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Day 1

Plenary Sessions

2020 -The Year That Accelerated Upstream into Industry 4.0

  • Recognize the successes, challenges and failures faced during a major operator’s digital transformation journey, including specific case studies on what has and hasn’t worked
  • Understand the industry’s progress in implementing digital and what challenges are being faced today
  • Look towards the future of the digital upstream, understanding how to turn ideas into reality and radically reduce the production price per barrel

The Open Subsurface Data Universe

  • Issue 2 of the OSDU: Understand why this open forum has attracted so many owners from around the world
  • Learn how vendors, academia, and operators are scaling innovation in advanced analytics, AI and Deep Learning across upstream O&G

Digitizing the Oilfield

Top Technology Investment Areas

Female Trailblazers Framing the Future of Upstream O&G

  • Hear top female executives discuss how they are using the downturn of the industry as a catalyst for change within their organizations both digitally and culturally
  • Recognize the benefits of diversifying the talent pool and what steps must be taken to integrate proven, powerful and effective business strategy in operations
  • Pick the brains of the most forward-thinking female leaders in digital O&G and hear how they navigated their way to the top

Blockchain Strategy in Upstream

Getting to Scale With IT/OT Convergence

  • Recognize the need for a common set of standards when melding OT and IT that meet stringent operational rules but also allow for information sharing across the organization
  • Learn how IIoT has broken down barriers between IT and OT, creating insights which lead to faster, smarter decision-making
  • Recognize what's new in the IT product space for effective installation and delivery and how to scale this across the business

The Birth of a New Market - Using Digital for Lower Carbon Operations

Necessity is the Mother of Invention’ - Overcoming the Downturn with Data Driven Solutions

  • With tighter capital markets and lower rig counts, see with practical case studies of how doubling down on digital can reduce price per barrel and optimize operational workflows
  • Get the latest insight from industry leaders on how to leverage technology to maximize ROI, including the benefits of cloud computing and intelligent Edge solutions
  • Learn how to implement strategies that can drive innovative and enduring business models

The Power of Knowledge Management

  • Learn about the optimal strategies focusing how best to transfer the wisdom of the ageing workforce to data-savvy millennials
  • Identify opportunities to increase collaboration across the value chain and learn how to hand-off data between drilling and production
  • Integrate forward forecasts with more planning modules to see how the maximum value of an asset can be achieved

Day 2


Integrated Drilling - A Holistic Approach to Well Construction

  • Discover how a more holistic and collaborative approach can result in game-changing synergistic performance improvements with this forward-thinking case study
  • Learn how integrating drilling systems can lead to better project management and improved well designs at lower rates
  • Understand how operators, contractors and the supply chain can utilize superior data standards models to improve operational ability and cut drilling accuracy in the field

Digital Solutions in Drilling

  • Discussing various ways to reduce NPT by uncovering hidden patterns in data from the formation and operational parameters to identify optimal conditions for every stage of drilling
  • Learn how data-driven analytics provide a deeper and broader understanding of the entire reservoir development process to reduce risk and deliver full-cycle returns
  • See how predictive maintenance exploits real-time and historical data to spot performance patterns and machinery reliability

Living on the Edge - Bringing Cloud Computing One Step Closer

  • An insightful look at how edge has enabled more data to get from the field faster and into more software packages, leading to better integrated systems
  • Understand the possibilities that edge computing provide vs. cloud-based services, recognizing where it can interface with DCS to automate and remove human interface
  • Identify extensions to the current edge computing model which have the potential to enhance the device functionalities

Diving Deeper Into Downhole Drilling

  • Discover how downhole digital technology in drilling environments can lower cost-per-foot drilled
  • Get the lowdown on downhole sensors to get more accurate information that goes past the surface
  • Learn in this case study how advanced analytics are used to combine real-time downhole drilling data with production data from nearby wells

Catapulting Upstream into the Digital Age - Automated Robotic Drilling Systems

  • Find out how Robotic Drilling Systems can improve operations flexibility, create precise operations and decrease manual labour
  • Recognize remote-operating capabilities to improve efficiency and safety as well as cutting downtime by 20%
  • Discover how optimized operations can support closed-loop control of assets and processes without the need for human intervention beyond supervisory control


Optimizing Production with Data Analytics

  • Get the inside scoop on visualizing, interacting and cross-filtering bigger data sets and extrapolating better data analytics with transformative efficiency
  • Recognize common challenges faced when implementing high-order digital analytics models and how best to overcome these
  • Hear best practices on establishing a business case for data analytics including demonstrating ROI and understanding what’s possible for analytics in E&P operations

Bytes to Barrels - Data-Assimilation and Deep Learning for Real-Time Production Prediction

  • Find out how to convert information from real-time and historic data into actionable insights and promote effective, safe, and efficient operation
  • Learn how data from multiple sources can be used to train a predictive model that can foresee imminent failures
  • See how an integrated ecosystem is the key to monitoring and data optimization 

Production Data Management

  • Discover how to create an accurate data reading through production data management systems and rectify years of inaccurate production data
  • Learn how to improve data management by developing your workflow
  • Hear how to enable direct data capture and validation from field locations to implement consistent workflows for production data collection, allocation, and reporting

Digital Twin Technology - Beyond the Buzz

  • Delve deeper into the power of Digital Twins with this real-life case study from a major operator
  • Learn how to access information and health of an asset easily through tag searching
  • Find out how to implement the technology and see the challenges/benefits involved in bringing your assets to life ahead of time

Lifting Operations with Automation

  • Hear the latest advances within IOT, AI & machine learning and how these can be used to drive production efficiencies
  • Understand how technology advances are helping various operators support other projects which are currently underway to improve efficiencies and how they are maximizing production efficiencies
  • Improve overall asset performance and profitability by managing consolidated real-time data metrics across various sub-systems

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