, Vice President, Marketing, McAfee
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Shifting Your Content & Creative to Align with Cultural Phenomena

In times of disruptive change, content and creative directors are under a lot of pressure to share a consistent, clear and reliable message with their customers. So, how are the world’s most recognizable brands connecting with their customers?

Speakers included:

  • Evan Jones, CMO, Fender
  • Carol Tran, Head of Growth, Dolby
  • Nicholas Zeisler, Former Director CX, HP
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Speaker Q&As

Reuters Events take pride in bringing you insights from the most influential CMOs and marketing leaders in the world. Here you’ll find a few of our favorite interviews.


Tripp Braden Global Brand Journalist Strategic Performance Partners

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Kevin Peck Senior Vice President, Global Branding - Technology, Media & Telecom AT&T

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Leela Srinivasan Chief Marketing Officer SurveyMonkey

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Erica Chan Head of Brand and Marketing

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Doug Jensen SVP, CRM, Corporate Marketing Analytics and Innovation Insights Estée Lauder Companies

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Evan Jones Chief Marketing Officer Fender

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Alex Weinstein Senior Vice President, Growth Grubhub

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Connie Chan Wang Director, Global Brand Marketing LinkedIn

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Doug Jensen SVP CRM, Corporate Marketing Analytics & Innovation Insights Estée Lauder

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Erica Chan Head of Brand and Marketing Alibaba

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Erin Gulden VP, Inbound Marketing US Bank

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Hai Habot Senior Director, Incubation and Growth Stubhub

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Kathleen Berry Social Media Strategy Lead US Bank

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Kerry Ann Stimpson Chief Marketing Officer JMMB

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Will Cady Head of Creative Strategy Reddit

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