The Most Senior & Diverse Speaker Line-Up

Reuters Events: Strategic Marketing USA brings together those who successfully led their brand through the unprecedented crisis of Covid-19. These executives will share how they adapted their strategy to meet new customer expectations and what this means for the future of marketing.

Penny Baldwin - Headshot
Qualcomm - Logo

Penny Baldwin Chief Marketing Officer Qualcomm

Paul Chibe - Headshot
Ferrero North America - Logo

Paul Chibe Chief Executive Officer Ferrero North America

Brad Hiranaga - Headshot
General Mills - Logo

Brad Hiranaga Chief Brand Officer General Mills

Evan Jones - Headshot
Fender - Logo

Evan Jones Chief Marketing Officer Fender

Ira Rubenstein - Headshot
PBS - Logo

Ira Rubenstein Chief Digital and Marketing Officer PBS

Martha Boudreau - Headshot
AARP - Logo

Martha Boudreau Chief Communications and Marketing Officer AARP

Leela Srinivasan - Headshot
SurveyMonkey - Logo

Leela Srinivasan Chief Marketing Officer SurveyMonkey

Jeremy Stewart - Headshot
Hari Mari - Logo

Jeremy Stewart Founder & Chief Marketing Officer Hari Mari

Jasmine Kim - Headshot
Sutter Health - Logo

Jasmine Kim Chief Marketing Officer Sutter Health

Jenna Habeyeb - Headshot
IPSY - Logo

Jenna Habeyeb Chief Brand Officer IPSY

Lucas Donat - Headshot
TrueCar - Logo

Lucas Donat Chief Brand Officer TrueCar

Andrew Strickman - Headshot - Logo

Andrew Strickman SVP, Head of Brand and Chief Creative Officer

Kevin Peck - Headshot
AT&T - Logo

Kevin Peck Senior Vice President, Global Branding - Technology, Media & Telecom AT&T

Doug Jensen - Headshot
Estée Lauder Companies - Logo

Doug Jensen SVP, CRM, Corporate Marketing Analytics and Innovation Insights Estée Lauder Companies

Alex Weinstein - Headshot
Grubhub - Logo

Alex Weinstein SVP Growth Grubhub

Liya Sharif - Headshot
Qualcomm - Logo

Liya Sharif Vice President Marketing and Head of Brand Qualcomm

Judith Bitterli - Headshot
McAfee - Logo

Judith Bitterli Vice President of Marketing, Consumer McAfee

Jackson Jeyanayagam - Headshot
Clorox - Logo

Jackson Jeyanayagam Vice President , General Manager, DTC Clorox

Hai Habot - Headshot
Stubhub - Logo

Hai Habot Senior Director, Incubation and Growth Stubhub

Tim Rickards - Headshot
Charles Schwab - Logo

Tim Rickards Marketing Director, Acquisition & Engagement Charles Schwab

Nidhi Gupta - Headshot
eBay - Logo

Nidhi Gupta Director, Global Product Marketing, GTM eBay

Connie Chan Wang - Headshot
LinkedIn - Logo

Connie Chan Wang Director, Global Brand Marketing LinkedIn

Asher Rapkin - Headshot
Facebook - Logo

Asher Rapkin Director, Global Business Marketing, Messaging and Emerging Platforms Facebook

Erica Chan - Headshot - Logo

Erica Chan Head of Brand and Marketing

Will Cady - Headshot
Reddit - Logo

Will Cady Head of Brand Strategy Reddit

Carol Tran - Headshot
Dolby - Logo

Carol Tran Head of Growth Dolby

Maital Rasmussen - Headshot
Roche Diagnostics Information Solutions - Logo

Maital Rasmussen Head of Global Marketing Roche Diagnostics Information Solutions