2021’s Industry-Shaping Agenda

Strengthening Service & Experience with Technology:


Building A Better Picture: Gathering & Utilising Customer Data to Enhance CX

As customer service and experience takes increasingly wider strides into the digital landscape, the importance of building up a data-backed profile of your customer rapidly increases. In order to provide a truly personal, frictionless CX, organisations must understand customer demands, needs, habits & history.

  • Reinvent your tech stack to be able to gather, analyze and act on customer feedback and insight.
  • Discover how having customer insight & data at their fingertips can help agents transform customer satisfaction & increase efficiency.


Augmenting Agent Capabilities & Efficiency With AI

Improving agent capabilities is essential to the success of your organisation. With the help of innovative technologies & automation, agents can be augmented to provide exceptional CX in every interaction, while automation removes some of the common pain points that agents experience day-to-day.

  • Discover how virtual and live agents can synergize to increase productivity and ensure a consistent customer experience.
  • Determine the best examples of using automation and AI to relieve agent pain points and share the case load.


Technological Resolution: Overcoming 2021’s Biggest Challenges

In this keynote session, we take a deep dive into the ever-increasing role that technology plays in service & experience. Join this session to explore:

  • How technological innovations offer promising resolutions to the biggest challenges that the industry faces in 2021.
  • Evaluate how and where is the most effective place to implement technology into you service and care strategy.


Asynchronous Messaging & Self-Service: The Importance of Flexibility

Emerging channels such as messaging, and self-service have seen their stocks rise rapidly off the back of the events of 2020. Customers behaviour and demands have changed and the appetite for convenient, effortless experiences has escalated.

  • Improve your capabilities with automation in order to maintain an always-on approach that lets your customers interact with you and find they answers they need whenever they need them.
  • Discover how conversational CX can deliver improved customer experience and improve efficiency.
  • Deliver commerce through care with unique data-driven intelligent messaging.

The Next-Generation of Service Team:


Maintaining Customer-Centric Culture While Working Remotely

Undoubtedly the biggest upheaval to hit the service & care industry in recent years has been the forced shift into remote working. Creating a culture of customer centricity is critical in providing great CX, but how can you maintain this while your workforce is remote?

  • Train: Discover how to further implement & refine onboarding, training & engagement of agents from remote locations.
  • Engage: Employees must understand a unified vision of their organization’s CX goals and buy into the culture which will facilitate them.
  • Empower: Organizations must empower agents to apply this CX vision to their day-to-day activities with the technologies, tools, data insights, and processes they need in order to provide top-tier CX.


Using Agents Proactively: Evolving Service Teams Beyond Care

As service & experience becomes a key differentiator, service teams are no longer just the face of the business, they are a key driver. Therefore, recruiting and nurturing agile teams that are malleable is crucial to driving revenue & retention.

  • Beyond A Service Team – Discover how some leaders are enabling their service & care teams to become frontline drivers for revenue & retention.
  • Nurture & Empower – Discover ways in which organisations are allowing service teams to train and specialise to become experts in areas that technological solutions cannot resolve.
  • Talent & Recruitment – As technology and automation continue to handle a larger percentage of cases, how does this affect the future of recruiting service talent?


World-Class CX Begins from Within: Enhancing the Employee Experience

As the working world adjusts & refines the role of a remote workforce, huge emphasis has been placed on the employee experience. Now more than ever, leaders are acutely aware that employee experience has a direct impact on outgoing customer experience. So how can you nurture this?

  • Learn how to lift up your team and create a supportive environment that invites everyone to bring their true selves to work.
  • Ensure that your teams have access to the tools, processes & information they need to work effectively no matter the location.
  • Understand the importance of instilling ‘the big picture’ in your agents – This allows your agents to be reflexive to an ever-changing market & customer demands

Meeting Consumer Demands Head On:


Keeping up with Digital Demands

Despite being on the forefront of leaders’ minds for a number of years now, consumer demands for digital experiences skyrocketed in the wake of the global pandemic – and they are here to stay. Ensure your organisation is meeting these demands and provide frictionless digital experiences.

  • Listen, Learn & Adapt – Implement Voice of the Customer programmes to gather data about what your customers are demanding, and create processes & tools that appease these demands to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Meet Customers Where They Are – With customers intensifying their usage of digital behaviours, and it is now more imperative than ever that these channels providing frictionless user experiences.
  • Convenience is Key – In the fast-paced, digital landscape, customers are citing convenient experiences as a top driver of new consumer behaviours. Therefore, it is business-critical that organisations develop, implement & refine digital channels to offer convenience & efficacy.


Traditional vs Emerging Channels: Building an Effective Omnichannel Strategy

Despite increased demand for digital & emerging channels, do not leave traditional channels neglected. They are still crucial in providing human solution to complex issues, and are as pivotal as ever in your core service offering. Discover how to build an effective omnichannel strategy in 2021 & beyond.

  • In an age where customers demand frictionless experiences as the baseline, ensure that your organisation has the tech stack needed to provide a seamlessly integrated omnichannel care strategy.
  • The Human Touch – Empower agents with the tools they need to make every interaction on traditional channel feel premium & personalized, while offering effortless resolution.
  • Exceed Expectations – Listen to the demands of your customers and refine & streamline the channels which they favour in order to remove pain points & provide a great experience no matter where your customer is.


Voice of the Customer: Earning Loyalty in an Ever-Changing Consumer Landscape

‘History clearly shows the value of investing in customer experience during a downturn. In the last economic recession, companies that prioritized customer experience realized three times the shareholder returns compared to the companies that did not.’ McKinsey, 2020.

  • Recognise the importance of Voice of the Customer programmes in driving successful service strategy & action.
  • Utilise research and analysis capabilities to determine what your customers value, so that you can prioritize the experiences that matter the most.
  • Consumers are increasingly aligning their beliefs with those of the brands they choose to interact with. Learn to implement a culture of customer-centricity that aligns brand vision with those experiences critical to your customers.


Establishing a Connection: Utilising Personalization to Provide Optimal CX

As consumers’ loyalty is dwindling, it is imperative that your service & care teams play a crucial role in retention. Arming your agents with the tools they need to be able to offer personalized resolution will help you cut through the noise and provide top-class CX.

  • Arm your agents not only with detailed customer insights, but an automated guide to the perfect customer interaction.
  • Update your contact center ability with natural language processing, speech analytics, sentiment analysis and more.

The CX Leader of the Future:


What’s Next for CX? 2021 & Beyond

2020 saw a seismic shift in how brands connect with & serve their customers, what those customers expect and demand from an experience. As we move through 2021, it’s crucial to reflect on the lessons learned in the wake of the pandemic – What changes are here to stay, how can we refine them, and how do we prepare for the next big challenge?

  • Reflection – Adaptation and reflexivity was the name of the game in 2020. But what changes are going to have a lasting impact on service & experience as we move on?
  • Preparation – As we begin to leave the pandemic behind, it is crucial that organisations prepare to tackle the new CX landscape we find ourselves in. Discover what trends and themes experts are expecting to become focal points of short-term roadmaps.


The Growing Importance of the CCO: Leadership in 2021

In this keynote session, Nationwide’s Chief Customer Officer, Amy Shore, reflects upon her creation of the role, the lessons learned, and where the role is headed. Join us as Amy delivers this must-see keynote on the growing centrality of the Chief Customer Officer