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  • Day One - 9 June: Engineering & Construction
  • Day Two - 10 June: Reliability, Maintenance & Turnarounds
  • Day Three - 11 June: Supply Chain & Logistics
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Day One - 9 June: Engineering & Construction

08:15-09:00 (45 mins)

Driving Diversity In Adversity

  • Build.
  • Train.
  • Retain.
  • Diversify.

BWISE Erika Jefferson Founder & President BWISE

AABE Paula Glover President & CEO AABE

Chevron Mitra Basiri Kashanchi General Manager , Chevron Salt Lake City Plant Chevron

Brandon Mabile Chairman Construction Maintenance and Education Foundation (CMEF)

09:00-10:00 (60 mins)

Impact of Covid & Oil Price Crash On Downstream

09:00-09:15 (15 mins)

Does the Downstream Value Chain Return to Normal?

  • What’s the story so far for the Downstream value chain? How has the sector responded?
  • What’s the outlook for the next 2 years? Will oil demand return to 2019 levels?
  • Is the medium term outlook now better or worse?

Wood Mackenzie Alan Gelder VP Refining, Chemicals & Oil Markets, Downstream Global SME Wood Mackenzie

09:15-09:30 (15 mins)

Impact of Covid-19 on the Downstream Industry

  • The Petroleum & Chemicals practice within FTI Consulting will give our perspectives on the timing associated with the recovery in the economy/ oil pricing related to the COVID-19 crisis. The impact on the downstream petrochemical industry will also be discussed.

FTI Consulting Inc. Quincy Jones Managing Director FTI Consulting Inc.

09:30-09:45 (15 mins)

Par Petroleum on the Impact on Downstream

  • Session details coming soon.

Par Petroleum Joseph Israel CEO Par Petroleum

09:45-10:00 (15 mins)

Joint Live Audience Q&A

Wood Mackenzie Alan Gelder VP Refining, Chemicals & Oil Markets, Downstream Global SME Wood Mackenzie

FTI Consulting Inc. Quincy Jones Managing Director FTI Consulting Inc.

Speaker TBA

10:00-10:15 (15 mins)

Project contracting strategies for different circumstances

  • Lessons learned from previous projects
  • Case study on a specific project to select EPCm as contracting strategy
  • Decision criteria for selection EPC vs. EPCm

Borealis Thomas Abel SVP of Projects Borealis

10:15-11:00 (45 mins)

Driving Productivity Through Alternative Contract Strategy

  • Effective and efficient execution strategy starts before you sign the dotted line, ensure that your project is set up for success from the get-go.
  • Learn from past mistakes and guarantee an ROI above industry standards.
  • Understand what works best for your project to drive productivity, quality and safety.

Pathfinder Steve Cabano President Pathfinder

Honeywell Jim McDowell Global Contracts Manager Honeywell

Air Liquide Michael Dailey VP and General Counsel Air Liquide

Chemours Mark Cotugno Global Procurement Leader Capital Chemours

11:00-11:15 (15 mins)

Recovering from this latest challenge - Recommendations from the Project Execution side of the industry

  • Session details coming soon.

Freeport LNG Taylor Auburg Vice President, Projects Freeport LNG

11:15-12:00 (45 mins)

This Is What Productivity Looks Like

  • What does success look like to you?
  • How do you measure productivity?
  • How do you obtain productivity efficiency?

Shell James Richard Construction Manager Shell

Chevron Martin Darley Global Project Manager Chevron

Digital Construction Works Eric Crivella Director of Business Developmentr Digital Construction Works

ProCore Kris Lengieza Senior Director of Business Development ProCore

12:00-12:15 (15 mins)

Delivering Successful Downstream Storage Solutions on an EPFC Basis

  • Storage design issues and associated complexity; Innovative solutions by MPDM; Benefits of an EPFC delivery model

Matrix PDM Engineering Ken Erdman Sr. VP, Operations Matrix PDM Engineering

Matrix PDM Engineering Rama Challa Project Director Matrix PDM Engineering

12:15- 13:00 (45 mins)

Construction Innovations Driving Efficency

  • Gain Critical guidance on to integrate and align all major project stakeholders as early as possible in order to mitigate the risk of later reworking of project timelines and unexpected cost.
  • Access the current approach to contractor incentivisation and how owners work to improve the performance of all project partners both qualitatively and quantitively in future.
  • Gain key insights you can use to improve your leverage of digital tools in project management and discuss immediate opportunities to address inefficiencies and take advantage of innovation.

Autodesk Michelle Council Senior Business Consultant Autodesk

Eastman Mark Lambert Manager AWP and Construction Excellence Eastman

Eastman Jeff Killin VP Engineered Products Forterrabp

Wood Thomas Grell President Downstream & Chemicals Wood

13:00-13:15 (15 mins)

Piping protection & preservation accomplished through simple effective solutions

  • Stop flange corrosion, mechanical damage & debris in the piping system.
  • Eliminate project delays & costs associated with damaged piping assets.
  • Start producing downstream revenue sooner!

Precision Piping Products Keith Nichols President Precision Piping Products

13:15-14:00 (45 mins)

Project Resource & Procurement Managment

  • Are you communicating with your material and equipment providers effectively?
  • Explore different procurement strategy to reduce transaction cost and safeguard against the mistakes made in first wave construction.
  • Lock down schedules and keep your project on track.
  • Drive efficiency and effectiveness in inbound and onsite logistics
  • Deliver operational excellence, reduce risk and drive business profitability associated with project cargo logistics services by considering them early
  • Develop and review logistics plans and solutions to ensure that sufficient allowance is made for contingencies and identify critical areas of risk

AMECO Jimmy Kelsey Senior Manager, United States Operations AMECO

Dow Chemical Tolulade (Tolu) Adedayo Material Coordinator Dow Chemical

14:00-14:15 (15 mins)

Financing a new, full-conversion refinery during pandemic and oil price wars

  • MERIDIAN’S DAVIS REFINERY: Starting With a Clean Sheet of Paper
  • PERMITTING IN AN ESG WORLD: It Takes a Village
  • PROJECT FINANCING: Risk Identification and Mitigation, Capital Efficiency and Long-Term Partnerships

Meridian EnergyCharles Schwenck EVP and Chief Commercial Officer Meridian Energy

14:15-15:00 (45 mins)

Going Digital - What Better Time?

  • With so much out there it is hard to know where to start when looking to digitalisation to achieve optimization.
  • Come away with a “must-need” shopping list from our tech experts based from lessons they have learned in the innovation space.
  • Make a plan now before going to market to maximise ROI and reduce transaction costs.
  • Join our experts in discussion over where they see steps being taken in CAPEX technology innovation.
  • Get ahead of the curve. Do the research today, benefit tomorrow.

Shell Mark Wyszynski Senior IT Advisor to Projects and Engineering Shell

Dow Lloyd Colgrove Data Services Director, Fundamental Problem Solving Director, Analytical Technology Cntr. Dow (Retired)

Mockingbird Technology Renee Bourgeois Data & Technology Consultant Mockingbird Technology

15:00-15:15 (15 mins)

Intertek Services for Large LNG & PetroChem Greenfield Projects

  • LNG Export Terminal Greenfield Projects
  • Brownfield Expansion
  • Modular Construction

Intertek Glen Kearns Business Development Manager Intertek

Day Two - 10 June: Reliability, Maintenance & Turnarounds

08:00-08:45 (45 mins)

Downstream's Labor Dilemma

  • Cultivating and retaining talent - the best kept secret in project management
  • Discover the power of talent retention to project management, CAPEX and ROI and why you should be investing in it.
  • Professional techniques to retain the industries best in your organisation.
  • Understand why now more than ever you should be investing it in in downtimes to best prepare for busy times.

ABC Russell Hamley President ABC

CPET Jeffrey Pearce Coordinator for Education and Workforce Center for Petrochemical, Energy and Technology (CPET)

Reuters Events Bridget Robinson Global Project Director Reuters Events

08:45-09:00 (15 mins)

How To Mitigate The Loss Of Experienced Talent From The Industry?

Huntsman Corporation Muhammad Junaid Director, Manufacturing Huntsman Corporation

09:00-09:45 (45 mins)

Designing an Entrepreneurial Environment for Reliability

  • Understand how to achieve true transformational change, looking at full lifecycle costs and enhanced analytics
  • Driving reliability through an effective Asset Performance Management strategy
  • Developing an innovative working environment, increasing engagement through focused training and creating a workforce of agents for reliability

Invista Ken Stevens Director of Reliability Invista

Dow Richard Ellis Global DFRAM Expertise Leader Dow

Reliability Web Terrence O’Hanlon Chief Asset Manager Reliability Web

AVEVA Stan DeVries Senior Director Digital Acceleration Consulting AVEVA

09:45-10:05 (20 mins)

Advantages of Centralized and Standardized Cloud PdM

  • Operational Metric Improvements
  • Program cost advantages
  • Enterprise Machine Analytics

Symphony Azima AI Jack Leahey Chief Revenue Officer Symphony Azima AI

10:05-10:20 (15 mins)

State Based Control

  • Discover how to develop the concepts of batch operations into continuous manufacturing environments
  • Find out how to reap the rewards of better maintenance planning in asset management
  • Look at implementation best practices to see the benefits in your own facility

Dow Jonathan Huggins Global Process Automation Excellence Leader Dow

10:20-11:05 (45 mins)

Connected Workforce - Digitalization of Maintenance & Turnaround Operations

  • Understand how the digital connection of teams delivers success in maintenance and turnaround operations, driving innovation and forward-thinking
  • Appreciate how revolutionizing the way workers consume and create information onsite streamlines collaborative work and dramatically improves manageability
  • Hear about real-world journeys towards a connected workforce, clearer insight into work processes and plans for continued growth through digital transformation

Chevron Phillips Chemical Colin Xander Executive Director - Turnarounds Chevron Phillips Chemical

Dow Billy Bardin Global Digitization Director Dow

Invista Jim Flynn Field Services Manager Invista

Mobideo Paul Muir President - North America Mobideo

11:05-11:25 (20 mins)

Mitigating the Risks of On Stream Stud Replacement on 4 & 8 Bolt Flanges

TEAM Inc Mark Colquitt MBI Senior Product & Service Line Manager – Eastern Hemisphere TEAM Inc

11:25-11:40 (15 mins)

Implementing an Effective Reliability Strategy

  • Creating an Asset Performance Management strategy focused on improving reliability, to increase safety and profitability whilst driving innovation

Invista Ken Stevens Director of Reliability Invista

11:40-12:25 (45 mins)

Success Strategies - Integration Of The Capital Project Into Turnarounds

  • A staggering 90% of turnarounds are failing to meet their goals, overrunning on time and costs - we look to discuss optimum strategies for success in total stakeholder engagement & integration in the planning, execution and post-event analysis
  • Determine how to overcome key issues, and consolidate work effectively to improve reliability and throughput whilst reducing costs
  • Look at the vital need for successful integration given the current economic impacts stemming from Covid-19 and the oil price crash across the industry

Olin Corporation Randy Pound Global Director of Maintenance & Reliability Olin Corporation

Shell Frank Engli Projects, Maintenance & Turnarounds Manager Shell

Huntsman Corporation Muhammad Junaid Director, Manufacturing Huntsman Corporation

Zachry Russell Epperly Senior Project Controls Manager Zachry

12:25-12.45 (20 mins)

Organics Challenges in Water Cycle Management - Understanding Competing Technologies

  • Measuring organics in water to protect capital assets, maintain production, and ensure reliability
  • Competing Technologies: UV Persulfate, High Temperature Combustion, and Two Stage Advanced Oxidation (TSAO)
  • Improve Visibility with Online Organics Monitoring

Hach Randy Fuller Applications Development Manager Hach

12:45-13.00 (15 mins)

Covid-19 Impacts To Turnarounds

  • How is Covid-19 affecting our industry?
  • Long range planning and strategies - delays, extended durations & reduce scope or execute decisions
  • TA Team daily life - Planning, Meetings & Logistical Challenges
  • Executions - Strategies, Impacts & Lessons Learned

Celanese Heith Robey Turnaround Leader Celanese

13:00-13:45 (45 mins)

Lunchtime Keynote - Covid-19 and the Oil Price Crash – What does this mean for our maintenance & turnarounds community?

The current unprecedented combination of a global pandemic and oil price crash is leading to a reconfiguration of the downstream industry status quo. Whilst the full ramifications of this remain unclear, we want to begin to identify, address and overcome the challenges to the maintenance & turnaround communities.

  • Explore the ways in which operators can manufacture under new procedures and guidelines to limit the impact on productivity and safety
  • Illustrating challenges, and identify routes to optimize and incorporate digital technology into our businesses of the future

BP Walter Pesenti Global Manufacturing Operational Excellence Leader BP

Covestro Victor Ortega VP Technical Site Management Covestro

Ascend Performance Materials Cindy Gross Maintenance, Reliability & Turnarounds Director Ascend Performance Materials

BIC Alliance Jeremy Osterberger Vice President BIC Alliance

13:45-14:00 (15 mins)

Dow - Crisis Management Team Response To The Impacts of Covid-19

Dow Billy Bardin Global Digitization Director Dow

Reuters Events Alex Bird Global Project Director Reuters Events

14:00-14:45 (45 mins)

Digital Reliability - Learning From Equipment Failures

  • Achieving efficiency improvements throughout the asset lifecycle whilst reducing unscheduled downtime
  • Learn how to improve safety and reliability in maintenance operations, utilizing predictive analytics to extend equipment lifespan
  • Benefit from making data driven decisions with increased asset and machine health visibility
  • Looking at the maintenance processes to determine how to achieve the most cost effective and efficient fix

Eastman Chemical David Reed Director of Plant Maintenance Eastman Chemical

BASF Amy Odom Asset Manager, Polyols North America BASF

USA Dynamics Andrey Kostyukov President and CEO USA Dynamics

Beyond Limits AI Kimberly Gilbert Director - Technical Commercial Engineering Beyond Limits

14:45-15:00 (15 mins)

Leading Digital: On The Way To A Culture of Reliability

  • A holistic end-to-end digitalization framework
  • A human-centric approach to an engaged and empowered, cross-functional Culture of Reliability
  • How Leading Digital and Reliability Leadership align

Reliability Web Terrence O’Hanlon Chief Asset Manager Reliability Web

15:00-15:45 (45 mins)

Creating the Smart Asset - Technology Toolbox for Success

  • Exploring the latest intrinsically safe field software and ‘mobile wearable devices’ to enable a predictive monitoring strategy & increase asset health transparency
  • An in-depth look into using digitalization to foster work process improvement in both turnarounds and day-to-day maintenance operations
  • Evaluating the benefits of operating a smart mobilized asset with digital communication channels given current manufacturing conditions in this time of Covid-19.

Phillips 66 Robin Harris Global Director of Project Controls Phillips 66

OQ Chemicals Lauren Willard Maintenance & Reliability Manager OQ Chemicals

Hexagon PPM Jaclyn Arnold VP of Owner Operator Hexagon PPM

Rockwell Automation Pal Roach Global Process Industry Consultant - Oil and Gas Rockwell Automation

15:45-16.00 (15 mins)

Fireside Chat - Details TBC

  • Session details TBC

Speaker TBA

16:00-16:45 (45 mins)

Turnaround Planning and Execution In Unprecedented Times

  • Look at how to effectively negotiate a turnaround in the face of Covid-19 impacts
  • Determine how to effectively combine projects, maintenance and turnarounds schedules to match up deliverables, overcoming the provincial nature of timeline planning
  • Tackling the complexities of a turnaround event, knocking down the barriers to capital projects integration, looking at when and how to get different teams involved in the process

INEOS John Clark Turnaround Specialist - Project Manager INEOS

Celanese Heith Robey Turnaround Leader Celanese

Austin Safety Services Dave Reed VP Safety Sales & Services Austin Safety Services

Day Three - 11 June: Supply Chain & Logistics

9.00-9.20 (20 mins)

Supply chain during and after Covid-19

  • In this session Professor Sheffi will summarize what companies were doing during the height of the pandemic and offer several idea regarding the structure of future supply chains.

MIT Yossi Sheffi Director, Center for Transportation & Logistics MIT

9.20-10.00 (40 mins)

Supply Chain Resilience in the Petrochemical Industry - COVID-19 & Oil Price Crash

  • The current unprecedented combination of a global pandemic and oil price crash is leading to a reconfiguration of the energy sector status quo. Whilst the full ramifications of this remain unclear we want to start to unpick what the consequences could be. This session will bring together leading industry voices to assess the current state of play, and unveil best practices on how to navigate your business successfully through these uncertain times.

Hanson Professional Services Moderator: Clay Scott VP & Project Principal Hanson Professional Services

Gartner Beth Heyn Kennedy Supply Chain Account Executive Gartner

MIT Yossi Sheffi Director, Center for Transportation & Logistics MIT

Maersk Jeff Kellan Head of Supply Chain Services, North America Maersk

10.00-10.15 (15 mins)

Dynamic Global Trade Outlook - Impacts on the Petrochemical Industry

  • Global trade disputes and negotiations and the uncertainty they bring have affected petrochemical supply chain strategies since mid-2018. In this session, you’ll get the latest updates on trade policy actions, ongoing negotiations, the status of the World Trade Organization, trends in international chemicals regulation and the impacts of COVID-19 policy on the industry.

American Chemistry Council Ed Brzytwa Director International Trade American Chemistry Council

10.15-11.00 (45 mins)

Dynamic Global Trade Outlook - Industry Leaders Panel Discussion

  • Session details coming soon.

American Chemistry Council Ed Brzytwa Director International Trade American Chemistry Council

Dow Chemical Lisa Schroeter Global Director of Trade and Investment Policy Dow Chemical

Lyondellbasell Laura Chambers Federal Government Relations Lyondellbasell

SABIC Matthew Zahand Manager, International Logistics & Trade Compliance SABIC

Angela Hofmann President World Strategies, LLC

11.00-11.15 (15 mins)

Port Houston: Plastics’ Leading Export Gateway

  • Get the latest updates on initiatives for expanded services in the wake of recent challenges.

Port Houston Roger Guenther CEO Port Houston

11.15-12.00 (45 mins)

Supply Chains of the Future

  • Learn how to build your Supply Chain team and workforce composition during a New Normal. How should managers think about team composition when skill set needs are drastically changing?
  • Discover how managers can scale their footprint without expanding opex
  • Agile supply chains: Re-thinking supplier selection and production locations to allow for rapid response to sudden change

Voyager Moderator: Matthew Costello CEO Voyager

INVISTA Nancy Kowalski VP - Global Supply Chain INVISTA

Apex Komerco Alex Gonzalez Trader & Founding Partner Apex Komerco

12.00-12.15 (15 mins)

Next-Generation Supply Chain Visibility for Petrochemical Shippers

  • Why supply chain visibility is an essential tool
  • How to use visibility to improve relationships with customers
  • How chemical companies are using visibility to improve their margins
  • How to impact sustainability

Fourkites Greg Colvin Global Account Director Fourkites

Reuters Events Lindsay Coulson Project Director Reuters Events

12.15-13.00 (45 mins)

Digital Strategy in Petrochemical Producer Supply Chains

  • Every petrochemical business is on a unique digital journey. This session will form a core discussion piece surrounding the topic of digital integration within North America’s largest petrochemical organisations; the current digital integration status and aims for the future.
  • Learn how the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has enforced an environment of accelerated learning around new digital solutions for full end-to-end visibility.

Voyager Moderator: Matthew Costello CEO Voyager

BASF Bret Bement Director Supply Chain Petrochemicals North America BASF

Kuraray Eric Eileraas Senior Supply Chain Manager Kuraray

Elemica David Cahn Director Global Marketing Elemica

13.00-13.20 (20 mins)

Transform the Management of your Marine Modality with Veson Nautical

  • Join Veson Nautical’s COO & President, Sean Riley to learn more about how to transform the management of your marine modality with a digital solution.

Veson Nautical Sean Riley COO & President Veson Nautical

13.20-13.30 (10 mins)

Fireside Chat: Navigating the New Normal & The Road to Recovery in Houston

  • Session details coming soon.

Economic Alliance Houston Port Region Chad Burke President Economic Alliance Houston Port Region

Reuters Events Lindsay Coulson Project Director Reuters Events

13.30-14.15 (45 mins)

‘All Access’ Petrochemicals: Diversity & Inclusion in the Supply Chain Industry

  • From work culture to change management, find out how the biggest companies in the petrochemical supply chain industry are tackling the diversity issue head on.
  • Senior Leaders share their perspectives on the D&I business case in the petrochemical supply chain industry - how far have we come, and how far have we left to go?
  • Our panellists share examples of the competitive advantage of diversity at work - and you’ll learn how to create a cohesive business strategy to improve supplier diversity, that will not only move your business forward, but empower your employees.

XPO Logistics Moderator: Katrina Liddell Senior Vice President, Sales - North American Transportation XPO Logistics

BASF Josselyn Rosario Director of Supply Chain Performance Chemicals North America BASF

Dow Chemical Kristan Soto Global Integrated Supply Chain End-to-End Director Dow Chemical

Gartner Beth Heyn Kennedy Supply Chain Account Executive Gartner

XPO Logistics LaQuenta Jacobs Sr Director, Human Resources XPO Logistics

14.15-14.30 (15 mins)

Starting the Sustainability Journey in Supply Chain

  • SABIC Corporate Sustainability Overview
  • Sustainability Improvements in Supply Chain
  • First Steps in the Supply Chain Sustainability Journey

SABIC Victor Alonso Monteguado Sr. Manager, Supply Chain Planning SABIC

14.30-15.15 (45 mins)

America’s Trucking Industry Update: In It for The Long Haul

  • This panel session will explore the key issues facing the trucking industry - from workforce development to reducing emissions, and most importantly - key worker status updates on the best routes to market for your shipments - get the latest insights on how the industry is adjusting and learn how best to optimize this vertical within your supply chain partner portfolio.

BASF David Jones Group Manager - Domestic Transportation Procurement BASF

Economic Alliance Houston Port Region Chad Burke President Economic Alliance Houston Port Region

Dupre Logistics Bob Verret CIO Dupre Logistics

15.15-15.35 (20 mins)

Best Practices for a Sustainable Supply Chain: Industry Research Overview

  • Considering that the formal supply chain…those who plan demand and production, source raw materials, manufacture the products and store & deliver the end product to consumers actually involve the majority of all who do work for a living on this planet…supply chain professionals have the primary responsibility for sustainability. CSCMP recently enhanced efforts through the development of a new global, cross-industry vertical work product that benchmarks, to the greatest extent possible, the state of sustainability in the supply chain. We believe there is real value in the annual State of Supply Chain Sustainability to benchmark and support values that look to do the right things when it comes to smart environmental practices, fostering economic growth across fair operating practices and diverse portfolio of suppliers, and holding to the highest of ethical standards. If you want to know how you and your company stack up across 1000+ companies from around the world, this session is for you!

CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals) Mark Baxa Chairman of the Board CSCMP (Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals)

15.35-15.55 (20 mins)

What if we had flying cars? A perspective on software for Supply Chains in Energy Commodity Markets

  • Wading through buzzword clutter.  How to think about technology and discern between disruptive and dead ends.
  • What you day dream about is valuable.  Resisting the urge to silence your inner Elon Musk.
  • Are you listening to your customers or just yelling at them (from across the Grand Canyon)?

2DA Analytics Alex Chandy CEO 2DA Analytics

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