Networking at the Connected Claims Europe Virtual

Make networking relevant and useful. Forge new connections and learn from your peers with the Brella app.
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What is it?

The Connected Claims Europe Virtual meetings service allows you to easily schedule a time and generate a link to a virtual meeting room for you to meet with fellow attendees in a 1-to-1 setting.

How does it work?

It’s incredibly simple. Use the desktop version and sign-in using your unique logins. You would have received an email from with your password.

4 simple steps:

  1. Create your profile
    Add your photo, interests and goals.
  2. Search for someone by name, company, job title or interest
    You can search for people in the speaker or attendee list. You can filter by company, name or interest or use the search button to find job title keywords.
  3. Send a meeting request with a personalised messaged
    Select a time and date and send a meeting request with a personalized message explaining why you’d like to meet.
  4. Manage your event schedule
    Book in meetings around the sessions that you want to attend and alongside your current weekly calendar.

    Add your meetings to your calendar to get reminders. You can also block out any prior engagements or make sure that no one requests a meeting during sessions you don’t want to miss.
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Browse your matches like this…

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Where and how do the meetings take place?

Brella video meeting links: We’ve set up numerous meeting links for you to set up high quality engagements with others with the ability to video chat and share screens.

Please note that video capability only works for desktop version of Brella (not the mobile version or through the app).

15-Minute power meetings: Each meeting lasts 15 minutes. No time wasted!

Notifications: Add the meeting to your calendar to get meeting reminders 15 minutes before.

How to connect?

Once a meeting is approved, you will be allocated a Brella meeting slot. At the time of your meeting, log in to the meeting service, go to ‘Schedule’ and select ‘Meetings’.


1. Q- What are some tips for a good message?

A- Keep it brief and make sure that you mention the topic you would like to discuss and what you are hoping to get out of the discussion. For example:

Time: 12:30

‘Hi X,

I see that you also share my interest in AI for claims. I’m currently working on a new project on how to deploy AI to supplement claims handlers for a faster experience.

If this is of interest does the time suggested suit?


2. Q- How do I log in?

In your registration email you were sent some unique log-ins from

Don’t worry if you can’t find these. Just search ‘Connected Claims Europe Virtual - Networking Login’ in your mailbox and the email will appear!

3. Q- Can I change a meeting time?

A- Yes, go into ‘My meetings’ and then click the ‘re-schedule’ button. You can change the day and time and leave a note in the new invite too.

4. Q- My answers have not been mentioned above, who can I get support from?

A- Email:

Here to help

Get in touch with the XR Intelligence team on for any assistance.