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Conference Day One: May 31 2018


Join us in the exhibition hall and start the event with a bang! We will be serving a hot breakfast buffet for all delegates. This is your chance to break the ice with your fellow attendees and enjoy a great breakfast and networking.

Start your day right and join us from 7:00am!
9:00 - Welcome from the Organizers and Introducing your Chairman

Pathfinder LLC Chairman: Steve Cabano President Pathfinder LLC

9:15 - HEADLINE: Outlook for the US & Global Downstream Industry

IHS Markit David Witte SVP & Division (Co-) Head, Energy & Chemicals IHS Markit

9:45 - HEADLINE: Digital Transformation in the Industrial World
  • Digital transformation is emerging as a driver of sweeping change in the world around us. Connectivity has shown the potential to empower millions of people, while providing businesses with unparalleled opportunities for value creation and capture. While digitalization could be a source of positive change, there are many challenges that need to be overcome to realize its full potential for both business and society. Digital Transformation influencer William Ruh will discuss the digital transformation journey currently under way and will show how it can lead to significant increases in productivity and performance in the oil & gas industry.

GE William Ruh Chief Digital Officer GE

10:15 Morning Coffee Break
Innovation & Development Theatre (Exhibition Hall):
10:20 Bentley Systems ConstructSim Solution - a Demo

Industrial Owners and EPCs are aggressively adopting Advanced Work Packaging via Bentley’s ConstructSim Solution to drive a step change in field productivity and predictability on capital projects. Come see a demo of Bentley’s ConstructSim Work Package Server, Planner, Navigator and Systems Completions suite of construction solutions and learn about Bentley’s programmatic approach to AWP via ConstructSim including the Bentley Construction Academy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reduce the time it takes to create and manage Installation Work Packages (IWPs) by more than 75%
  • Improve field productivity by 10-25% and reduce total installed by 4-10%
  • Jump start your programmatic adoption of AWP via ConstructSim with Bentley’s Construction Academy

Bentley Systems Abdelghani Sinno Senior Construction Consultant - Application Engineer Bentley Systems

10:55 - Reimagining Field Operations with Mobility
  • Introducing one of Hexagon PPM's newest technologies, the Catavolt mobile app platform.
  • Transform construction, production, operations, and maintenance processes by providing your mobile workforce access to all the data they need, in one app.
  • Increase the value and accuracy of your engineering data by securely extending access to operators and technicians in the field.

Hexagon PPM Patrick Harrigan Director of Business Development Hexagon PPM

11:10 - Chairman’s Track Introduction

Pathfinder LLC Steve Cabano President Pathfinder LLC

11:10 - Chairman’s Track Introduction

Zachry Group Pat WisdomVice President, EPC BD, Energy and ChemicalsZachry Group

11:10 - Chairman’s Track Introduction

ARMS Reliability Matthew Helbert Director ARMS Reliability

11:10 - Chairman’s Track Introduction

LyondellBassell Joe Jackson Process Quality Assurance Lyondellbasell

11:15 - KEYNOTE: Building our Future - How do we do it Different this Time?
  • Leveraging global execution
  • Leveraging technology and data
  • Leveraging our workforce

Albemarle Corporation Keith AckleyVice President & General Manager, Energy and Chemicals - Houston & Major ProjectsJacobs Engineering

11:15 - KEYNOTE: Tailored Execution Strategies for Small-/Midsize Projects
  • One size doesn’t fit all, the advantage of tailored strategies
  • Best practices applied (AWP, ECI)
  • Brownfield vs greenfield
  • The advantage of self-performed EPC

wood Thomas Grell President, Downstream and Chemicals, Asset Solutions Wood

11:15 - KEYNOTE: The Benefits of a Circular Business Model with Regards to Severe Weather and End of Asset Life
  • Hurricane Harvey’s effect on oil and gas infrastructure
  • Circular business model
  • Innovating to enhance circularity, improve life of assets

Rockwool Ian Russell Business Unit Director, Africa, Middle East and Asia ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation

11:15 - KEYNOTE: Leveraging Technology for Practical Digital Transformation in a Changing Plant Environment
  • Technology trends, technology investments, and business impact. There are a wealth of options - where should you focus?
  • Digital transformation and data-driven decisions. Does new data equate to successful operational change?
  • Leveraging technology to transform data into real business use cases - practical steps to extract and use what you need in the plant.
  • A customer example: real-time mobile gas detection and monitoring with plant-wide heatmaps, business intelligence, and predictive analytics

Cisco Rik Irons-Mclean Global Industry Principal - Oil and Gas Cisco

11:40 - KEYNOTE: Spotlight: Dow’s $6 Billion Gulf Coast Expansion
  • Motivations behind Dow’s $6 billion investment in the Gulf Coast
  • Project focus: Freeport Projects - Lessons learned
  • Milestones & successes eliciting on-time completion
  • Looking forward: What is next?

Dow Chemical Ron Huijsmans U.S. Gulf Coast Program Director Dow Chemical

Dow Chemical Scot Scherwitz Program Director Dow Chemical

Dow Chemical William Newton Commissioning & Startup Leader Dow Chemical

11:40 - KEYNOTE PANEL: Achieving Cost-Effective Small-Medium Sized Project Execution Success
  • Best practices for reducing costly overruns and scope change in execution phase
  • Obtain and retain the best contractor fit for your small-midsized projects
  • Enhancing productivity in engineering, and construction to get more bang for your buck
  • Tailored procurement strategies for tightening project budgets

Hargrove Engineers & Constructors Moderator: Ralph A. Hargrove President & CEO Hargrove Engineers + Constructors

Invista Charles (Butch) Verret Project Engineering Manager INVISTA, Orange Tx.

Audubon Engineering Solutions Rick Beaubien Director of Project Development Audubon Engineering Solutions

Arkema Matt Taylor Director, Project Engineering and Construction Arkema

Huntsman Randolf Perez Manager of Capital Projects Huntsman


Sri MattuEngineering Project ManagerSuncor Energy

11:40 - KEYNOTE: Initiating and Maintaining Cultural & Behavioral Change
  • Starting a reliability cultural transformation
  • Key elements for success
  • Sustaining the gains
  • Recognizing when to revitalize efforts

Dow Chris Leonard Continuous Improvement Project Director Dow

11:40 - KEYNOTE PANEL: The Power of Your Past
  • Hear how to better learn from your mistakes and take advantage of the successes and failures of your previous STOs with successful event critique.
  • Refine your schedules and look for lessons learned across your entire company portfolio of sites.

Project Assurance Moderator: Bobby Singh President Project Assurance

LyondellBassell Joe Jackson Process Quality Assurance Lyondellbasell

Westlake Chemical Lawrence Crow Turnaround Manager Westlake Chemical

Ascend Performance Materials Preston Howard Turnaround Manager Ascend Performance Materials

Westlake Chemical Tommy Simoneaux Turnaround Coordinator Westlake Chemical

12:05 - KEYNOTE: Transformative Change: A Necessity for Current and Future Success
  • Transformational change for major projects through technology, innovation, efficiency, and collaboration
  • Current state of our industry and why change is necessary
  • Views on the global energy outlook and evolution of the industry over the coming decades

ExxonMobil Decie Autin Vice President Project Management ExxonMobil Development Company

12:05 - PANEL: Increasing Engagement at all Workforce Levels
  • While overarching KPIs and targets can motivate at the senior level what are the best ways to drive engagement at the mechanical level?
  • What is the best way to create and implement personalized KPIs and performance metrics?
  • How do you reward robust performance and correct failings?

DuPont Sustainable Solutions Moderator: Vic Stroud Program Manager DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Occidental Oil & Gas Craig Cotter Maintenance and Reliability Leader Occidental Oil & Gas

Celanese Frank Tanner Maintenance Section Leader Celanese

Day & Zimmermann Bill Wasilewski President, Process & Industrial Day & Zimmermann

BASF Chad Bates Operations & Maintenance Gatekeeper BASF

12:30 - Lunch Break (Exhibition Hall & VIP Lunch Zone)
Workshops (Locations Signposted):
1:15 - Derive the Full Value of Your Plant-Based Project Portfolio

Companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on small, plant-based projects, but attain much less value than promised from these investments. The industry focuses improvement efforts on optimizing management practices for individual projects, while ignoring the questions of whether projects are properly prioritized and if they deliver all promised business objectives. In this interactive workshop, attendees will answer questions about their own approach to the project portfolio, with AP-Networks providing insight on best practices related to:

  • Project Prioritization
  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Implementation Practices
  • Portfolio-Level KPIs and Analytics


AP-Networks Joel Godfrey Practice Area Leader, Value and Competitiveness Assessment of Plant-Based Projects (VCAP) AP-Networks

1:15 - Bentley Systems - Going Digital Workshop

Owners and EPCs are implementing digital solutions to drastically improve asset performance, reliability, and project execution with a focus on cost, schedule, and safety. Bentley’s iModel technology and solutions are used to automate digital workflows for digital twin, reality modeling, and Advanced Work packaging best practices. In this workshop, learn about Bentley’s digital solutions to enable interoperability, visual change management, life cycle data management, and construction management, along with visual immersive operations and maintenance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of ‘Going Digital’ - industrial user cases and case studies
  • Demonstration of iModels in ContextCapture, AssetWise, and ConstructSim Solutions
  • Get started with ‘Going Digital’ - benefits of moving forward and the path to success

Bentley Systems Ari Rantasalo Senior Manager of Consulting Bentley Systems

Innovation & Development Theatre (Exhibition Hall):
1:30 - Advantages "Stadium Style Flood Lighting"
  • Project Cost Savings comparing 60'80'&100' high mast stadium light towers against 25' commercial light towers for larger long term construction and turnaround industrial projects.
  • The ability of massive amounts of light to be projected over longer distances to allow for illuminating specific task light areas.
  • High Light levels on overall projects improves workers safety and productivity.

BOSS Todd Chambers Product Certification Director BOSS

1:50 - "The Digital Transformation of the Field" from Construction to Maintenance
  • Help your field team embrace mobile tech to be more productive
  • Accountability and transparency on your project with issues tracking / mobile photos
  • How mobile data from the field results in the most accurate turnover package

PlanGrid Chris Parish Regional Sales Director, Texas PlanGrid

2:15 - Executive Productivity Spotlight Panel
  • Executive leaders discuss game-changing strategies to dramatically improve major project schedule and execution productivity
  • Hear best practices for tackling poor construction labor productivity head on
  • Explore best practices for capital efficiency enhancement
  • Tangible solutions & proven tactics to enhancing productivity on major projects

Dassault Systèmes Paras Trivedi Director, Energy Process & Utilities Dassault Systèmes

LyondellBasell Walter Pinto Sr. Director, Global Projects, Engineering, Reliability, Maintenance & Turnarounds LyondellBasell

KBR Michael Day Vice President, Construction KBR

exp Global Inc. Ken Kallaher Corporate Fellow at exp Global Inc.

2:15 - One Size Fits All (Or Not): Effectively Scaling Down for <$100M Plant-Based Projects 
  • Fit- for-purpose approaches for small and medium-sized capital projects. Where to start and who to pull in
  • AWP for small-medium sized projects
  • How the mega-project model is being scaled down and adapted, to successfully guide smaller project planning and execution
  • Learn the opportunities and limitations around scaling down existing processes
  • Next steps and lessons learned: how has this worked so far?

wood Moderator: Vikas Moharir Senior Vice President Business Development, Downstream & Chemicals Service Line, Asset Solutions Americas Wood

ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Brad Young Discipline Technical Lead - Execution Planning & Scheduling ExxonMobil Research & Engineering

Andeavor Justin Shapiro Sr. Project Engineer Andeavor

Braskem Roger Godolphim Project Manager Braskem


Bechtel Chesley RussoManager of LNG Plant Support ServicesBechtel

Kerry MoodieProject Manager - Houston Operating CentreAtlantic LNG

2:15 - Output vs Reliability - Planning and Scheduling of Maintenance
  • With increasingly squeezed budgets and stretched teams the need to balance long-term reliability and short-term cost/time savings has never been more vital.
  • Learn how to effectively classify and rank maintenance goals and short term/long term objectives
  • Discover how to and demonstrate the long-term ROI on increased early spending

Eastman Chemical David Reed Director of Plant Maintenance Eastman Chemical

Olin Corporation Randy Pound Global Manufacturing Director - Maintenance & Reliability Olin Corporation

Suncor Energy Sri Mattu Engineering Project Manager Suncor Energy

Prima Strategic Group Inc. Mohan Sharma CEO Prima Strategic Group Inc.

BASF Chad Bates Operations & Maintenance Gatekeeper BASF

2:15 - Increasingly Complex - Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail
  • With the trend for integrating capital project work into Turnarounds set to continue, what are the key elements to successful project outcomes.
  • Hear key stakeholders discussing the fundamental requirements for successful integration

Fluor Moderator: Bob Frawley Director of Gulf Coast Operations Fluor

INEOS Jeff Spigener TAR Manager INEOS

Addivant Chris Vaughn Plant Manager Addivant

LyondellBasellJeff Brock Global Manager - Performance Improvement LyondellBasell

2:15 - Chairman’s Track Introduction

NAPTA Eric Newby Executive Director NAPTA

2:20 - KEYNOTE: Managing Demographic Change - Risks and Opportunities for Industry
  • As a generation of workers retire, companies are struggling to capture and transfer their knowledge and experience. Additionally, many have had challenges integrating the new generation of workers, both from a cultural and risk awareness standpoint. 
  • What can companies do to retain critically important institutional knowledge among older workers about to retire and pass it along to current and new employees to reduce the organization’s risk exposure and improve performance? What processes and systems need to be modified to capture the attention of this new group of employees?
  • During this presentation, DSS will discuss the greatest challenges our clients are faced with and the opportunities related to demographic change and share 4 critical components to managing this change.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions Rich Eagles PrincipalDuPont Sustainable Solutions

2:55 - Improving Productivity on Major Projects with Advanced Work Packaging
  • AWP is being used to drive breakthrough productivity improvement
  • Owners and EPCs starting to implement the AWP on a programmatic basis
  • What are the keys to AWP program success in terms of automation, training, processes and contracts
  • Learn about tangible AWP success stories and metrics; innovations; and lessons learned

Bentley Systems Moderator: Eric Crivella Construction Solutions Director Bentley Systems

ExxonMobil Jamie Gerbrecht Global Technology Sponsor - Construction ExxonMobil

Zachry Group Decker Barnard Project Manager Zachry Group

Dow Chemical Brian Vogel Advanced Work Packaging Champion Dow Chemical

2:55 - Revamp vs New Build: How to Achieve Extra Capacity at a Fraction of the Cost
  • Examine the pros and cons of revamp over new build projects; and whether it’s the right move for your plant.
  • Hear case study examples of significant downstream plant capacity growth via revamp projects.
  • Explore what is required from your teams in terms of strategy, scope, execution, and construction hours for a series of revamp projects versus a new build for additional production capacity.

Audubon Engineering Solutions Rick BeaubienDirector of Project Development Audubon Engineering Solutions

2:55 - Achieving the Goal of Predictive Maintenance
  • With all organizations looking to reduce and eventually eliminate unplanned downtime, how do plants begin to reach this new reality?
  • Discover how to take a holistic approach linking technological advances, a cultural shift and revised training.
  • Hear examples of how you can capture improved performance, lower overall maintenance cost and not sacrifice production.

Inspectioneering Moderator: Gregory Alvarado Chief Editor Inspectioneering

Pruftechnik Florian Buder CEO - North America Pruftechnik

BASF Amy Odom Asset Effectiveness Engineer BASF

Emerson Will Goetz VP Digital Transformation Emerson

2:55 - The Digital Turnaround: Lessons Learned and Critical Outcomes from 60+ Digital STOs
  • How to increase real-time visibility and drive better and faster decision-making for on time and on budget turnarounds
  • Innovative means to reduce spend on contractors and improve resource utilization
  • Respond immediately to evolving scope resulting in reduced cycle times
  • How to optimize shift-handover and work-transfer between crafts
  • Methods to improve turnaround planning with granular data capture and analysis
  • Explore new approaches to dramatically reduce turnaround costs and schedule

Mobideo Yaron Eppel CEO and Co-founder Mobideo

2.45 - KEYNOTE: Systems Approach to Workforce Development
  • Increase the QUANTITY of workforce potentials in the pipeline
  • Increase the QUALITY of workforce potentials in the pipeline
  • Create SYNERGY within the workforce pipeline system

BASF NA Glenn Johnson Workforce Development Leader BASF NA

3.20 - Scalability for Small Projects and Support Services

Supporting customers with a local presence while maintaining “reach back” capability for technical expertise

  • Local facilities and teams to support in-plant small projects
  • Utilizing “mixed teams” for mid-size and de-bottlenecking
  • Transforming studies into projects
  • Leave behind plant services post greenfield projects

Bechtel Charles Cappello Operations Manager, Downstream & Petrochemicals Bechtel

3:30 Boosting Productivity, Safety and Savings with Draeger's Rental Robot
  • An intuitive, simple-to-use, completely customizable system-a locker that provides users on-demand access to fully-serviced equipment
  • Learn how the Rental Robot helps save time and money on daily operations, man-hours, work orders and more
  • Discover how the Rental Robot’s operational readiness reduces the workforce needed to complete shutdowns and turnarounds

Draeger Kendall Burgess Rental & Sales SpecialistDraeger

3:10 - Integrating Mobile, Virtual, Simulation and Hands-On Training to Improve Operations Workforce Development
  • Simulate real-world tasks to decrease time to competency
  • Incorporate VR/AR technologies with proven learning methods to improve engagement and comprehension
  • Focus on practical application with links to foundation knowledge
  • Provide anywhere/just-in time access to training, documentation and procedures using mobile devices
  • Support individual, small group, and remote training

Simtronics Simtronics

Systran David Hirsch President Systran

3:45 - Emerson Project & Operational Certainty Overview
  • These programs help our customers transform project execution and enable sustained peer-leading performance by:

    • Eliminating costs, reducing complexity and accommodate change for projects
    • Optimizing production, improving reliability, minimizing emission and ensuring safety for existing operations

Emerson Mark BaileyVice President Global Project Sales Emerson

3:45 - Value Building Journey from CAPEX to OPEX: Enterprise and Operational Readiness
  • Good Capital Project (CAPEX) management does not automatically translate into Operational Readiness or OperationalExcellence (OPEX) management.
  • Operational Readiness adds value in the Development phases of the capital project lifecycle and must maintain an Owner/Operator emphasis during Execution.
  • Operational Readiness incorporates Commissioning and Startup during the transition to initial operation and builds the foundation for Operational Excellence during normal operations
  • Enterprise Readiness further prepares the business to fully utilize the assets to their full potential to create enterprise value, as was the basis for investment

Sinclair Group Michael Mourot Senior Vice President Sinclair Group

3:45 - Asset Strategy Management: Deliver Predictable Performance
  • Most organizations have not separated work management and strategy management - yet they are entirely different processes with completely different objectives.
  • Separating strategy management from both work management and performance management allows for management of generic content, rapid deployment, and intelligent strategies that continually learn from your best decisions no matter where they are made.
  • Through the process of Asset Strategy Management, significant cost savings can be realized by deploying your best strategies to your entire asset base all the time, while still providing the flexibility for local variations for different operating contexts and governance.

ARMS Reliability Jason Ballentine General Manager - Engineering ARMS Reliability

3:45 - Turnaround Value Practices: The Foundation for Improved Competitiveness
  • This presentation looks at how sites go from “better” to “best-in-class.” For those struggling in the bottom and third quartile of turnaround performance, a focus on becoming more predictable is key. But what about those sites that have predictability under control? How do they make the leap from second quartile to top quartile? To answer that question, AP-Networks undertook a deep dive into the practices of best-in-class turnaround performers. The study pinpointed 21 Turnaround Value Practices (TVPs). These TVPs are out-of-the-ordinary practices that drive big gains.

AP Networks Tom Mankowski Senior Consultant AP-Networks

3:35 How Simulation will solve the industry’s ‘Training Challenges’

Training in field operations is challenging because:

  • Experts and “tribal” knowledge are leaving (baby boomers retiring). Millennials’ needs are different to those of Baby-boomers
  • Pressure to make onboarding & training cycles more effective and efficient (shifts vs events)
  • Training evaluation and Certification processes are based on subjective assessments

The industry needs new tools to solve these challenges. We will show why simulation is the solution and how Enhanced Reality procedure simulators instill operational discipline and reduce the risk of process safety incidents.

Voovio Christian McDermott Country Manager Voovio

4:10 - CLOSING KEYNOTE: Lessons Learned Specific to Megaprojects
  • Analyze the definition of “Lessons Learned” in major capital projects
  • Examine owners, contractors & suppliers view of Lessons Learned and what it means to their organizations
  • Take a look at some of the main factors that have contributed to success in past major capital projects
  • Take a look at some negative factors that have occurred in past major capital projects
  • Overcome challenges relating to Lessons Learned and achieve an effective communication that capitalize knowledge

Chevron Carlos Camera Major Capital Projects - Senior Advisor Chevron

4:10 - CLOSING KEYNOTE: Challenges in Managing a Small Projects Portfolio (up to 5 Million)
  • Owner small project challenges
  • Potential contractor challenges
  • Skills sets required for small project portfolios
  • Soft skill requirements

Huntsman Chemical Muhammad Junaid Director - Capital Project Management Huntsman Chemical

4:10 - CLOSING KEYNOTE: Successfully Reconfiguring your Maintenance Team
  • How does the goal of shifting from a model of reactive to predictive maintenance impact on the make-up of your maintenance team?
  • Hear how to determine the best split of responsibilities for the day-to-day and strategic engineers.
  • Once you’ve made the changes how do you ensure continued engagement across both teams.

Covestro Victor Ortega VP - Technical Site Manager Covestro

4:10 - CLOSING KEYNOTE: Turnaround Scope Optimization Drives Success
  • The Details Behind Detailed Scope Definition
  • Planning vs. Value Planning
  • Keys to Achieving Execution Excellence

Fluor Chuck Ramey Gulf Coast Operations Manager Fluor

4:00 Partnering with Local Community to Reach Workforce Goals and Objectives
  • With an $11 billion petrochemical complex under construction, more than 700 full-time positions to fill and a fifth of the population unemployed or undereducated, Sasol recognized early on a need to partner with its community to reach its workforce objectives. Through a network of local and state government, non-profit and business and industry partners, the company collaborated with its external stakeholders to boost the area’s workforce development pipeline for the longterm. This session will highlight success factors and learnings of the company’s workforce development journey.

Sasol North America Nicole J. Moncrief Human Resources Business Partner Sasol North America

4:40 End of Conference Sessions
Pre-Networking Party Drinks in the Exhibition Hall

With great food, music, alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments and travel all taken care of, we encourage all attendees to jump on one of the complimentary coaches and take in the sea air at Brick House Tavern and Tap, whilst networking with the best in the industry, building relationships, sharing knowledge, and most importantly… rehydrating with an ice-cold beer!

Complimentary coaches will be provided to delegates Leaving the Galveston Convention Centre from 5:30pm.

There will also be coaches running from 7:00pm back to the Galveston Island Resort.

Conference Day Two: June 1 2018

8:00 Networking Breakfast (Exhibition Hall)
9:00 - HEADLINE: INTERSTELLAR Leadership - Lessons Learned in Space
  • Step in to the shoes of Mike Foreman, a recently retired United States astronaut who flew on two Space Shuttle missions (STS-123, STS-129), and conducted five spacewalks. In this opening talk, Mike will draw upon his leadership expertise and experiences as an astronaut with NASA and previous military service roles, and explore what it really takes to achieve interstellar leadership within high pressure roles.

NASA Michael Foreman Retired U.S. Navy Pilot & NASA Astronaut NASA

9:30 - HEADLINE: Increasing Diversity & Inclusion in the Downstream Industry
  • Learn how attracting, developing and retaining the best talent from all backgrounds can help the downstream industry meet the challenges facing it today
  • Hear how increasing diversity and inclusion is not just important but also profitable and a boost to productivity
  • Discover how leading downstream companies are leading the way with diversity and inclusion and how you can do the same

Society of Petroleum Engineers Moderator: Janeen Judah 2017 President - Society of Petroleum Engineers (former General Manager - Chevron Southern Africa)

BASF Patricia Rossman Chief Diversity Officer BASF

HollyFrontier Corporation Denise McWatters Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer HollyFrontier Corporation

ExxonMobil Decie Autin Vice President Project Management ExxonMobil Development Company

Jefferson County Zena Stephens Sheriff Jefferson County

10:15 Morning Coffee Break
Innovation & Development Theatre (Exhibition Hall):
10:20 Innovation: Water Repellency of Industrial Insulation
  • Corrosion exists under all types of insulation
  • Corrosion simulation for commercially available insulation - lab results
  • Innovating to avoid CUI

Rockwool Ian Russell Business Unit Director, Africa, Middle East and Asia ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation

10:40 - Cisco Kinetic IoT Platform for the Connected Refinery and Processing Plant - Gas detection use case Demo

Solution capabilities:

  • Wireless personnel location tracking, with mobile 4-way gas detectors for engineers, combined with fixed-location detectors
  • Real-time gas monitoring and detection risk map viewable by operations, maintenance, and safety teams
  • Historical analysis for gas leak prediction and automated evacuation route planning and muster points

Solution benefits:

  • Operational cost savings: Elimination of significant gas testing effort for hot work , Time savings: Removal of gas testing activities results in higher wrench time for contractors, Safety: Allows tracking of individuals, especially
    during turnaround 
  • Quantifiable benefit: Annual savings, based on reduction in timekeepers, improved contractor productivity, and early start of hot work

Cisco Jared Carter Energy Industry Lead, North AmericaCisco

11:00 - Chairman’s Track Introduction

Bentley Systems Eric Crivella Construction Solutions Director Bentley Systems

11:00 - Chairman’s Track Introduction

Ascend Performance Materials Preston Howard Turnaround Manager Ascend Performance Materials

11:05 - KEYNOTE: Predicting Productivity: Construction Costs V Craft Labor Productivity for Downstream

According to Ernst & Young, “there has been a significant decline in performance relative to other industries both in ways of working and standardization of components” – This presentation will help you to understand:

  • Where the downstream industry stands in terms of construction labor productivity across the U.S.
  • The key factors impacting construction & field productivity and why
  • Possible initiatives for bolstering productivity and why they are being adopted, and direct benefits to be seen
  • Advanced Constructability to expedite construction efficiency: AWP as the possible answer?

Pathfinder, LLC Steve CabanoPresidentPathfinder, LLC

11:05 - KEYNOTE: Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement - Ideas on how to Select and Assess Initiatives that will Deliver the Most Value to the Business
  • When looking to drive reliability improvement it can be easy to overlook the cultural side which is often where the most value lies.
  • In order to aid success, it is important to select solutions that align with the long-term business vision and are within capabilities. Successful Implementation with appropriate incentive and authority in a manner that will deliver the most value while protecting against “change fatigue” is the challenge.
  • Hear how to work within a holistic framework that will help you assess the appropriateness and likelihood of success of solutions before implementation begins, a form of Front End Loading.

Flint Hills Resources Bob Gleichman Director of Innovation Flint Hills Resources

11:25 - KEYNOTE PANEL: Project Execution Best Practices Relating to Process and Innovation
  • Hear Owner/Operator change management best practices you can adopt to enhance your project execution & contractor management
  • Discover EPC perspectives on gaps in project execution optimization and possible solutions
  • Explore how different industry stakeholders are evaluating execution gains brought about by data analytics and mobile technology
  • Learn how you and your team can improve collaborative project execution via interface management

Dassault Systemes Moderator: Paras TrivediDirector, Energy Process & Utilities
Dassault Systemes

Bechtel Ann Esbeck Innovation Manager Bechtel

SABIC Sajjad Ahmed Senior Project Manager SABIC

Coreworx Stephen Airey Director, Global Project Solutions & Consulting Coreworx

Jacobs Clayton Bartlett Senior Manager - Digital Strategy Jacobs

11:25 - An APM Integrity Implementation Journey
  • Learn about Afton Chemical’s APM Mechanical Integrity journey
  • Gain insight into the selection and implementation process
  • See what benefits they achieved post go-live Improved inspection scheduling process Increased visibility to KPI’s Enhanced recommendation tracking Mobile inspection (tablet)

Jon Bach Asset management specialist Afton chemical corporation

Baker Hughes GE Jared Hartness Product Marketing Manager Baker Hughes GE

11:50 - Modern Digital Transformation Initiatives and Operational Excellence

Turnaround (TAR) and maintenance leaders are faced with pressure to automate processes, deliver efficiency, and streamline operations in a difficult to manage and unpredictable climate. To gain and sustain a competitive advantage, adopting new digital capabilities to empower project management and ensure operational excellence is critical.

  • Join us for an informative discussion exploring how digital transformation, mobile enterprise capabilities, and operational agility can transform maintenance and TAR executions, including:
  • What are the technology building blocks and business models needed to support scaling digital and mobile capabilities?
  • What strategy is recommended to automate turnaround tasks, increase collaboration, and make data available throughout the enterprise?
  • How can you leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to empower automation initiatives?
  • What are the success factors you need to achieve to stay ahead of the competition?

Appian Chris Hyland Strategic Account Executive Appian

12:05 - Digital Adoption for Capital Projects - Culture, Complexity, and Cybersecurity

Digital innovation is seen by many outside the industry as the key to future construction/operational cost reductions and increased productivity – but why are we so slow to adopt? Our panelists weigh up the barriers to digital adoption against the opportunities for increased capital project success, across these areas:

  • A culture built on risk mitigation: Assess the impact this is having on digital adoption and cybersecurity at your organization
  • Integrating digital tools in a complex environment – learn from those taking the first steps in on-site execution, back-office integration and digital collaboration
  • Urban Renewal: Considerations for Obsolete Digital Technology and Controls as we Become Digital
  • Big Data: You’ve Got to Know What You’re Looking at To Benefit
  • Pitfalls and traps to avoid when implementing digital innovations
  • What’s next: assessing the digital influence of millennial workers over the next 5-20 years

KPMG Moderator: Clay Gilge Principal - US Leader for Major Projects Advisory KPMG

Eastman Chemical Jan Shumate Director, Worldwide Engineering and Construction Services & Solutions Eastman Chemical

Halliburton Dr. Satyam Pritadarshy Technology Fellow & Chief Data Scientist Halliburton

Chevron Boyd Parker Global IT Executive Chevron

Autodesk Dominic Thasarathar Industry Strategist: Construction, Energy, Natural Resources Autodesk

Hexagon PPM Stefan Ceulemans Senior Executive Industry Consultant Hexagon PPM

12:15 - KEYNOTE: Excellence & Innovation Acceleration
  • In a fast-changing world, how do you build a culture where extraordinary innovation becomes ordinary? A culture that lasts and consistently delivers exponential leaders, growth and value creation.
  • The key ingredients to innovation acceleration are not what you see portrayed most often in the media. Great, enduring organizations know what it really takes to create and, most importantly, scale innovation.
  • We will explore how to blend disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations in any industry.

Andeavor Jose Pires Global Excellence & Innovation Leader Andeavor

12:50 - Lunch Break (Exhibition Hall & VIP Lunch Zone)
Innovation & Development Theatre (Exhibition Hall):
1:35 Capital Projects - Interface Management

Coreworx will highlight one of its core solutions used to successfully deliver Capital Projects - Interface Management. The demonstration session will:

  • Introduce you to Coreworx
  • Introduce you to our capabilities for Capital Project Interface management
  • Demonstrate product features which enable collaboration, communication and integration of capital projects

Coreworx Coreworx

2:15 - The Impact of Mega Projects and Site Expansion on Organizational Leadership and Culture
  • The cultural shift of managing employee’s to managing employee experience.
  • What does an owner culture have to do with contractor culture to ensure growth success; and vice versa?
  • Key leader 'behaviors' and action that can help drive any culture.

Sasol Brett Richard HR & Organizational Effectiveness Sasol

2:35 - Asset Transformation
  • Wood Intelligent Operations business unit will provide a unique perspective on the transformation of the entire Asset: “People” and “Physical Assets”.

    • Discuss benefits of capturing comprehensive analytics and performance metrics to validate operator training on simulators, Virtual Reality and procedure testing systems, to ensure trained and certified operators.
    • Enhance analytics and engineering simulations with machine/cognitive learning to drive Asset Performance Management (APM)

Wood Vibhu SharmaVice President Advanced Applications

2:15 - Digitalization and Innovative Technologies - How to Create Value and Avoid over Complication
  • Whilst few disagree that digitalization and innovative technologies are key to reducing costs long-term, deciding where to invest remains a critical question.
  • Listen to discussions regarding potential methodologies to help define a digital roadmap and begin the process of modernizing your processes and activities.
  • Hear ideas and examples of how to select, test and evaluate the effectiveness of new innovations at your plant.

Inspectioneering Moderator: Gregory Alvarado Chief Editor Inspectioneering

LyondellBasell Theunis Myburg Portfolio Manager: Maintenance & Reliability, Turnarounds, Warehouse Management, & Capital Projects LyondellBasell

Cisco Systems Fazil Osman Global Product Manager, Oil and Gas Solutions Cisco Systems

BASF Amy Odom Asset Effectiveness Engineer BASF

Emerson Bethanne Slaughter Sales Director Emerson

2.15 - A Practical Application of Machine Learning and Analytics for TAR Inspection Optimization
  • Asset data and information generated during a turnaround or TAR, such as inspection reports, requires weeks to analyze, extending the inspection process far beyond the TAR timeline.
  • This delay in analysis could potentially miss the opportunity to mitigate a risk during the TAR window. 
  • See how GE Digital has put machine learning concepts into action allowing inspection groups to optimize inspection analysis and recommendations to remedy critical findings during a TAR window 

Baker Hughes GE Jared Hartness Product Marketing Manager Baker Hughes GE

2.30 - Digital Transformation for Turnaround Execution Excellence

This demonstration will showcase how a digital transformation platform that automates turnaround tasks and provides a central platform for project intelligence enables organizations to:

  • Increase collaboration and compliance with full audit history
  • Meet forecasts with real-time performance, project status, and task completion data
  • Optimize resource allocation, inspections, and scheduling
  • Enable work anytime, at any location with mobile accessibility

Appian Brad Chatham Senior Solutions Consultant Appian

2:45 - Applying Virtual Reality Technology to Legacy Assets
  • What is Virtual Reality?
  • New Technology meets Brownfield projects
  • Point Cloud Integration
  • The future is now - Proven case studies, laser scan integration, operations training

Audubon Engineering Solutions John Pierce Operations Director - Virtual Reality Audubon Engineering Solutions

2:55 Effective Procurement and Cost Management: The Cornerstone for Successful Mega Projects
  • Assessing the Focus Shift on to Procurement for Improving Productivity and Cutting Cost on Mega Projects
  • Looking at Procurement's role in support of Workface Planning
  • Overcome challenges relating to cost controls and achieve effective cost management for all sized capital projects - driving better end results
  • Integrate successful cost management initiatives at design phase – benefit from multi stakeholder input on your bottom line
  • Owner-Operator views on Digitalization in Megaproject procurement

BearingPoint Moderator: Dietrich Pankratz Manager, Sourcing & Procurement Consulting BearingPoint

Air Liquide Joye Runfola Sr. Project Logistics Specialist, Americas Procurement Center Air Liquide

Covestro Rick Rashall Head of Construction & Turnarounds Covestro

INEOS Styrolution America LLC Margaret Martin Procurement Leader, Gulf Coast Region INEOS Styrolution America LLC

NextDecade, LCC Jay O’Connor Senior Estimator NextDecade, LCC

2:55 - PANEL: Tackling a shrinking and Aging Workforce
  • What impact, if any, has the recent spate of natural disasters had on the talent pool?
  • How does the industry mitigate against knowledge and skill loss through retirement?
  • What are the current most salient strategies for encouraging a new generation of workers, what more needs to be done?

Jacobs Steve HillierSenior Vice President & General Manager - Construction, Maintenance & Turnarounds Jacobs

Industrial Info Resources Tony Salemme VP Craft Labor Group Industrial Info Resources

Motiva Leviticous “Vic” Cleveland Category Manager Motiva

Sasol Brett Richard HR & Organizational Effectiveness Sasol

Dow Chemical Madhivanan T. A. Global EPC Contracts Manager Sasol

3:00 - Realizing Project-Wide and Enterprise-Wide Digital Transformation of Capital Facilities
  • To remain sustainable and profitable, downstream and chemical industries are focussing on long term strategies.
  • Lean execution of turnarounds, maintenance and major projects
  • Bridge the gap between siloed systems to reduce risk and improve productivity
    • Achieve digital continuity across plant lifecycles and the enterprise
    • Optimize management and capitalization of physical and digital assets
    • Increase cross-business collaboration, enhance real-time governance, and mitigate risks, unlocking potential reduce CAPEX and OPEX

Dassault Systemes Paras TrivediEnergy Project-Wide and Enterprise- Wide Digital Transformation of Capital Facilities Dassault Systemes

3:15 - Integrated Modular Systems from Planning to Commissioning
  • Automated, accurate 3D planning for fastening in plants
  • Advanced modular adoption with rule based engineering
  • Cloud based vendor data lake integration boosting collaboration and productivity

HILTI Ken DengSenior Product Manager, Global Application Software Hilti Corporation

3:35 Chairman’s Final Words - Key Takeaways

No sessions in this track - please head next door for Turnaround & Maintenance closing session...

3:35 The Secret Is to Budget and Control Maintenance Opex Dimensionally

Traditional one-dimensional budget and variance control practices can neither prove nor assure plant management that maintenance spending is truly aligned to the plant’s best short-, middle- and long-term business performance. In contrast, two-dimensional maintenance budgeting and variance control clearly can. During the session you will discover:

  • What the difference is between one- and two-dimensional methods with respect to what we can know, prove and make happen.
  • What the two-dimensional budget and monthly variance report actually look like and the actionable insight they will give your plant.
  • Why your plant’s maintenance data is already acceptable for kicking off the two-dimensional budgeting and variance control process; even if your maintenance operation is still far from excellence.

Richard Lamb Founder Analytics for Strategy Institute

3:30 - Practical Innovation
  • Integrated - Capital project delivery in whole.
  • Collaborative - Innovate with the “END” client
  • Affordable - What is the Return on Investment?

Day & Zimmermann Bill Wasilewski President, Process & Industrial Day & Zimmermann

4:10 End of Conference

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