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Learn from:

Robert Bowers - Headshot
Westfield Insurance - Logo

Panelist: Robert Bowers Chief Claims Officer Westfield Insurance

Sean Baird - Headshot
Hyland | Nuxeo - Logo

Panelist: Sean Baird Director of Product Marketing Hyland | Nuxeo

Kimberly R. Vaughn - Headshot
Amerisure - Logo

Panelist: Kimberly R. Vaughn AVP, Claims Experience & Customer Analytics Amerisure

Randy Dufault - Headshot
Genus Technologies - Logo

Panelist: Randy Dufault Director of Solution Development Genus Technologies

Bryan Falchuk - Headshot
Insurance Evolution Partners - Logo

Moderator: Bryan Falchuk Managing Partner Insurance Evolution Partners

Insurance carriers accumulate a wealth of information each time they process an insurance claim. For every claim, content collected from adjusters, authorities, and increasingly customers, helps carriers determine the most equitable settlement. 

However, the common hurdle most carriers fall short on is failing to take full advantage of their silos of information to optimize critical claims processes. The key to success lies in discovering the bigger picture from these multiple touchpoints of information. 

Join Reuters Events and Robert Bowers (Chief Claims OfficerWestfield Insurance), Kimberly R. Vaughn (AVP, Claims Experience & Customer Analytics, Amerisure), Sean Baird (Director of Product Marketing, Nuxeo), and Randy Dufault (Director of Solution Development, Genus Technologies) as we go in-depth on how future-focused organizations can establish a 360-degree view of their customer and optimize claims processes. 

Our panel of industry leaders and innovators will explore: 

  • Drive efficiencies and control costs: Ensure accurate, consistent, and relevant data as a “single source of truth”, combining insights simultaneously from youroperations teams and your self-service customers
  • Improve claims operations efficiency:Learn how to mitigate inaccurate or delayed claims decisions using content federation and save time and money 
  • The power of tech: Understand why artificial intelligence and machine learning are essential to identify critical trends and automate your claims processes

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