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CT (Central Time) UTC -05:00hrs

Day 1

Plenary Sessions

8.45-8.50 (5 mins)


Reuters Events Jade Waters Event Director Reuters Events

8.50-9.00 (10 mins)

Chairperson Introduction

Bain & Co Jim Claunch Senior Advisor Digital Transformation Bain & Co.

9.00-9.15 (15 mins)

Keynote Presentation: How Digital Transformation Enables Energy Companies to Pivot into New Markets To Accelerate Energy Transition And Sustainability Goals

  • Drivers for re-inventing and reimaging existing business
  • Digital foundation & organization culture key to drive successful transformation
  • Digital disruption: incumbent vs. start-ups advantage. How to create competitive digital business focusing on the best of both worlds?

company Noorddin Taj IT Strategy, Architecture & Digital Innovation BP

9.15-9.30 (15 mins)

Keynote Presentation: The Open Subsurface Data Universe

  • Issue 2 of the OSDU: Understand why this open forum has attracted so many owners from around the world
  • Learn how vendors, academia, and operators are scaling innovation in advanced analytics, AI and Deep Learning across upstream O&G

Shell Johan Krebbers GM Emerging Digital Tech & VP IT Innovation Shell

9.30-9.45 (15 mins)

Keynote Presentation: Getting to Scale With IT/OT Convergence

  • Recognize the need for a common set of standards when melding OT and IT that meet stringent operational rules but also allow for information sharing across the organization
  • Learn how IIoT has broken down barriers between IT and OT, creating insights which lead to faster, smarter decision-making
  • Recognize what's new in the IT product space for effective installation and delivery and how to scale this across the business

Dell EMC David Holmes CTO Dell EMC

9.45-10.00 (15 mins)

LIVE Q&A: Keynote Presenters

Shell Johan Krebbers GM Emerging Digital Tech & VP IT Innovation Shell

Dell EMC David Holmes CTO Dell EMC

company Noorddin Taj IT Strategy, Architecture & Digital Innovation BP

10.00-10.15 (15 mins)

Fireside Chat: A 3-Way Transformation

  • Breaking down the 3-way transformation
  • Finding more opportunities that bring out more talent
  • Overcoming speedbumps with the right mindset

Repsol Ramy Eid Head of E&P Digital Repsol

Bain & Co Interviewer: Jim Claunch Senior Advisor Digital Transformation Bain & Co.

10.15-11.00 (45 mins)

Plenary Keynote Panel: ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’: Overcoming the Downturn with Data Driven Solutions

  • With tighter capital markets and lower rig counts, see with practical case studies of how doubling down on digital can reduce price per barrel and optimize operational workflows
  • Get the latest insight from industry leaders on how to leverage technology to maximize ROI, including the benefits of cloud computing and intelligent Edge solutions
  • Learn how to implement strategies that can drive innovative and enduring business models

BP Rob Kelly Head of Upstream Digital BP

Shell Claudia Zuluaga Principal Digital Product Manager Shell

ADNOC Dr Ali Alshehhi Manager, Business and Operations Department, Digital Unit ADNOC

SparkCognition Philippe Herve VP Energy SparkCognition

Stepchange Global Moderator: Tony Edwards CEO Stepchange Global

11.00-11.15 (15 mins)

Fireside Chat: Is Data the New Oil?

  • Learn how data driven production is envisioned in a post-2020 context
  • Hear what challenges are involved with regards to data reliability when adopting new data models.
  • Is data the new oil? Understand how data flow is managed to extract as much as possible

Saeed Mubarak Chairman SPE–DETS

Endeavor Management Interviewer: Philippe Flichy Digital Transformation Leader Endeavour Management

11.15-11.30 (15 mins)

Reuters Editorial Fireside Chat: Blockchain: Applications In The Upstream Industry

  • Overview of the OOC Blockchain Consortium and current projects to test blockchain in upstream operations
  • Discussion on potential applications for blockchain in upstream operations and its benefits
  • Challenges in adopting blockchain in the upstream sector

Equinor Rebecca Hofmann Head of Innovation (DPI, OTE & BE) Equinor

Thomson Reuters Interviewer: Liz Hampton Energy Correspondent Thomson Reuters

11.30-12.15 (45 mins)

Panel: Female Trailblazers Framing the Future of Upstream O&G

  • Hear top female executives discuss how they are using the downturn of the industry as a catalyst for change within their organizations both digitally and culturally
  • Recognize the benefits of diversifying the talent pool and what steps must be taken to integrate proven, powerful and effective business strategy in operations
  • Pick the brains of the most forward-thinking female leaders in digital O&G and hear how they navigated their way to the top

ExxonMobil Xiaojun Huang Senior Advisor, Upstream Digital Transformation ExxonMobil

Chevron Gretchen Myers Manager, IIoT IT Platform, Chevron

Shell Claudia Zuluaga Principal Digital Product Manager Shell

Strategic Transformation Partners Moderator: Tracy Beam CEO & Chief Transformation Officer Strategic Transformation Partners

12.15-12.30 (15 mins)

Presentation: Value from Artificial Intelligence Initiatives

  • Demystifying AI
  • Understanding the challenges involved when implementing AI Initiatives
  • How to generate value from AI Initiatives

ExxonMobil Vinit Verma Technology Executive ExxonMobil

12.30-12.45 (15 mins)

Presentation: Impact of Openness on Drilling and Production.

Schlumberger Sujit Kumar Product Manager, Production & Agora Schlumberger

12.45-1.00 (15 mins)

LIVE Q&A: Technical Presenters

ExxonMobil Vinit Verma Technology Executive ExxonMobil

Schlumberger Sujit Kumar Product Manager, Production & Agora Schlumberger

Day 2

Technical Sessions

9.00-9.45 (45 mins)

Keynote Panel (drilling): Digital Solutions in Drilling

  • Discussing various ways to reduce NPT by uncovering hidden patterns in data from the formation and operational parameters to identify optimal conditions for every stage of drilling
  • Learn how data-driven analytics provide a deeper and broader understanding of the entire reservoir development process to reduce risk and deliver full-cycle returns
  • See how predictive maintenance exploits real-time and historical data to spot performance patterns and machinery reliability

Chevron Ian McWilliam D&C Engineering Manager Chevron

Hess Matt Isbell Senior Drilling Engineering Advisor Hess

Schlumberger Benoit Foubert VP Technology Development, Digital OperationsSchlumberger

Hani Elshahawi Managing Director NoviDigiTech LLC

Data Gumbo Andrew Bruce CEO Data Gumbo

Bain & Co Moderator: Jim Claunch Senior Advisor Digital Transformation Bain & Co

9.45-10.00 (15 mins)

Fireside Chat: Top Technology Investment Areas

  • Automation in the oilfield.
  • Cost reduction and doing more with fewer people using software.
  • Remote collaboration, monitoring and communications.

Saudi Aramco EV Anupam Singh Investment Director Saudi Aramco EV

Stepchange Global Interviewer: Tony Edwards CEO Stepchange Global

10.00-10.30 (30 mins)

Reuters Editorial Panel: Digitizing the Oilfield

Liberty Oilfield Chris Wright CEO Liberty Oilfield

Accenture Vivek Chidambaram Managing Director Accenture

Thomson Reuters Moderator: Liz Hampton Energy Correspondent Thomson Reuters

10.30-10.45 (15 mins)

Fireside Chat: Drilling Automation – Beyond Automating What We Can Already Do...

  • Explore current perspective and activities in drilling automation.
  • Hear from the experts on what automation will look like in the future
  • Learn how the current business environment could impact automation.

Hess Matt Isbell Senior Drilling Engineering Advisor Hess

Interviewer: Mark Anderson Consultant & Managing Member Anderson & Spilman LLC

10.45-11.30 (45 mins)

Keynote Panel (Production): Optimizing Production with Data Analytics

  • Get the inside scoop on visualizing, interacting and cross-filtering bigger data sets and extrapolating better data analytics with transformative efficiency
  • Recognize common challenges faced when implementing high-order digital analytics models and how best to overcome these
  • Hear best practices on establishing a business case for data analytics including demonstrating ROI and understanding what’s possible for analytics in E&P operations

Schlumberger Sujit Kumar Product Manager, Production & Agora Schlumberger

Valedor Partners George Danner Chief Data Scientist Valedor Partners

Stellae Energy Dave Hartell Director Stellae Energy

TIBCO Catalina Hererra Global Data Scientist TIBCO

Reflections Data Consulting Moderator: Jim Crompton Managing Director Reflections Data Consulting

11.30-11.45 (15 mins)

Presentation: OSDU Drilling and Wells Interoperability Standards

Total Darryl Fett Manager, Research-Drilling & Completions Total

11.45-12.00 (15 mins)

Presentation: Digital Transformation of Geosciences: Redefining the Way We Work in E&P

  • While success rates in Exploration remain constant at an average rate of 30%, Economic Success rates have plummeted below 5% during the last 10 years.
  • Regardless of technological advances in the realm of quantitate practitioners in Exploration, most of the decisions are made in the realm of generalist practitioners.
  • Technology Democratization will empower these qualitative practitioners in an effort for better and faster barrels.

Emerson Francisco Ortigosa Technology Advisor Emerson


Closing Remarks

Bain & Co. Jim Claunch Senior Advisor Digital Transformation Bain & Co.

Website & On Demand Content

Workshops and Roundtables:

Workshop: Cornerstones for Production Insight

Energy companies on a journey of digital transformation require a strong data foundation. This is the groundwork that harmonizes disparate data, scales with a dynamic business, and enables self-serve insight that drives asset performance. We will introduce cornerstones of a strong platform and explore examples for unlocking value by leveraging data of different types into decisions, such as reservoir characteristics, real-time production data, allocated production volumes and well tests.

  • Why a strong data foundation is essential to unlocking value for today’s energy businesses?
  • What are the cornerstones that are essential to the groundwork?
  • How identifying examples of decisions that can be supported by bringing disparate data together? Hosted by Wipro

Wipro Roundtable: hosted by Wipro

WiproSusie Coppock Wipro

WiproAnurag Srivastava Wipro

WiproRaghavendra Kameswaren Wipro

*PLEASE NOTE this is a private workshop – if you are interested in attending, please email*

On-Demand Presentations:

Data Management & Visualization

An overview on Peloton’s data management platform. Gain an in-depth understanding of how you can improve your operations with data.

PelotonAaron Farris Solutions Specialist Peloton

AI – Hype vs Reality

Lessons learned and a practical approach to deliver value to operations from digital in O&G.

IntelieRicardo Clemente Co-founder and Executive Director for O&G Intelie

Transformational Search Performance

Drive competitive analysis using Quorum and Elastics trusted Well lifecycle data for insights, analytics and workflow optimization. Fuel your transformation with the most trusted data.

Steve Cooper VP Data Management Solutions

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