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The Most Crucial Downstream Event Returns to Houston

This October the world’s most trusted destination of industry insight and collaboration, Reuters Events Downstream USA 2021, is back in Houston. Boy, does it feel good to be back!

As the world’s economies fire up for recovery, the industry’s most influential figures have answered our rallying cry to unite and share exclusive insight on strategies getting downstream back to business at the biggest meeting of producers since the pandemic began.

Join thousands of downstream producers across refining, petrochemicals, chemicals and gas attending our 3 dedicated tracks - Engineering & Construction, Reliability & Maintenance, Shutdown & Turnarounds - to identify, discuss and overcome the biggest challenges to downstream OPEX and CAPEX ROI across a host of virtual sessions and in-person, deep dive, workshops.

Our world leading exhibition will also return this year! Be sure to check out our 150+ exhibitors showcasing world leading technologies, solutions and unmissable innovations ready for any challenge your company may have.

On your journey getting back to business, Downstream USA 2021 is an essential stop!


A Convergence of The World’s Most Influential Downstream Leaders

Robbert van Rutten

Robbert Van Rutten CIO, Downstream Shell

Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson EVP, Downstream & Chemical Chevron

Dr. Bob Maughon

Dr. Bob Maughon Executive Vice President, Sustainability, Technology & Innovation and Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer SABIC

Mark Newman

Mark Newman President and CEO Chemours

John Sampson

John Sampson Senior Vice President, Operations, Manufacturing and Engineering Dow

Denise Dignam

Denise Dignam President of Advanced Performance Materials CHEMOURS

Steven Prusak

Steven Prusak SVP, Corporate Planning and Technology Chevron Phillips Chemical

Diane Chamberlain

Diane Chamberlain President and Managing Director Baystar Polymers LLC

See the Full Speaker Line Up

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Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston

The Safest Event in Town!

The ‘new normal’ for event delivery is evolving to reflect government guidance and new societal expectations across the globe. What will never change is our commitment getting the Gulf Coast downstream community safely back to business and we are constantly monitoring and reviewing how we can make you feel as comfortable as possible joining us at the NRG Centre, Oct 21-22nd. To ensure we uphold the highest standards of health, safety, and security, our first priority will be to ensure our events run in accordance with official government guidance and regulations. Additionally, Reuters Events will require all attendees, exhibitors and sponsors, staff, and vendors to either show proof of one of the following:

  • CDC issued COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. It can be the original paper card, a paper copy, a photo stored on your phone or in an app. Photo ID will be required to confirm the identity and should match the name on the card.
  • Rapid antigen tests or PCR negative test results text or e-mail received within 72 hours prior to attending the event.

Our commitment to safety is backed by Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston!

Check Out Our Mayor Approved Safety Measures!

An Action-Packed Event - Learning for the Whole Company

Four specific agendas for each of the below functions, bolstered by critical cross-functional sessions - this is no ordinary conference.


Engineering & Construction

Building Back Downstream

  • CAPEX Decision Making

    Gain the most complete and up to date information, tools and methods to ensure you are making the most informed decisions to maximise ROI and mitigate risk of your project.

  • Resource Capacity

    Assess the impact of the pandemic on the local and global ecosystem your project relies on to secure successful delivery to ensure feasibility of your execution strategy.

  • Executing During Covid

    With every crisis comes opportunity. Gain lessons learned from leading project leadings during the pandemic and how they utilized innovation to respond to challenges and made critical project decisions in real-time.

  • Innovation Scalability

    Key considerations when looking to scale innovation across multiple projects to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements.

Find out more about the Engineering & Construction Track

Reliability & Maintenance

Predictive, Reliable, Economical - Accelerating Digitalization To Drive Down OPEX Costs

  • Utilizing The Power of Predictive

    Implement predictive technologies to predict failures and reduce downtime, creating connected assets with a mobilized workforce to improve labor utilization and field performance.

  • Optimizing APM Strategy

    Integrate process and condition data with advanced analytics to achieve operational reliability, reducing OPEX costs with improved asset health visibility, sensorization, instrumentation, and new digital tools to make data-driven decisions.

  • The Maintenance New-Normal

    Identify the pandemic-related changes to day-to-day maintenance, maximizing remote working capabilities with online training tools and accelerated automation and technology to enhance the collaboration of resources.

  • Holistic Workforce Approach

    Create an innovative culture for continuous improvement, developing the leaders of tomorrow with work order optimization, being agile and reliable by design to boost maintenance economics, and achieve reliability excellence.

Find out more about the Reliability & Maintenance Track

Shutdowns & Turnarounds

Digital, Agile, Efficient – Defining Turnarounds Post Covid-19

  • Determine Future TAR Strategy

    Evaluate Covid-19 impacts and forecast execution deferral repercussions, develop resilient contractor strategies, and identify new-age protocols to maintain safety and productivity in 2021 and beyond.

  • Embrace Digitized Turnarounds

    Explore the latest advancements of digital tools, IIoT solutions, and the application of innovative technologies to boost efficiency, minimize downtime, and connect remote workforces throughout planning and execution phases.

  • The Evolution of Scope Development

    Leverage asset health visibility, inspections data, and a risk-based approach to achieve effective scope definition, reduce discovery work, mitigate scope creep, and limit costly overruns.

  • Optimizing TAR Excellence

    Identify key success factors in driving turnarounds best practice methodologies, enhancing remote working capabilities, and benchmarking digital targets to create measurable parameters that drive innovation, cut costs and duration.

  • Capital Projects Integration

    Recognize the importance in adjusting, realigning, and reintegrating timelines to capitalize on synergistic benefits in a low budget environment, continuing upgrades to avoid damaging effects to reliability.

Find out more about the Shutdowns & Turnarounds Track

Pre-Event Leadership Plenary

Revitalising Downstream

  • Building a Resilient Business Model

    The combination of a demand shock, supply glut & looming global recession is an unprecedented test for the entire industry. We will discuss how the industry can meet this challenge whilst building future business resilience through leveraging diversification, restructuring, & new partnerships to create value in the new normal.

  • Embracing Sustainable Operations

    With the industry facing increasing accountability for ensuring operations are environmentally sound, circular and community focused we will address the latest initiatives and opportunities to exceed expectations and lead the way for the next phase of development.

  • Transforming Innovation

    Technology plays an important role in helping downstream deliver affordable, reliable product that fuels human progress and economic growth around the world. Now more than ever, we need to explore and understand what and how the industry can harness the power innovation to drive us forward to the next chapter.

  • Driving Diversity in Downstream

    Build. Train. Retain. Diversify.

  • Nurturing a Customer-Centric Culture

    Relationships between downstream and their customers are evolving rapidly and strategies that differentiated companies in the past—an exclusive product formula or a slightly better price, for example—may no longer be sufficient. We will explore how to improve customer engagement, identify ways to improve processes and touch points and where you should be investing to ensure your organizations’ ability to evolve and adapt changing demands.

Find out more about the Leadership Plenary Track
View the agenda Here

We are coming back to Houston!

Now more than ever, we want to deliver the best, most salient event to ensure you walk away with a clear strategy maximising ROI in downstream CAPEX and OPEX.

In 2021 we are building on our 40+ years of conference experience to safely deliver an industry leading B2B hybrid conference and exhibition.

Join us Oct 12-15 for exclusive industry leading insight across our pre-event leadership plenary and 3 “technical tracks”. Deep dive key challenges identified on the virtual stage onsite, Oct 21-22, NRG Centre, Houston, in peer led workshops to walk away with your very own chest list for success.

Explore what the US’s first hybrid downstream event will look like below - roll over each segment to get a taste of what to expect.

Oct 12

Oct 13

Oct 14

Oct 15

Oct 21

Oct 22

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6



Join us October 12-15th for business-critical insight and outlooks needed to meet key industry challenges effecting downstream ROI. Gain exclusive lessons learned and future strategy from major players from boardroom level to everyday decision-making setting the blueprint of downstream’s future.



Follow up the connections you made on and off the virtual stage in person at the NRG Centre, Houston, with 3,000+ decision makers for virtual conference follow up session and our industry leading expo. Get the industry back on track, onsite!

Plenary Track

Plenary Track

Our free to attend Plenary Track will attract 15,000+ global virtual attendees to hear from industry leaders on overarching trends and challenges impacting the industry for years to come.

Technical Tracks

Technical Tracks

Attend our closed door “technical tracks” alongside 5,000+ industry leaders to identify, discuss and overcome the industry’s biggest challenges effecting ROI in CAPEX and OPEX planning and execution.


Technical Tracks


Technical Tracks







Oct 12th Day 1 Free Virtual

Leadership Plenary

Oct 12th Day 1 Free Virtual


Networking 101

Get the most out of virtual networking with our “how to” sessions and virtual speed dating.

Oct 13th Day 2 Paid Virtual

Engineering & Construction

Oct 13th Day 2 Paid Virtual


Oct 13th Day 2 Paid Virtual

Reliability & Maintenance

Oct 13th Day 2 Paid Virtual


Oct 14th Day 3 Paid Virtual

Shutdown & Turnarounds

Oct 14th Day 3 Paid Virtual


Virtual Workshops

Follow up morning sessions with interactive afternoon workshops in a more intimate environment to supplement virtual learning and networking!

Oct 21st Day 5 Free Onsite



Cater to all your business needs in just 2 days. Explore the latest innovations, technology and services helping 3,000+ owners secure ROI on our physical exhibition floor!

Oct 21st Day 5 Paid Onsite



Deep dive specific challenges and explore new trends and innovation in a more intimate setting alongside fellow SMEs. Create personalised checklists for success you can take back to your team and implement to realise untapped ROI of your operations.

Oct 21st Day 5 Paid Onsite

Morning Break

Oct 21st Day 5 Paid Onsite


Oct 21st Day 5 Paid Onsite


Oct 21st Day 5 Paid Onsite


Oct 21st Day 5 Paid Onsite

Afternoon Break

Oct 21st Day 5 Paid Onsite


Oct 22nd Day 6 Free Onsite



Cater to all your business needs in just 2 days. Explore the latest innovations, technology and services helping 3,000+ owners secure ROI on our physical exhibition floor!

Oct 22nd Day 6 Paid Onsite


Oct 22nd Day 6 Paid Onsite

Morning Break

Oct 22nd Day 6 Paid Onsite


Oct 22nd Day 6 Paid Onsite


Oct 22nd Day 6 Paid Onsite


Oct 22nd Day 6 Paid Onsite

Afternoon Break

Oct 22nd Day 6 Paid Onsite


View the Agenda Here

Why We Are the No.1 Destination for Downstream Producers

The Best Speaker Line Up the Industry Has Ever Seen!

Never has there ever been such a meeting of downstream leaders. Leverage our ability to unite world leaders to on the worlds most trusted stage to answer you most critical questions and meet key challenges that keep you and your team from achieving success.

See our speaker line-up here

Learning For the Whole Company

We are no normal conference - our Pre-event Leadership Plenary and 3 dedicated, hybrid technical tracks guarantee cross-company learning as well as attracting the world’s most prominent and experienced professionals. From boardroom to the operating room across engineering, construction, operations, maintenance, and shutdowns we provide a 1-stop-shop for all downstream producers looking to exceed.

Why your company should attend

Business Critical Insight Only

We understand your time is more valuable than ever. Our extensively researched agendas are crafted by industry, for industry to ensure we deliver the most business critical insight that empowers you to make the most informed decisions for your team, project, plant, and company!

See our agenda here

Reconnecting Downstream for the First Time Since the Pandemic Began

As the first Gulf Coast downstream event since the pandemic began, we are getting back onsite to safely reconnect downstream. Connect with you peer and create new partnerships through our dedicated virtual AND in-person networking platform. Take part in live discussion boards, speaker Q&A, polls and schedule virtual and onsite meetings to end this year’s isolation! Find all the new connections, ideas and partnerships you need to succeed.

Find out about networking

Get Back to the Learning & Development We Know and Love

Houston, we have missed you and we hope you are as excited to see us as we are to see you! We are building on our 40+ years of conference experience and lessons learned in 2020 to create an event that utilizes the accessibility of virtual and retains learning and development of an in-person event to best deliver the business-critical insight and thought sharing needed to maximise ROI.

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Catering To All Your Business Needs in Just 2 Days!

The world’s No.1 exhibition finally returns! Explore the latest innovations, technologies and solutions helping leading producers secure ROI at our 150+ booth strong, in-person exhibition! Get back to face-to-face business development to shake on your next deal!

Find out about exhibiting

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Who attends Downstream USA 2021?

Downstream Producers


Technology & Digital

Technical Solutions

Equipment Providers

Consultants & Forecasters


NOVA Chemical
Westlake Chemical
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The Full Value Chain in Attendance, From Boardroom to Operating Room

Meet the industry’s decision makers

Do business with this cross-section of Downstream

Key Reasons You and Your Team Can Not Afford to Miss Downstream USA 2021

No other event affords you better networking opportunities with the Gulf Coast downstream industry in 2021. As the long-standing home of US Downstream, we are already securing 10+ delegations from all US majors. Do you think you can afford this opportunity to join them?
This 15,000+ person event will host high-level presentations and panel discussions from the industry’s biggest movers-and-shakers, providing you with NEW industry insights help you on the path to market domination.
The event already attracts the biggest names from the industry and now it is your time to shine! Meet serious industry decision makers and innovators at the event to command your market share of the new downstream industry.
With 3000+ attendees onsite it will be impossible to meet everyone you want to meet to at the US no.1 downstream meeting. Contact our sales team to discuss group discounts!
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Best-in-class conference experience

This is not our first rodeo. In 2020 Reuters Events ran over 80 virtual events. Here’s our net promoter score (NPS) from the extensive post event survey and a small snapshot of what people thought…

Reuters Events has an NPS Score of 83.

* Company NPS scores acquired from

World class!

A special experience by any measure!


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